Feisty Lady Ranchers…my specialty?

My most recent release is, A Man with a Past.

When I’ve talked about that book, I’ve mostly focused on the hero, Falcon Hunt.

The hero in this one is extra fun in two ways.

One, to me, the big one, Amnesia. Very interesting and tricky to write.

Two, he’s a Tennessee Mountain Man in 1870.

I played around a LOT with his accent, trying to catch that southern and mountain cadence that’s not really a western cowboy voice.

So anyway, those two things made writing Falcon Hunt really fun. But I haven’t spent nearly as much time talking about Cheyenne. The heroine. And I should because Cheyenne is the kind of character I just love to write. Tough western women who take care of themselves and everyone around them.

That’s Sophie McClellen from Petticoat Ranch. That’s Belle Tanner from The Husband Tree. That’s allllllllllllllll of Sophie’s Daughters. That’s Callie Kincaid from Over the Edge. That’s Ruthy MacNeil from Swept Away. That’s Mel (Don’t call me Melanie) Blake from Too Far Down, Bailey Wilde from Fire and Ice. Oh I could go on and on. In every three book series I can’t seem to control myself from making at least one of my hero a feisty lady rancher.

In the Brothers in Arms series, book #1, Braced for Love, the heroine. Win. is a sweet natured school marm with a fancy finishing school education. And in book #3 Love on the Range the heroine Molly, is a smart, quiet, intense little fairy princess. But book #2, A Man with a Past, Cheyenne Brewster, is a feisty lady rancher.

I really believe that probably, most women of the west were like this. I think when you lived a long way out, a lot of the rules and behaviors expected of women got shoved aside for the practical. Side-saddles? Maybe sometimes, mostly not. Hoop skirts? No, more like riding skirts if they didn’t just outright wear pants. I’ll bet those women were wearing long woolen underwear and had their hair tied back in a no nonsense braid…if they didn’t just plain cut it short.

So here comes Cheyenne Brewster, the toughest lady yet.  And why does she fall for the guy who’s inherited her ranch right out from under her? How does this tough lady face off against a very tough man she can’t steamroll?

Well, she admires strength. She admires his tracking ability. She ultimately trusts him and that is huge for Cheyenne who was so badly betrayed by her stepfather, not just in his will, but all of his life.

Cheyenne Brewster has been wandering in the wilderness trying to get over her killing fury since the beginning of book #1. She vanished from that story–I’m hoping that story was interesting enough that no one paid much attention to the fact that both Cheyenne and Falcon vanished. Now, she’s met up with her friend in the woods and both of the invading ‘surprise’ Hunt brothers, Kevin and Falcon. Cheyenne has some catching up to do.

She was honestly shocked to see Kevin holding Win’s hand and pulling her away from all this death.

            “What is going on with you two?” Cheyenne stood, her eyes shifting between the two of them and their clasped hands.

            “Uh…” Win looked at Kevin, then smiled. “We’re married.”

            “What?” Cheyenne shoved the hood all the way off her head.

            The rain had stopped and that was a shame. She could use a solid dousing to clear her muddled thoughts.

            “Yep, well and truly married.” Kevin put his arm around Win.

            Cheyenne considered knocking the arm off. Especially when Kevin smiled. Then Win snuggled closer like a brainless sheep, and Cheyenne figured attacking Kevin wasn’t going to go well with her friend.

            “You’re married. Falcon here has been wandering in the woods for days. Armed gunmen hunting you.” Cheyenne flung her arms wide, “I can’t leave any of you alone for a minute or trouble comes flooding.

            “This one’s dead, too.” Falcon knelt by the man he’d killed. He tossed him onto his stomach and retrieved his knife.

            Win said, “We were going to be kicked out of the ramrod’s house with Baker coming home. I guess we don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

            “What in tarnation is a ramrod?” Falcon wiped the blood off his knife and stuck it in his sheath.

            Cheyenne couldn’t help but admire the man’s style.

            Cheyenne led the way home.

            She had a lot of questions and mostly they were answered. Win being married, that just didn’t make a lick of sense. But what about Cheyenne’s life did?

            And Falcon Hunt. That’s who she’d been tracking. Despite hating these two men fiercely, she had to admit a deep respect for Falcon.

            They hiked for hours. She was the only one in good shape. And the only one who knew where they were going.

Do you have a favorite character type in a book? Do you like tough women? Damsels in Distress? Spies with near superpowers? Cowboys of any type, any time?

Leave a comment about a favorite character type to get your name in a drawing for a signed copy of A Man with a Past.



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37 thoughts on “Feisty Lady Ranchers…my specialty?”

  1. I liked Bailey, in large part because I can relate to her in several ways. Refugee camps, working EMS, some things i can’t unsee, being an oldest sibling, not so girly in several of my tendencies, not so good at the love thing, etc. … Reading books with good men, while I know not completely realistic, gives me a little hope. I enjoy many of your books, thank you.

  2. I love a women who are strong and independent but who can be find a soft spot in her heart for those who need her and can take love when it is offered.

  3. A woman can be a lady and nurturing but also tough, independent and strong…like my grandmother.

  4. I like a tough one but also sassy then the other side of her is she is a woman and likes to be courted peggy clayton

  5. I like strong women who are very independent, where they can do things by themselves. I also like them to be humble and compassionate.

  6. Strong, independent compassionate women and men with a touch of humor are my favorites. I like cowboys but there are some real types of cowboys I definitely would not want to read about.

  7. I enjoy reading about ranch life, perhaps with a couple who share and who complement each other’s strengths.

  8. I enjoy a strong female character but one who isn’t afraid to be feminine. IA slo like a good damsel in distress story but only as long as the damsel isn’t too helpless.

  9. Welcome today. What a wonderful post. I really love Trace Riley of the series: High Sierra Sweethearts. He is such a gentle yet tough man when needed. He has compassion and a heart of gold for the ladies that come into his life. He loves the children. Sigh. quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  10. I like the unconventional, strong but still enjoys her feminine side too. I haven’t read any of your books that I haven’t enjoyed and have read at least twice.

  11. I love books about cowboys!! I like for the woman to need help but be able to take care of herself too.

  12. Your feisty lady ranchers are always hilarious! Love the humor in your books! But cowboys…they are pretty hard to beat too ?

  13. I will say cowboys of most varieties are just fine with me. As for the females in the stories, a variety works. They really do have to fit well with their hero. They may be delicate, brainy, or reserved, but all should in their own maybe self-sufficient, strong when they need to be, and capable. Cheyenne fits the bill, if on the rather brusk side of it.

  14. I like big muscle-y men with long hair! I love long hair on men, if they’re also big and tough. And tenderhearted. And I like the heroines to be bookish, and to dream big dreams.

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