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Okay, I’m a book freak. I know it. Writing them. Reading them. And decorating with them.

This lamp is made of actual old books. Our local library used old books they no longer shelve, and makes them into lamps and sells them to raise money for the library. This one is a little bit sideways thanks to my 2-year-old granddaughter who KNOCKED IT OVER. This is why we can’t have nice things!!!

My faux old book tissue holder. I just saw it and loved it and there was no stopping me! It’s on the end table right next to my recliner and I used it every day!

This is a Christmas tree ornament. But I can’t even think of putting it away eleven months of the year. So it hangs form my bookshelf with my own books on it!

My daughter gave this to me for Christmas one year.

And the next year she gave me this Christmas ornament, also used to decorate my shelf of books.

Now I should start on my WESTERN decor. Maybe for another blog.

How about you? Do you surround yourself with books…that are just books? Or do you take it farther and decorate with them?

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33 thoughts on “Book Decor”

  1. So glad they created Kindle, or I’d be on the show, ‘Hoarders’. Well, I am a hoarder, but no one can see how many books I have on there! Love the little typewriter, Mary!

  2. Most of my books are on shelves. I have 4 very full book shelves in the house. I do have several nice coffee table style books that I have stacked as decorations. Your lamp is really unique. I like how you have the Christmas ornaments out all years. I have several that I have on display too. They aren’t book related, but they are favorites.

    • I’m not great with Christmas trees, Janine. I had one that is small and already decorated that takes me ten minutes to drag out o a closet. So the special ornaments don’t even FIT on it.

      • I’m the same way. It’s a lot of work for me. We haven’t done any Christmas decorating in years. I can’t trust my cats and no one comes to visit. So why bother with it.

  3. I have both of those ornaments, plus two which look like a stack of books. I also have a few book boxes, made similar to your tissue box, which are great upright or horizontal. Plus, lots of print books and two working kindles.

    • Denise, my kindle situation has gotten muddled because I have a Kindle app on my laptop and it’s set up on Amazon so any kindle books I buy go straight to the laptop. I haven’t actually read a book on my kindle for years. I don’t know how to change it back! I’m not sure I want to.

  4. Welcome Mary, I do surround myself with books. All kinds. Every room has books. But I dont decorate with them per say.

      • When I was growing up, mom had books in every room also. Even in the bathrooms. But when I found out about the germs in a bathroom and no way to really keep them from next to the toilet, I do not have books in the bathroom. LOL

  5. You would think I was decorating with them in my house but they are just books. I just have a few setting around and a couple of book shelves full. Kindles also make lovely decorations. Ha Ha!!

  6. I don’t decorate with books but nearly every picture hanging in the house has a horse or barn in it!

    • Theresa, My wall decor is either western, Christian or family pictures. I should try to branch out but mostly I have things up as they’ve come to me, no real plan.

  7. I surround myself with just books because to cut them up is to ruin history for the next generation

    • Charlene, I know what you mean about cutting them up. I look at that lamp book with a hole drilled down through the center of all those books and I imagine disassembling it and reading those books and reading around hundreds of holes!

  8. I have several book shelves of books. I have a Christmas ornament that looks like books. Years ago Home Interior sold a set of three “books” made from wood. I have 3 sets of those and on one set I keep a fake pair of wire-rimmed glasses setting on top of the books. When I had fewer grandchildren and they were little, I always bought a book for Christmas for each of them as well.

  9. I decorate with books. Virtually every room in our hose is filled with over full bookcases – 40 or so. As a former librarian, I know there are old books that likely will never be read again because they are so out of date and not that good. That being said, seeing their hearts pierced by a lamp rod/cord hurts. It is actually a cute idea. If I can find a place to put one, I just might make one. I will also keep it in mind for our Friends of the Library group for a fund raiser. Other than a basket of the bookmarks I collect, the only book related decorations I have are the wooden signs my daughters have given me. “BOOKAHOLIC” “Keep Calm and Read On”. I have tiny books for Christmas tree ornaments, but they are packed away with the other decorations. I like the one you have with the book depicting Read. I am checking online for the Kleenex holder. When I get my reading nook done, I just might have to get one.

  10. I have books in most rooms of my house! I don’t decorate with them, though. Maybe I should! I’m sooo thankful for my Kindle, as I’m (again!) fast running out of room for paperbacks!

  11. No,I have just books on shelves in different rooms. Yours are awesome. Have a great and safe rest of the week.

  12. The only room in our house that doesn’t have books is the pantry. I love the book lamp. What a great fund raiser idea.

  13. I have seven bookshelves in my room. I have other things on the top shelves including boxes I covered with fabric and baskets, jewelry boxes, little vases, and two square baskets that hold bookmarks and swag from authors and of course a few angels.

  14. I am surrounded by books. I do not have room to decorate with them. Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

  15. I LOVE books! It doesn’t feel like home without them. I love having all kinds of generes nad things i find interesting and it doesn’t matter if I’ve read it yet or not it’s a friend and I love them all. 😀 (some a bit more than others…but still lol)

  16. My son loves books as much as I do, so for his 25th birthday we bought him an end table that looks like books! I think he’s going to love it!

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