Game Day!


Hi Gang! It’s GAME DAY! This goes with my blog post for tomorrow so this will be fun! Okay, ready to play?


So, how many of us text? All, a few, only when you have to? Well here’s a little game to get us all warmed up for tomorrow’s blog post. And this just isn’t about texting, but applies to different forms of social media as well!

Texting involves abbreviating and if you’re like me, you only know a handful! I look at what my kids text or put on their social media and can’t understand half of it. So for the rest of us, here are some guides  …



So for our game, try to make a sentence using just these abbreviations! Example: 2day HMU L8R. Translation: Today hit me up later. And yes, you can add a regular word or two. Such as, Hey Sally, 2day HMU L8TR! I’ll pick not one but THREE lucky winners to receive an e-book of mine of thier choice! Have fun!

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32 thoughts on “Game Day!”

  1. I always spell everything out in a text just like I do in an email. If someone were to use these shortcuts, I would be lost. I’m glad the couple of people that text me all use real words too.

    FYI UR SIS LMK UR POV 2day. 4WIW, IDC. LOL! That was more work than spelling.

  2. Have copied your charts above so I will have it on hand to decipher some of what I see on the phone or twitter. Some are commonsense, but….some of us do not always do well in that department.
    TY 4 J4F info. CU 2moro.

  3. As you can see, it’s not so easy to message like this. Ah me, as I get older I guess I don’t have as many brain cells as I used to! I’ll stick to spelling everything out!

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