Spread Love, Not Germs! by Pam Crooks

As a romance writer, I’m all for happy endings. They bring my readers joy. They bring ME joy. The world is full of news that is often times depressing, out of our control, and brings too much sadness and worry.

Now is one of those times. I don’t need to remind anyone of the sacrifices our healthcare workers and first responders make every hour of every day, even when there’s not a deadly virus intruding into our lives, throwing us into a tailspin, sickening loved ones, to say nothing of our turning our economy upside down and inside out…

But where’s there’s bad news, there’s good news, too. We just have to look for it. Or make our own.  

Here’s a few examples:

My grandchildren drew us heartwarming messages and made birdies in spring nests that I taped to my living room wall.  I see these a gazillion times a day, and my heart squeezes every time.




















My grandchildren made twenty or so of these uplifting messages, and we taped them to light poles in our neighborhood.  They’ll give joy, uplift spirits, and bring smiles to the dog-walkers and families strolling by.  We even made the local news with these messages!








My young granddaughters decorated our sidewalk and driveway with Easter drawings and even a few of themselves (traced by their mother!). They made me smile.


I’m on a 3-book deadline, so alas, I couldn’t spare the time to make masks, but two of my daughters did. They made dozens and donated them to family as well as took them to a drop-off fabric shop who handled the distribution.  Who would’ve thought???

And then there are the teddy bear scavenger hunts, reverse parades, serenading from balconies, drive-by birthdays, and on and on.

There are SO MANY good things happening during these uncertain times. Unfortunately,  when we are worried and afraid, we overlook the many ways we can be happy.  But truly, we will have our happy ending soon. Just keep looking forward.

This, too, will pass.

My brother sent me this, and I just had to share. I’m sure it’ll make you smile, just as it made me!



During these self-isolating times, what have you done that has made others happy? 

What have others done for you that made you feel loved and happy? 

Did you see something online that cheered you up?

Let’s talk happy and cheerful and LOVE! You’ll be eligible for a set of my single-title romances, happy endings guaranteed!













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50 thoughts on “Spread Love, Not Germs! by Pam Crooks”

  1. Thanks for the uplifting blog today. I needed it. It’s not so much this corona that has me down but I am dealing with a bad hip. I had a hip replacement in December and it has now dislocated twice the latest being last week both have resulted in an ambulance trip and stay in hospital once they popped it back in. Now I am just trying to keep it from coming out again until surgery ban is lifted until I can get it the cup part replaced again it cracked when it first dislocated.

    • Oh, ugh, Glenda! I hope it’s not too painful when the hip dislocates? I’m sure you’re being careful, but sometimes dislocations happen from a simple move. Hang in there, dear. It sounds like we might be on the downhill slide of Corona and you can have that surgery sooner rather than later.

      • Oh Pam it’s some of the most horrendous pain one can go thru I do believe that’s why I end up having to be taken by ambulance to hospital when it comes apart I can’t move the pain is so horrible the paramedics have to literally pick me up for I can’t move

  2. Oh Pam what an amazing blog. I loved what your brother sent you.
    I’m working from home, staying away from everyone. Reading has been my outlet and I’ve been spring cleaning. So no boredom here.

    • Tonya, you’re a voracious reader even when you leave the house to go to work! Most people I’ve talked to enjoy working from home. They find themselves surprisingly productive, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some companies find it economically feasible to let their employees work from home in larger numbers than ever before.

      Do you have children? I can’t recall you mentioning them, but staying busy definitely improves our attitudes. You sound content, and that’s being happy right there!

      As always, I’m glad you stopped by, dear.

  3. This is a nice uplifting blog and we needed it. I haven’t been out in three weeks but headed out this morning to get some groceries. You can only cook so many times and then you have to get more food. I will be so happy when all of this is over.

    • Well, heck, Quilt Lady, if you can go three weeks without buying groceries, you’re doing GREAT! I went 10 days, and I was proud of myself. I really like eating down what’s in our freezer, and later this summer, it will be great to re-fill it with fresh fruits and vegetables again, too.

      Buying produce is what usually gets me to the grocery store; otherwise, I admit to a bit of squeamishness from germs when going there. And all those empty shelves just blows my mind.

      I think we’re on the downhill slide. We’ll get through this!!

  4. Thanks for the great blog. I still go out to babysit my grandson. My daughter has to go to work as she works for the VA. I do no where else though.

    • I’m jealous you can see your grandson, Debra. I only see my granddarlings from afar, but your situation is different, and it’s wonderful that you can keep your grandson’s routine. Being able to see him enriches your days, no doubt.

      Thanks for stopping by, and hang in there!

  5. Thank you for sharing. We have been doing a little remodel of the front entrance way to the house. You now can walk through the door without feeling like you have no room. I’ve been painting and drawing. I’ve got to see my children and grandchildren by video chat which always makes me smile.

    • Good morning, Charlene! Alot of people have been catching up on their to-do lists now that they have the time to do those fixer-uppers they’ve been putting off. Our mayor, though, discourages folks from going to stores to buy supplies, so it really is a catch-22.

      Painting and drawing–I didn’t know that about you! How relaxing! A wonderful creative outlet.

      We use Zoom to see our families. What a fabulous invention!!

  6. The quarantine diary made me laugh. I didn’t realize I didn’t know how to spell quarantine until I had to write it at least a thousand times lately. I seem to be cooking, cleaning and washing more laundry than ever in my life since this pandemic started.

    • Ha, Janine! You are not alone! We have to stay busy in our homes, and all that cleaning is a good thing. And trust me, we are ALL eating/cooking/baking more than we used to. Just go to the grocery store and the baking aisle is empty! And we won’t even mention the toilet paper debacle.

      Hang in there! We’ll get through this!

  7. I go out early every morning for a walk since no people are out. There are some cars that drive thru the downtown area but very few people during daylight. Just nice to walk when it’s so quiet. Even the ducks are coming downtown. I just went grocery shopping yesterday so I’m good for 2 weeks.

    • Good for you for walking, Kim! My neighborhood is now mostly retired, and we’ve lived here for 31 years, so we recognize our neighbors. But I’m seeing families and dog walkers I’ve never seen before, so people are definitely out walking, too, to get themselves out of the house. I suspect when the weather finally gets nice and STAYS nice, people will be swarming the sidewalks!!

      Keep on keeping on!

  8. I love you post! This is certainly a different time in our lives! I actually put on lipstick and perfume to go to the mailbox yesterday and I get excited when it’s grocery pickup day. Like I said…. certainly a different time in our lives!

    • I had to laugh at your comment, Melanie! LOL. I think this whole crisis has changed our perspectives, and little things mean more than they used to.

      If nothing else, we are all going through this together. I love the hashtag – #alonetogether. So true!

    • Oh, yes, Estella. We are all clinging to technology these days, and social media is high on the list. So is Zoom, FaceTime, Skype – any way we can keep in touch and see faces is crucial.

      Families need each other now more than ever. Sending love and hugs to you, too!

  9. Loved this blog and your grandkids signs! I’ve got to get a project done that will help others and get out of this lazy funk I’m in. I’m going to do a little free library and free non-parishable food giveaway for my community. I have collected a few old microwaves to do it in since I’m not a carpenter and they are waterproof. I live on a major highway and have parking because my Grandfather used to have a gas station next door to my house. It truly is heart warming to see the good that people are doing during these difficult times. We need more good and positive things to outweigh the bad from the virus and the negative and bad things others do. We rarely have crime in our little area but theft has started. Things people can sell. It’s sad. I’d love the opportunity to read your books!

    • What a grand idea for a food giveaway, and old microwaves are clever! LOL. I have a free library for books across the street, and it is definitely busier than ever before. I would love to do a library for puzzles and food.

      We went through a stint where someone stole every single book out of our free library – not once but twice! I was so mad. We were sure people were selling the books, but geez, they would’ve been for pennies.

      Yes, the risk for crime definitely goes up. People get desperate. That’s why some businesses have boarded up their windows to prevent looting. Yikes!

  10. We celebrated my son’s 14th birthday in quarantine. While we couldn’t go out to his favorite restaurant, I could make his favorite at home meal (homemade mac n’ cheese). The bakery was closed and I couldn’t get the lemon cake he wanted so I learned to make one from scratch. The hardest part was finding a recipe that didn’t begin with “take 1 lemon cake mix.” If I had a lemon cake mix, I wouldn’t need a recipe! Thankfully, my Amish cookbook came to the rescue.

    • Oh, Carrie, that’s funny!!

      Sounds like your son had a lovely birthday. A from-scratch cake is a real treat that he’ll remember for a long time.

      We’re all doing more cooking and baking that we wouldn’t ordinarily do!

  11. This may be trivial but I’m actually calling people to check on them. I’m not good about calling instead of texting but some of my older friends need to hear voices.
    You and your brother have made me laugh out loud!

    • Connie, it is NOT trivial!! Calling people to check on them is a true, true kindness, and so important. No doubt you brought joy to their day, and now you’re making me determined to call my uncle who’s living in assisted living.

      Glad you enjoyed the silly graphic. I think we can relate!

  12. I enjoyed this cheerful post. I walk daily in my neighborhood which is very quiet and rarely do I encounter anyone. The weather is sunny and warm now so I enjoy the outing.

    • Ruth, walking is a real mental health healer. We need to breathe in oxygen deep into our lungs and brains, and the sunshine just lifts spirits! Good for you.

      Here in the Midwest, there are winter storm warnings and advisories for today, so I envy your sunny, warm weather, but ours will come. Hopefully next week!

      Stay healthy and keep walking!

  13. What have I done to make others happy through this pandemic time? I call my 93 year old aunt just to hear her voice and to have her tell me stories about my dad. I call my mom’s dearest friend and only one left and I offer friendship, memories, and speak of Heaven and the loved ones waiting.

    I mail our grandkids cards with a dollar bill, a stick of gum, and a picture of us. Last night I put pigtails in my husband’s hair and a pony in mine because our hair is getting long. We make videos and send to them so they we remember how much fun we are and how much we love them.

    Today I am baking a birthday cake for my neighbor’s 70th birthday. I wish you were here to decorate it!

    Lastly, my husband and I walk everyday between two beautiful lakes and we are trying to lose weight together. Although we can’t travel like we have done for years, we visit about our memories.

    Thank you Pam for such a refreshing blog today. It as a joy to read! I read many of your books and pass them on for others to read. Love my Petticoats and Pistols author friends!

    • Kathy, WOW! You are such a gem! Truly, you are an example to the rest of us with your sense of humor and kindness. Wish we lived closer!!

      As well, thank you for your kind words about my books. All of the fillies appreciate you and your loyalty to us and our blogs.

      Hugs! Stay well and keep those kindnesses coming!

  14. Pam, thank you for the encouraging post! I’m looking to returning to corporate worship and my Bible study. I miss my warrior sistas!


    • Oh, gosh, Caryl, don’t we all miss our churches and spiritual leaders! I truly think if we don’t get back to normal and return to our worship needs soon, the country will revolt! We’re already seeing signs of it.

      This, too, will pass, right? Bibles and prayers can be said at home, at least, and hopefully for not much longer.

      Hugs, dear!

  15. Thank you for the fun blog! I’m caregiver to Mom, and work from home, so life hasn’t changed much for me. Highlights for me was I found table napkins, dishwashing liquid, and a 6 pack of tp last week!! This week, I’ve made only one trip to the grocery store, and got what I needed for the week, which really wasn’t much, but cuts down on me going out of the house! One nice thing this week was that our sanitation worker brought my trash can back up to the house after he emptied it! That made my day!!

  16. Aw, Trudy! Your mom is fortunate to have you with her! I had to smile at your highlights. LOL. Funny how the little things have become big things in our lives.

    Just this morning, we had to run a few errands. They weren’t important at all – drop off our mail-in ballots, quick run to the grocery store, and to pick up some take out we ordered through a friend at church. But dang, I was ready to go 1/2 hour ahead of time. I was excited to get out of the house and go somewhere, I guess. It’d been since Saturday night that I was in the car.

    Strange times, but keep that sense of humor and perspective. Your sanitation worker sounds like a gem. Very thoughtful!

  17. Thanks for a most delightful and cheery start to my day. The sun is shining and I will be out walking in the foothills. I need the fresh air and exercise, which has been a habit even without the virus.

    • Ah, foothills, Sharon. That sounds so scenic! And with the crummy weather we’re having, no fresh air for me. At least I have a treadmill for the exercise. Can’t wait for it to warm up so we can open our cabin for the summer!

      Good habit, girlie. Keep it up. It does wonders for your mental health, as I’m sure you already know!

  18. For the past month I have been taking care of my 2 grandsons, 6 & 8. They are at my house all day everyday and it is a tiring, but worthwhile and precious time spent with them. We are kept busy with many activities and I know I will always cherish this time with these wonderful boys.

    • You sound like a great grandma, Pearl. Are you teaching them their schoolwork? From what I hear from my own daughters, it is time consuming and a bit tiring, but oh, so necessary. I worry kids all over the country will be behind when school starts up in the fall!

      I’m so happy your grandsons make YOU happy!

  19. Welcome Pam. For us not too much has changed. I mean, not going out much has changed, and not being able to go physically to church and see friends and see family, ugghh, yes well I suppose quite a bit has changed. My husband has been working from home for the last six years. I have been retired for the last five years. Along with the quilt group from church i have been making masks for a few retirement homes in the area. A lot of seniors from those places and homes come to our main church campus. I have also been handing them out to senior women in grocery stores. So many of these women have handkerchiefs that are just not staying on the nose. I hope that in some small way it is showing the love of Jesus and putting a smile on their faces knowing they are appreciated.

    • Oh, I love this, Lori! Handing out masks is a great idea and so thoughtful. I don’t go to the grocery store often, but in the span of time that I have, I can tell more and more are wearing masks. Who would’ve thought??

      It is, indeed, showing the love of Jesus, and I applaud you for the kindnesses you are showing.

  20. Yes I agree that our lives are on a city, crazy road to try and stay safe and protect the young and elders in our families.

  21. My friends and I have swapped items. I have a abundance of Clorox wipes from a national giveaway win, and they’ve come handy. Traded for masks and fresh eggs. Still looking for toilet paper.

    • Clorox wipes from a national giveaway?? What?? Ohmigosh, those wipes are worth their weight in gold!! LOL. So funny that you won them and could barter for them.

      You go, girl! So clever of you. I love it!

  22. Pam, I am sorry I got here too late for the giveaway, but I am so glad I read your post. You are so lucky to have your grandchildren so close. Mine are farther away and I have no idea when I will see them and our daughter next.
    The Self Isolation Diary is hysterical. I was laughing so hard I had trouble reading it to my husband. I am going to share it with my family and friends.
    Stay safe and healthy.

    • Oh, so sorry to have missed you, Patricia B! Yes, I usually wrap things up on the night of my blog day, darn it, but I’m so glad you enjoyed the Isolation Diary. It’s a hoot, isn’t it?

      And yes, please share! It’s happy, and we can’t have too much happy these days!

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