Jolene Navarro: Buckaroos and Buccaneers!

We’re tickled pink to have Miss Jolene Navarro visit us again. This lady writes some of the most interesting books and posts and I think you’ll agree so make her welcome and show her some good old Wildflower Junction hospitality.


Hello, there! Jolene Navarro here, checking in from the beautiful Texas Gulf Coast. 


We come down here from the Hill Country as often as we can. I love sitting on the banks of the Frio River, but every once a while I want to prop my feet up the balcony and watch the waves.

Over a year ago as I was enjoying the warm breeze and the sunlight glinting off of the waves, I spot a gorgeous pirate ship sailing across the waters. It was as exciting as it was bizarre, to see it.

There is a company in the South Padre area, called the Black Dragon Pirate Ship Cruise. They offer full experience cruises aboard their ship, which has been modeled into a 17th century galleon above water, while retaining all of the modern luxuries below water.



Seeing that pirate ship brought a single question to my mind – how could I make a modern-day pirate cowboy?


At first, I didn’t have any answers. But as I sat on the beach and mulled over this question, I came to a realization that cowboys didn’t just roam the Texas countryside, they also lived along the beaches of the Gulf. One of the largest and well-known cattle ranches runs along the coast. You might have heard of the King Ranch.



After that, it became a game to figure out how alike cowboys and pirates really are.


  1. Their style of life. They long for adventure and pitting themselves against the elements of natures. Both a cowboy and a pirate often would spend months, or longer, away from home. Either because they were sailing the seas in search of treasure, or because they needed to herd cattle from one place to another.
  2. The camaraderie. Both styles of life create a band of brother type of living. These men had to trust each other to watch their backs and keep them alive during the dangers of their chosen occupations. The close quarters formed bonds that could be stronger than birth family. Singing around the campfire or playing music on the deck, they have a strong camaraderie.
  3. Hard and dangerous. Whether a pirate or cowboy, there’s no denying that their lives included a multitude of perils. Being one or the other took a certain kind of person – they had to be tough, unbreakable and sturdy. Cowboys had to ensure that they could herd thousands of longhorns to a certain destination and protect them from predators such as coyotes and rattlesnakes, and the ever-perilous possibility that the herd could go haywire. Pirates also lived a rough life, out on the sea for years during bitter squalls that threatened to break their ships to pieces and stole lives. Both have a respect for nature and a code of honor.


Buckaroos and buccaneers aren’t that different after all. And when you remember that a lot of Texas is the coastline (almost 400 miles), well… It isn’t hard to imagine stunning ranches overlooking beaches, with gorgeous vista views. Or the pirates that might have sought refuge in the area, striking deals with local ranchers, and enabling these two worlds to mix.



On our most recent trip to the beach, we came across this message in a bottle. The writer in me thought of all the stories this bottle could tell and the secrets it held.



Just like this message in a bottle, there are secret stories waiting to be told along the Texas coast where cowboys and pirates meet.


Does the meshing of those two worlds spark a story in you? Would you love to set sail on The Black Dragon pirate ship? I’m giving away two copies (Ebook or Print) of The Texan’s Secret Daughter so leave a comment to enter the drawing!


In my newest release, The Texan’s Secret Daughter, Jazmine has a secret that she knows it’s time to share. The secret rocks Elijah De La Rosa’s world.

Can this rancher make up for his past? 

Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch book #1

Turning his life around was the hardest thing Elijah De La Rosa ever had to do—until his ex-wife, Jazmine Daniels, returns with their young daughter he didn’t know existed. Now this successful rancher will do anything to be a good father. But can he forgive himself for the past…and turn their second chance into a family for always?



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34 thoughts on “Jolene Navarro: Buckaroos and Buccaneers!”

  1. Cool idea! Did you open the bottle? Was there anything inside or readable? ANd yes I would love to set sail on the pirate ship! 😀

    • Yes!It was a napkin from company in the Cayman Islands. There was a phone number but nothing else…not even a date. It was a little disappointing, but still cool.

  2. Sounds exciting. I’d love to go on a that pirate ship. Interesting post. I never would have imagined cowboys and pirates being so similar. The Texan’s Secret Daughter sounds like a great read.

  3. Wonderful blog. I think that’s a very unique combination that would be fun to read. Especially if you put the message in a bottle as part of the mystery. Maybe the Buccaneer isn’t a Man, but actually a Lady who is looking for a true love. Maybe she’s been posing as a man to get to the USA to find a new life. Just a thought! My oh my, my minds running away with this.! ???

    • LOL. In my historical, Lone Star Bride, she dresses as a boy and goes on a cattle drive…they meet pirates as the cross the border between Texas and Louisiana. That was the first time I discovered the connection between the two world. The Texan’s Secret Daughter was already finished when we found the bottle, but I’m pretty sure on of the future De La Rosas will find it. LOL

  4. Very intriguing blog! First, yes I would love to take a cruise on the pirate ship. What a unique experience that would be!

    Yes, I do believe these two worlds could collide. Making it a modern day would definitely make it more challenging than further back toward the actual times of the true pirates. I believe you’d have to approach it from the angle that pirates are out to board watercraft to steal from the boat and its occupants. So, one scenario could be that the cowboy and his lady are out on a deep sea fishing expedition when pirates take over their vessel to rob the boat and its occupants. One of the pirates takes a fancy to the cowboy’s lady and abducts her. Now the cowboy finds himself on a mission to find his lady and rescue her. Valuable time is lost because the cowboy has to first get his own boat to pursue the pirates. It definitely could be quite an adventure.

    I’ve never read one of your books and would love the opportunity. A giveaway is an awesome way to find a new author to add to my go-to author’s list.

  5. Sounds like a great idea and yes I do believe the two worlds could collide. I would love to read it. Thanks for posting here today!

  6. Interesting! I like to change up my reading so this would definitely catch my eye! Thanks for such a fun blog to read.

  7. First off, did you open the bottle? I am curious about the message. Next, I would have never thought about pirates and cowboys having similar qualities, but you have made some good points here.

    • We did. It was am adventure. We found a napkin inside from a catering company and a phone number. It was from the Cayman Islands. I little disappointed that they didn’t write the date or anything on the napkin. But we had fun.

  8. Good morning Jolene, love your stuff. I was the proud recipient of the Bergmann Sisters trilogy, don’t remember if I won it here or in Seekerville, and I have finished two of the books. Also loved the red tin angel you sent along with the books. One of my powder rooms is Southwestern reflecting the time I spent in Colorado Springs, and she fits right in.
    I always enjoy reading about the Texas Hill Country, first got hooked with Susan Wittig Albert’s China Bayles mysteries.
    Pirates and cowbosy? I’ve heard stranger combos.

  9. Good morning and welcome back, Jolene! Love your post! I can’t imagine anything more fun than sailing on a pirate ship. WOW! I imagine they stay booked. I would love to read a book about cowboys running into some pirates. Now there would be a good story! My thoughts are whirling.

    Congrats on the new book! That looks awesome. Wishing you tons of success!

    • Thank you, Linda. When I was writing my historical I kind of got lost in the pirate/cowboy research. Too much fun. They met on the Old Spanish Trail between Texas and Louisiana. 🙂

  10. Never thought of the two buckaroos and buccaneers as having similar lifestyles but your reasoning surely makes sense. Enjoyed your blog sharing the similarities

  11. Welcome Jolene. What a wonderful blog. I have loved reading about both pirates and cowboys. And though I know they are different, I haven’t really stopped to think how alike the are. You are so right. I will be looking at these two types of men differently now. Thanks for sharing this with us and for sharing your book.

  12. This book sounds awesome!! I would love to read it, and I will! I Love the cover it is beautiful and the story sounds like a real page turner! God bless you.

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