The Battle of Glorieta Pass New Mexico, 1862 and a Give Away!

Hi, I’m Susan Page Davis. Last fall I was writing a novel set mostly in Colorado during the Civil War. Hmm. Did the war reach Colorado? I didn’t want it to be a war story as such, but the characters in my book, being upstanding US citizens, couldn’t ignore the conflict, could they?

Time for research. The hero’s family lived near Fort Lyon, and I soon learned the 1st Colorado Infantry took an active part in the war, including a major role in the Battle of Glorieta Pass.

The battle actually took place in New Mexico Territory, so as you can imagine, getting there was a major challenge. The Union forces marched from Denver a distance of 400 miles in fourteen days to Glorieta Pass, in the Sangre de Cristos mountains. That’s a lot of marching, especially in rugged territory.

Another challenge for me personally was to learn to spell Glorieta Pass with only one T. My fingers want to throw in an extra every time I write it.

Anyway, from March 26 to 28, 1862, Confederate forces under Major Charles Pyron and William Read Scurry battled Union forces led by Col. John P. Slough and Major John M. Chivington.

While the Confederates pushed the Union army back through the pass, they had to retreat when their supply train was destroyed. Instead of breaking the Union’s hold in the West, as the Confederates hoped, this battle signaled the Southern forces’ withdrawal from the New Mexico Territory.
While the battle is past when my story begins, my hero, Matt Anderson, was there. He was wounded, and he’s been recovering for nearly a year. He wants to go back to his company, which is stationed at Fort Lyon. His commanding officer decides he’s not ready, which is disappointing to Matt, but not to several other people in the story.

I could have sent Matt back East to other battles, but Glorieta Pass suited my story just fine. For one thing, it kept him in the West, and he was able to get home to his father’s ranch without a long delay. Since his outfit was stationed nearby, he went home to recuperate, not to a military hospital.

In the next book in the series, Matt’s brother will face battle east of the Mississippi. Jack wonders about his brother, but he and Matt haven’t seen each other for more than twenty years. And right now Jack has a lot of other things to think about, like how he can keep the Rebs from stealing his codebook, and how to escape a fiendish Southerner who thinks he should have been President of the Confederate States of America.

Do you like actual historical events as a story setting? Is so, do you think it adds a certain depth that the story wouldn’t have had otherwise? I will give an ebook copy or a print copy of The Rancher’s Legacy

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Here’s a little more about the book:

Matt Anderson’s father and their neighbor devise a plan: Have their children marry and merge the two ranches. The only problem is, Rachel Maxwell has stated emphatically that will never happen.

When Rachel finishes her education in the East and arrives in Colorado, Matt is tasked with retrieving her from the stagecoach. As they crest the hill overlooking the sprawling acreage, Rachel gets her first glimpse of her new home. Only it’s in flames and besieged by outlaws.

She soon learns her father was killed in the raid, shattering her life. Will she allow Matt to help her pick up the pieces?

Meanwhile in Maine, a sea captain’s widow, Edith Rose, hires a private investigator to locate three of her now-adult grandchildren who were abandoned by their father nearly 20 years ago. After weeks of investigation, Ryland Atkins believes he’s located the eldest—in Colorado Territory.



Book 2, The Corporal’s Codebook, is scheduled to release in November.

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52 thoughts on “The Battle of Glorieta Pass New Mexico, 1862 and a Give Away!”

  1. I do like real events tucked into a historical novel. It gives them a broader sense of authenticity and makes me feel even more a part of the story. Perhaps this comes from being a history major.

    • I think that’s the big appeal of historical fiction, Debra. We can go to other places and other times where we’d never otherwise be able to go.

  2. I LOVE when actually true events and actual true towns are used in a story instead of a make believe town or area. True history and true facts about a town or area teaches us all history and make the story more believable.

  3. That’s true, Tonya. I used real locations in this book, but I have used fictional places in some other books. It all depends on the story. This one follows a detective who is looking for Matt all across the US, and I had to show the real places he stopped at along the way. I also wanted to remain true to the facts as far as the settlement of Colorado went, and I felt this story couldn’t be told any other way.

  4. Hi Susan! Thanks for being on today. What happens to me so often is i pick a story I want to tell, then start researching and find that (duh) there was an actual world and actual stuff going on right on top of my story. So I include it. I wanted to write a story set at Lake Tahoe simply because it is so beautiful. Such a wonderful historical setting.
    Start the research and find The Comstock Lode. The California Trail. The Donner Party. Carson City, the capitol of Nevada. Even that there was tourism during this slightly post civil war era in Lake Tahoe.
    So sometimes I use historical events, and it seems like sometimes…they use me.

    • I hear you, Mary Connealy! Sometimes I plan a book without realizing the richness of the area. It’s always wonderful to find something that syncs perfectly with the story!

  5. I love for books to include the History of the area or be set in now Historical settings and events Yes, I think it adds depth to the story. I’ve actually learned more history from fiction authors than I ever did in a history class!

    A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go to authors list.

  6. I love historical fiction so the more facts, the better. Settings, events, and people all add to the story. I love learn while I’m enjoying a good book. and The Rancher’s Legacy looks great!

  7. I enjoy reading historicals since they are extremely interesting and fulfilling. In other words they provide me with the important details which are necessary for the story to be profound and unforgettable. Yes, including actual events and places are vital.

  8. I do like it when historical events are used in a story. It usually adds depth to a story, especially if it’s well researched. Your story sounds very intriguing!

  9. Historical fiction gives me great enjoyment and pleasure since it has so much incorporated into the book. Real life actual events as well as enthralling characters whose lives are intertwined within the story. I am always amazed with historicals since they are memorable.

  10. I really like when real events are presented in books, which is why I loved Al Lacy’s books so much! I find history interesting, and if it’s combined in a great love story, that just makes it all the better!

  11. I very much enjoy when true historical events and details are woven into the story. It adds dimension to the storyline, and I am actually learning while reading for pleasure.

  12. I like historical books. I loved history in school and the Civil War was also my favorite time period as I started reading more in-depth books. Looking forward to having a historical series from you.

  13. Most of the history I’ve learned has been through well-research ruched books. Historical fiction is so much more interesting to read than a dry textbook was, back in high school!

  14. I enjoy books with real history woven into the story, real places too. I usually find myself researching the location and the events. Now I have to look up Glorieta Pass, NM and I haven’t read the book yet. Thanks for the history lesson.

  15. I like reads that have true events and stories in them. I also enjoy reading about real places that I’ve either been to or live by, makes them seem more real to me! This sounds like something I would enjoy reading!

  16. Hi,yes I like historical fictions that incorporate true events in the books, it makes it more realistic and at the same time fiction. Your book sounds like a very good read! Thank you for sharing about it. Have a Great weekend and a Blessed Easter.

  17. I always love when authors have their book taking place in New Mexico because New Mexico is my adopted state. My family moved here a about 30 years ago because of my health. We love what New Mexico has added to our country’s history. We have come to love this state so much because it has almost anything you want. My favorite has aways been the people who live here because I have never met anyone who wouldn’t talk about New Mexico and what it means to them. Our weather is always wonderful and if you want snow just head north and if you need warm breezes go south.

  18. Yes. I like having actual historical information in books. I believe it adds depth to the stories. It brings history to life as well as the impact it had on the characters in the book. Thank you for sharing your time and your talent. God bless you. Happy Easter.

  19. Yes, Susan I love it when Authors put historical in their books as I Love reading and it makes it come to life what an amazing post Thank you for sharing and Thank you for the amazing giveaway Happy Easter To You and Yours!

  20. I do like historical facts thrown into a story. Enjoyed reading about your book. I was born in Las Animas, Colorado which is a few miles from Fort Lyon. I remember when I was little my uncle worked at the Fort. It was always a place of wonder when we would drive there.

  21. Novels based on real events are so fascinating! Susan, Thank you for sharing this wonderful post!

  22. Love historical that take real events. So fascinating, intriguing, informative and so much more. Love books like this. Would love read and review books in print format.
    Hope I Win

  23. Your excerpt into your book, The Rancher’s Legacy; sounds like a Awesome read. Yes, I too love historical books with all the facts that all of the authors look into to make all of their books real to life. I have learned so much about a lot of places that I would love to visit and the kind of lives our settlers lived to survive. Appreciate, all the work that goes into making our books so interesting that we keep coming back for more.

  24. I am sorry I missed you this past weekend. Thank you for the interesting post. We have been out that way a few times and lived in Colorado Springs for 3 years. I don’t remember hearing about this battle or the park. I will have to look for it on our next trip out that way.
    Included real historic events and people in fiction, if done properly, adds an authenticity to the story and gives it the feel of reality.

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