Book Lovers Unite!

If you’ve never been to a book conference you don’t know what you’re missing! Hi, Kit Morgan here and I recently I attended Book Lover’s Con 2019 in New Orleans. It was a lot of fun with wonderful events and books galore! So I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights. There was a Faery dinner, various fun events for readers, workshops for authors, a huge book signing with over 200 authors, dance parties and more! And hey, it’s New Orleans, so naturally, folks ventured out and did a swamp tour, plantation tour, or simply explored the French Quarter. There’s nothing like staying in a historic city to get the creative mind going!

The con began with a Jazz Festival Kick-Off. In the morning you could have smoothies with Harlequin authors. There was the audio listening lounge where award-winning narrators of audiobooks read excerpts from their recent work. One could pay a visit to The Chamber of Books and pick up a couple of freebies to take home with them. There was even a “Crafter’s Corner,” a designated spot for quilters, knitters, crocheters and the like to sit, craft

and chat. 

Readers enjoyed games like Hot Hero Bingo, Romancelandia Author Feud, Around the World in 80 minutes, or attend fun classes like Bookmarks, Bracelets and Beads. Take a Bite Out of Inspirational Fiction was a fun little signing hosted by authors Susan May Warren, Liz Johnson, Julie Klassen Elizabeth Goddard and more. The Historical Book Club was another fun event I was part of where we all dressed up in period costume. There was the Small Town Reader Carnival hosted by authors such as Rae Ann Thayne, Emily March, Sheila Roberts, and Melinda Curtiss. 

All genres of romance were represented in some form or fashion, including our beloved Western Romance! We had our own corner at the Book Bash Dance party. Our table’s centerpieces were made up of BOOKS! I came home with an entire bag full. Some cozy mystery, cowboy romances, a few romantic suspense featuring cowboys of course, and a few New Orleans doo-dads. You can’t come here and not take home goodies!


Next years Book Lover’s Con will be held in Nashville, TN near the Grand Ol’ Opry! For more information, you can check out the Book Lover’s Con website:

Time for me to go read some of the books I brought home! I hope you enjoyed reading a little about what fun it is to be with fellow book lovers!






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Kit Morgan is the author of over 100 books of historical and contemporary western romance! Her stories are fun, sweet stories full of love, laughter, and just a little bit of mayhem! Kit creates her stories in her little log cabin in the woods in the Pacific Northwest. An avid reader and knitter, when not writing, she can be found with either a book or a pair of knitting needles in her hands! Oh, and the occasional smidge of chocolate!

30 thoughts on “Book Lovers Unite!”

  1. Looks like y’all had a blast. I know my bestie Glenda Kinard and Ruth another dear sweet friend went and they were super excited to meet you and several other really sweet authors. Thanks for sharing you trip and make sure to share which books you read that you’d highly recommend.

    • I got to meet Glenda and Ruth! They were so sweet! Glenda even brought me a little present! It’s going in my office. They had fun meeting a lot of us! Wish you could have been there too, Tonya!!! Oh, and so far I’m reading a western romantic suspense by B.J. Daniels that I’m really enjoying. Rugged Defender.

  2. Oh Kit getting to meet you was a highlight of my life I pray and hope to make Nashville next year and we must meet up with some one on one time and you can bet my Ruthie will be with me and we are planning on actually going to the conference next time not to just the book signing

    • You two have to go to Nashville, Glenda! I can’t wait. I’ve never been there. And of course, it is being held next to the Grand ol’ Opry! How can any of us pass up that?

  3. Oh wow it looks like a blast! I wish I could attend next year in Nashville. I have family in the area so I at least wouldn’t have to stay in a hotel but any vacation is beyond my disability income means unfortunately.

    • There’s a big book signing one day, Stephanie, on a Saturday. Would be great if you could even make that. That’s what some folks do, they only go to the giant book signing.

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. I have always wanted to go to one of the book conventions, but don’t have anyone to go with. I get too nervous doing things alone. I bet New Orleans was awesome. It’s another place I would love to visit.

    • New Orleans was awesome, Janine. And of course humid! My daughter and I got one free day so of course went into the French Quarter, but whew! Was it ever muggy!

    • There are book conferences throughout the year, Debra. I hear Wild Deadwood Reads, which is held over a weekend in Deadwood in June, is becoming popular. It just started a couple of years ago. There’s another fun one in the fall called the Historical Romance Retreat.

  5. Oh, this makes me want to go, Kit! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a fun conference. So motivating! Your descriptions make me think of RT!

    Looks like you had a GREAT time!!

  6. Oh for fun! I’ve met new friends … sister friends … from reading historical western romance books. So delightful to read about your trip. Maybe someday I can go.

  7. Welcome Kit. No I have not been to one of these. This looks like you had a blast. Thank you for sharing some of it with us.

  8. I went to a Kiss Con a few year’s ago. Most of the time, I go to individual author events at a bookstore or library.

  9. I would love to attend an event like this someday! Imagine meeting your favorite authors and bookish friends in person!

  10. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun!! And meeting so many authors, and seeing all the books, how awesome is that! I am so very happy for you that you had a lot of fun! God Bless you.

  11. Thanks, Alicia. These conferences are a chance for authors to actually see one another! We do multi-author projects and may never meet some of our fellow authors. Plus hanging out with readers is a blast too. What an amazing group of folks, book lovers are!

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