Podcast, Anyone? Listen to Mary and Cheryl’s!

A big shout-out to Cheryl Pierson and Mary Connealy for their fascinating interviews with Six Gun Justice!  Would you believe I’ve never heard Cheryl’s voice before? Ha!




Cheryl talks about her western background, her start as a published author and how her publishing company, Prairie Rose Publications, came about, as well as her love for the western genre. She’s fluent in the market and has worked with many western authors beyond romance.




You’ll enjoy hearing how Mary got her start in writing her popular, bestselling books. I just love success stories, and Mary’s is certainly one. 

Grab your ear buds, go for a walk, and indulge yourself with these podcasts!!

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12 thoughts on “Podcast, Anyone? Listen to Mary and Cheryl’s!”

      • Linda, Mary and I are FULL of secrets! These interviews are just the tip of the iceberg…LOLLOL! So glad you came over the other day and listened. When you’re doing these, you wonder if ANYONE will stop by and listen. I admire Rich and Paul for putting these together, and Rich’s wife, Gina, is a wonderful editor–she cleaned up our interviews and made them sound great!

  1. Pam thank you so much for pulling this together so quickly! I tell you, this podcast was the first one I had ever done, and I was a nervous nelly, but Mary had done hers a few weeks earlier and sounded like such a pro, she inspired me! LOL I’m so glad that Rich asked us to take part in these podcasts at Six Gun Justice. It was really fun. And that was the first time I’d ever heard Mary’s voice!

    • Ha, Cheryl! I’ve known Mary for many years so I know her voice, but hearing yours was a treat!

      And I had no idea you’ve never met Livvie!! The power of email, eh?

  2. Thank you so much for the links. Odd how we imagine a voice to go along with a person and come out so far off. Going to listen to them both this evening. Most callers think I am in my 20’s. They are only 50 years off. Not sure if that is an advantage or an insult.

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