Welcome to the Wild Cow Ranch!


Georgia author Denise F. McAllister and Texas author Natalie Bright have teamed up to bring you a new western series. Book #1 MAVERICK HEART, Book #2 A WILD COW WINTER, and Book #3 FOLLOW A WILD HEART. All three books in the new series hit the top 20 hot new releases on Amazon on the same day! The books are available on Amazon in print or eBook formats. Denise and Natalie have just contracted with CKN (Wolfpack Publishing) for three more books in the series to be released this coming fall.


The story follows a Georgia girl, Carli Jameson, who inherits a Texas ranch from grandparents she never knew. She makes the courageous decision to pack up her life and move to Texas to run the ranch. She forges ahead into a new life filled with uncertainty and along the way discovers a ranching community that becomes the family she never had. Independent, ambitious and smart, Carli has always been careful with her heart, except for the one time she thought she had found her soul mate and true love. He proved her wrong, and she vowed never to jump into a romantic relationship that easily again. When Carli drives away from her life in Georgia, no looking back, she intends to stick with her vow and not fall into any romances, especially with a Texas cowboy. She doesn’t have time for love. She has a ranch to run.

Can a fresh start erase the troubles of her past?

Author Q&A

Q: What inspired the new Wild Cow Ranch series and what is it about?


Natalie: I enjoy stories about quirky, complex characters who leave their old life behind and start anew, and I’ve always wanted to write a story set in the Texas Panhandle. The Wild Cow Ranch series centers around our main character, Carli Jameson, who inherits a cattle ranch from a grandfather she never knew. Her journey is the main focus, which makes it women’s fiction, but included is the small-town vibe and a bit of cowboy romance. We’ve also added a faith element to these books, as Carli tries to discover who she is and what her purpose should be. Most of the characters hold with Christian values, but some do not. The stories are clean and sweet, the types of books you can pass along to a daughter or your mother.


Denise: Inspiration for this series was Natalie. She told me her idea, and we decided to write it together. Coincidentally, I had a similar story in my head before we even met so I guess it was meant to be. I love how we were able to bring experiences from my life in Georgia and Natalie’s in Texas together to create some of Carli’s adventures.


Q: What are some comparison titles of books or movies similar to this book?


Denise: I think of Hallmark stories but also anything with a strong female lead. This is about a woman who has had to learn how to make it on her own, a woman who has been forced, for whatever reason, to be independent. Sometimes that independence makes her a little distant from the very people who are trying to help her. In Book One, MAVERICK HEART, that person might be a potential love interest.


Natalie: One of my all-time favorite movies is THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER, in which the setting is as much of a character as the people. The Texas Panhandle plays a big part in our stories. I love westerns that include the connections with the land and livestock. Denise brings the knowledge of horses as horse shows were a big part of her youth, and as a cattle ranch owner, I’m including that element. If you like feel-good, hopeful stories with happy endings, you might give our new series a try.


Q: Which scene or chapter in any of the books is your favorite? Why?


Natalie: My favorite scene is the snowstorm in Book #2, A WILD COW WINTER. Even though it releases on February 10, the story is centered around Christmas—a holiday that our main character, Carli Jameson, really dreads. The norther that blows in is typical of Texas Panhandle weather, which can be unpredictable. She and her horse Beau are trapped in a barn as temperatures drop, and she finds herself in a life or death situation.


Denise: I love it when Carli relaxes some and has peace, when she opens her heart to a love interest, and especially when she opens her heart to God. It’s a hard thing sometimes to give up control. But it can be such a better life to not have to carry life’s burdens all on your own. I also love in Book #3 FOLLOW A WILD HEART how we introduced art and museums to the story. Not many westerns have that element.


Q: Was it easy to co-author these books?


Natalie: It has definitely been a challenge but has been very fulfilling creatively. The best part is having someone to bounce ideas off of, and to have brainstorming sessions about the characters and plot lines. Our process improves with every book that we write together.


Denise: It was a learning process. We had to be willing to compromise, listen to the other person’s ideas, and accept that our co-author might have a better way for the good of the story. Sometimes we hit a little bump in the road, but I think mostly that has to do with our schedules. We might write on different days or weeks. Then we come together and dissect everything, review, edit, revise. But at the core, we both have the same story in our heads.


We’re giving away a paperback copy of MAVERICK HEART.  Just tell us why you like reading Western romance novels!!

For buy links and more about the authors and their inspiration, read an interview on the publishers website  https://christiankindlenews.com/get-know-wild-cow-ranch-co-authors/

Find the authors online at  http://www.nataliebright.com or  http://www.mcallisterediting.com

For more about the Wild Cow Ranch Series, check out the inspirational boards on Pinterest  https://www.pinterest.com/natbright/maverick-heart/

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54 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wild Cow Ranch!”

  1. The West traditionally offered a new beginning to those who needed one while maintaining a spirit of independence, perseverance, and determination all its own.

  2. I love western romance because you bring me to a place that I would love to go. Cowboys and horses. Ranchers and wide open ranges. Hard working women and a feeling of a close family.

  3. The West offered women new opportunities unlike in previous and traditional ways. They had to be tough and fearless to survive. And, hard work never stopped a woman from attaining her goals.

    It wasn’t a perfect life, but she could be in control of her destiny, alongside men, and living the “cowboy” way.

  4. It reminds me of my childhood and it is a time that a person could succeed with grit and determination, although not so much for women. Perhaps we had men more like John Wayne, at least we could hope so!

    • John Wayne was definitely a man’s man. Fortunately the Texas men in my life are a lot like that too, with very strong personalities and decisive actions. Thanks for commenting!

  5. I love reading westerns it remind me of spending time with my day. He always was reading westerns and watching them of the TV. Also I just love reading about cowboys myself. Most are always good men in the books.

  6. Good morning & welcome to P&P! Great blog! I love the strong women & men in Western Romance novels. Historical Western Romance is my favorite but I love modern Western Romance too. Being a Texan and having lived all over the state I find this series very appealing. I’ve lived in Amarillo & Hereford, we have had pasture cattle all over the area as well as had a partnership in a feedlot in Perryton. I absolutely love y’all’s covers! A giveaway is an awesome way to find new authors to add to my go to authors list!

    • Thanks so much! My co-author Natalie Bright lives somewhat close to Amarillo. Thanks also about the covers. We love them too! Happy reading. –Denise F. McAllister

    • Thanks for your comment! I know Hereford well. I grew up in Dimmitt, and now live in Canyon. And of course, the small-town atmosphere is our novels is based in part on my hometown. Happy reading!

  7. Westerns are captivating and enduring. They give me great enjoyment since the men are men and work hard, have integrity and principles which to me is important.

  8. Western romance novels and Western historicals are meaningful, profound and memorable. Their lives required courage, tenacity and they continued to forge ahead and thrive.

  9. I grew up watching westerns, still love them today. I love reading books with cowboys and small towns. Throw in the faith element, and this is right up my alley!!

    • Thanks, Trudy! Us too — cowboys, small towns, faith. Romance too! Thank you! –Denise F. McAllister

  10. I always enjoy watching Westerns on tv so when a book goes into more depth and brings fabulous characters to life….. what’s not to like!!!

  11. I am an avid reader of Western Romance because they involve men and women who have struggled in life, face trials and tribulations with strength and determination and succeed in their endeavors in life. They are real people who know what is important and face it straight on. They have character and are brave and ready to face any adversity.

    • Well said! They face it straight on really sums it up. That’s how I remember my grandparents, and it’s exactly how ranching and farming people are today, too. There’s no much whining. They just keep working. Thanks for your comment, Sharon!

  12. These sound great and I love the covers! I like reading about cowboys because of the respect they show women.

    • We love our covers too. We had submitted our thoughts on what we wanted, and then CKN/Wolfpack went above and beyond our expectations. We are excited to see what they come up with for the next 3 novels in the series. We are fursiously writing, by the way. Thanks for commenting!

  13. Welcome, welcome, Natalie and Denise!! We’re delighted to have you for the day at P & P, and who doesn’t love a western romance? I cut my eye teeth on them!!

    I’d love to have you two come back sometime and let us know how you co-author together. I mean the detailed, nitty-gritty process. I’m such a control freak, I can’t imagine sharing something as long and detailed as a book with someone. Every book is my baby, but I’m certainly open to the possibility if it ever came along!

    Congrats on your series!!

    • Hello, Pam! Thanks. We’d love to come back and talk about co-authoring. It has been a learning process for sure, but really fun having someone to bounce ideas off of. The story inside Denise’s head is not always the same one in my head, so it’s been interesting to see where the characters takes us on their journey. Our process changes with every book, but it’s been fun developing these characters.

    • Hi Pam! Ditto what Natalie said. Our co-authoring process has been interesting–educational, FUN, and rewarding. We’re so grateful to work together, to have our friendship, AND to have such wonderful readers!

  14. Thanks Natalie and Denise for such a great blog. I’m so glad you all were available to do the blog today. I love that you haveso much to offer in the way of experience. Take care and thank you again. Looking forward to your next blog as a guest. Hugs, Phylss

    • Thank you so much, Phylss! We love meeting new people–especially those who share our love of the West, cowboys and cowgirls, horses and cattle, with a faith theme interwoven in the stories.

  15. Congratulations ladies. This is very exciting. Hmmm Why do I like reading westerns? Well I have been reading westerns since my mom introduced me to Zane Gray while I was in 6th grade. Well. Part of it may be because I was a western girl on a ranch with my own horse and cow. I was in 4-H I love the idea of riding my horse and going with the wind around barrels. Showing my heifer and winning trophy for AZ CA NV. There is something earthy and fulfilling about reading westerns. The men and women who work hard and live hard. They are simple yet full of faith and life. They know the rewards will be there at the end of the day. Living with animals and learning responsibility and knowing how to take care of them so they take care of you. Oh gosh, there is so much more I could say, but I think you get the idea.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  16. I love western romances because the cowboys always treat woman like ladies. They have great work ethic as well as caring and compassionate. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Hello, Debra! Thanks for commenting. Yes, that is certainly an important part of manners even today. Strong willed moms and grandmothers make sure the next generation know how important that is.

  17. Congratulations ladies, I enjoyed reading this post, thank you so much for sharing about yourselves and the books. I love reading westerns because there is always something going on in them, the people are always so very busy and so very hard working people. Thank you for the chance. Have a Great week and stay safe.

    • So glad you liked the blog about our new series. It’s been a fun experience. And I agree, there is always so much going on in the farming/ranching world. The work never ends. I painted fence last week, and after I got done with red, I wondered if I should have used white. Maybe next year? this coming week we’ll start our own roundup. Thanks for commenting, Alicia.

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