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Hello, fellow book lovers!

I’m so honored to be here today!  When I received the invitation to write this guest blog post, I was beyond thrilled! So thank you so much for the invitation, Karen!

I thought the best thing to do was tell you about my debut novel which just launched.  

I’ve always been drawn to mail order bride stories.  My heart has felt so compassionate for the women who found themselves in the position of needing to marry for financial survival in times gone by.  I marvel at the bravery of the couples that took that risk.

“The Expectant Mail Order Bride” is such a story.  Meggie James is heartbroken and hopeless when she loses her husband in a tragic accident.  Her options are few and her situation is dire, complicated by the fact that she has a baby on the way.  With little family to turn to, she sees an ad for a mail order bride.

Thomas Kellen has suffered his own losses.  He’s lost his wife and is left with a beautiful little boy to raise on his own.  It’s a task that’s proving to be too much with a ranch to run and he’s desperate for a solution.  Though it’s unconventional, he advertises for a wife. 

When Meggie arrives in Springwater, Texas, there’s a little detail she may have neglected to mention.  She’s expecting and that’s something Thomas never expected!

In addition to that little tidbit, other issues arise.  Thomas can be gruff when afraid, which is practically all the time since he lost his first wife in childbirth and his new wife is facing just that.  He’s also very much a man’s man (don’t we just love those?!) and Meggie has a very independent spirit!  Clashes are bound to happen.

Then there’s the more tender element that they don’t have a matching faith and Meggie is discovering that her hurts can only be healed by The One she’s ran from for so long.

I hope you’ll come along as their story unfolds. 

You’ll also meet other characters that will have their own personal journeys and love stories in books yet to come.  “The Expectant Mail Order Bride” is book one in the “Springwater Sweethearts” series.  

It’s available on both eBook and paperback on Amazon.

                                      Have you ever been caught in an unexpected situation?                                                  

To one reader who leaves a comment, I will send you a copy of

                                                                      “The Expectant Mail Order Bride.”

I’ll see you in Springwater.

Until next time,

Alicia Fannin

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28 thoughts on “Come Along with Alicia Fannin!”

  1. I think we all have been caught in unexpected situation at some time in our lives. I usually just make the best of the situation and take things as they come. I also love mail order bride stories. They are one of my favorite reads.

    • Yes, life can certainly throw us curveballs. You’re right, it’s best to accept our circumstances. I hope you love my mail order bride story.

  2. Welcome Alicia. Congrats on your debut. I love this cover for a mail order bride. It leaves a lot to the imagination yet at the same time shows that there are hard times (vase) and that God can make soft times (flowers). I would love to read your book. I love mail order bride stories. This one sounds wonderful. When something comes my way that throws a wrench in the works, I try to handle it as gracefully as I can. Sometimes later I will break down. Especially when the kids were home I needed them to see that I could handle things with the help of God and family and friends, but that I also have emotions and these do need to come out. I think I did a good job. They are both young people to be proud of. Smile.

    • You sound like a very wise woman. I hope “The Expectant Mail Order Bride” brings you as much joy to read as it brought me to write, if you choose to buy it.

  3. I enjoy mail order bride stories so much. I’ve always been amazed at the bravery of the men and women who took that leap of faith.

  4. Your book sounds very intriguing and the book cover is Beautiful. Yes , I have been caught in an unexpected situation and all that is left to do is do the best you can about it and just take one day at a time. Have a Great weekend and stay safe. Very nice to meet you and your Great sounding book, I love mail order bride books.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet words! I hope you enjoy “The Expectant Mail Order Bride” if you pick it up!

      You have a great weekend as well.

  5. Welcome! Your book sounds really cool! I love historical romance books and mail order bride stories are always so fascinating!

    I have been caught in a few unexpected situations. Just last weekend I went camping with my American Heritage Girls troop and it started storming when we began to set up our tent. The tent got filled with water before we had finished setting it up, and so we had to trust that God would make it all work out, and He did. We came up with the brilliant idea of using what supplies we had and built a shelter out of a tarp and a few of the tent pieces, and then we hung up the hammocks we had brought and used them to sleep on above the flooding water below. Our camping trip was a blast and definitely one to remember. It is so important whenever we are in an unexpected situation to put our trust in God and believe that He has a wonderful plan for us, and He will make everything turn out okay in the end.

    • Oh goodness! It sounds as if both you and your troops were both brave & inventive in how to handle the situation.

      I agree, we should always trust God to work things out for us in the best way, to His glory.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing about your book. Yes. I have been caught in an a situation I was not ready to deal.

  7. Welcome, Alicia. Mail order bride stories both true and fiction are favorites. So many of their situations were desperate.
    There have been many unexpected situations. One was when I was in the Peace Corps. I had accompanied students from my home district to an inter-provincial athletic meet. It was an area I had not been to and more remote than the area where I was assigned. When the meet finished, I decided to travel further north to visit another volunteer I had trained with. I did not have time to notify him, but just hopped a bus and headed that way. That area was still pretty untouched by the outside world and remote. There were supposed to still be headhunters in the mountains that bordered the valley to the east. When I got to his town, I discovered he’d left a couple of days prior for a meeting in Manila. The principal of his school was surprised a woman, and an American, was traveling alone and unannounced, especially in such a remote area. I decided to continue north, around the tip if the island and back along the coast to the town where I lived. The principal gave me a letter of introduction to woman who lived in the town where the bus stopped for the night (no hotels or motels). I spent the night on the floor of her bamboo hut and caught the bus the next morning. The road actually became a dirt track through the jungle and through streams I shallow rivers. Once it got around the tip of the island, the road south was a paved mail road. It took me a couple days to get home, but I saw some beautiful scenery in an untouched area that I would never have seen otherwise.

  8. I have been in many unexpected situations, some serious and others not, but either way we have to be able to resolve the problem as that is life. Mail order bride novels are captivating. Congratulations on your book.

  9. Best wishes on your wonderful book. I enjoy the mail order bride stories greatly since they are surprising and fascinating. Life has given me much to deal with and unexpected circumstances are always faced with strength.

  10. I have been In a lot of unexplained situations. I always got myself out of them, maybe not the correct way but I did what I thought was right. Isn’t that life?

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