A New Release! The Unexpected Champion

The Unexpected Champion

A new release this month

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I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book FOREVER! 

The third book in the High Sierra Sweethearts Series

And it’s a fun one.

What I want to talk about today is a Pinkerton agent.

I’ve wanted to include a Pinkerton agent in a book for a long time and finally I get a chance in 

The Unexpected Champion.

What was really fun was taking a guy who’s pretty smooth, very competent and skilled and throwing him in deep water in a world he knows nothing about.

Then challenging him to be a good guy even when a woman is taking charge and bossing him around. They are kidnapped, taken blindfolded and, in John’s case, unconscious, into the wilderness. Then, in the course of escaping they go over a cliff, down a river and have to hide for a while.

Then a fierce thunderstorm wipes out all their tracks and the tracks of the kidnapper. They are so lost.

One of my favorite lines in the book was when Penny thinks through their ordeal in the wilderness (she’s skilled there, he’s not) and remembers that whenever things would get really tough…as they got completely lost in the mountains and forest and it takes her a week to find a town…that John would on occasion start whining and complaining about the rugged conditions just to cheer her up.

Gratuitous picture of adorable baby calf.
Come join me on Facebook for my spring parade of baby calves. We’re halfway done with the calving season.

While they’re out there, all he can do is follow. But they finally fight their way back to civilization and all of a sudden this guy emerges. A tough guy who declares to Penny NO ONE is going to kidnap him, assault a woman in his presence, threaten them both…and walk away.

She’s been mostly concerned with survival, John is interested in catching and punishing a bad guy.

Now he’s in charge. His Pinkerton detective skills lead them to the sprawling boomtown Virginia City, Nevada. Well, Penny has no idea how to track a killer on a busy street.

But John does.

Now he’s in charge and Penny’s being dragged along.

Through their adventures they learn to respect each other. Penny learns that not being able to skin a rabbit or follow a wagon track, doesn’t make a man a failure. And John, well, John has no use for a trouser wearing wild woman. Except he’s gotten mighty fond of Penny while they’re been stuck together.

And to go home to Philadelphia without her sounds worse than staying in the wild west. But only a little bit worse.

They are torn between their opposite lives and their respect and attraction for each other.

And meanwhile a killer is still coming.

The Unexpected Champion.

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Tell me about your spring weather.

Never has My Cowboy worked SO HARD to get through a calving season.

Usually for a couple of super bitter cold weeks he does a nighttime check to find baby calves.

This year he’s been at it for nearly TWO MONTHS. Every night.

The cold is finally broken, the snow is melting…and here come the floods. How is spring in your part of the world?

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28 thoughts on “A New Release! The Unexpected Champion”

  1. We have been having mixed up spring weather. Big storms a couple days in a week and then it blows off to be a beautiful sunny day. I have some crazy weeds in my yard that I just finished pulling up and spraying the rest with killer.

  2. Well, here in southern Oregon, we’ve had strange weather this year! It’s been colder than usual and we had a snow storm that beat all storms from previous years! We usually get maybe an inch or two every winter but this year we got 16+ inches in two days and it wholloped us!!! Everyone lost power for several days and there are people who are still without power after 2 weeks! There are downed trees all over the city and you can see evidence of it all over. Now, we are having the usual rain and sun…just your typical spring in Oregon!

  3. Let’s see . . . about a week ago we had yet another daily high in which it did not reach zero degrees (Fahrenheit, of course), then another major snowstorm Saturday (we’ve been averaging one a week since the end of January), and now these past two days it has been raining, and if it is like a typical March, it will dangle warm weather for a few days to give us dreams of spring, only to crush them with another snow storm. But we can hope it will last!

    And yes, flood watch, ’cause there is nowhere for the rain to go–deep frost and deep ice this year.

    Looking forward to the book!

  4. Your book sounds amazing. This is been a very strange spring weather every week since Christmas we’ve had something either snow or rain, brutal winds, it just never ends I am so ready for spring.

  5. Right now we have been having a couple of days break in a long stretch of rainy days and it has been beautiful weather but we are forecast for more rain and it’s clouding up for it

  6. Congrats on this latest release! 🙂 The weather by me has been up and down, cool and rainy for a day or two, then up in the 80s.

  7. Congrats on the release of The Unexpected Champion. Our Spring has been a Winter actually. The weekend saw snow and butter temps.
    20’s for a few days and today sunny and 45. Hoping for beautiful Spring.

  8. Thanks for stopping by today. This is one book on my to buy list. I love the role reversals twice. I think spring is trying to come here. I have tulips and daffodils trying to come up. The weather has been rainy and in the 50’s. But will be dropping this weekend. We will see.

  9. We’re finally getting sun and warm weather. After a late and unusual snow!!! I’m ready for warmer weather!

  10. Spring has barely sprung here in north central Minnesota. But, I have noticed that we are burning less wood to keep warm! We actually got our first rain event yesterday so that is way better than snow. The birds are singing so I am encouraged that slowly spring will come in earnest. Just to have more daylight is encouraging. I enjoyed your blog and pictures. Thank you.

  11. I am so looking forward to this book. Your stories always bring out so many emotions. Cry one moment and laugh the next! Our spring is up and down. One day we have sunny and 50 degrees and the next day it may be in the 30’s and sputtering snow flakes. But the Lord is faithful and soon the flowers and trees will be in full bloom. The valley will be decorated with the peach and apple blossoms. Welcome spring!

  12. Temperature highs between 50s and 80 with frequent rain in SC but some of the azaleas are starting to bloom (my favorite part of spring here). I pre-ordered this book with Christmas money … now that I have all in the series, they are next on my “to be read pile”.

  13. Spring is far off for us yet. We are in another blizzard right now. We are also calving, we have 2 so far and one was born on a -20 day w -40 wind chills but momma took good care of the little guy! Whew!

  14. I always enjoy your posts and your pictures. Our Texas weather has gone up and down like a roller coaster!

  15. My spring weather is unpredictable one day it is sunny and warm the next windy and cold. But if it is a good year there are poppies all over the hills. I am hoping for a good year.

  16. I just finished listening to the second book in the series today. I have the third book ready to go!
    It was 74 degrees today. We’re supposed to have snow tomorrow night. Oh well. It’s no longer January!

  17. In Southwest Idaho, spring is trying to pop out. Most days temps are getting into the 40’s. We are very lucky in the fact that the states around us have ever ending cold and snow, but in my section of the state it is pretty nice. And as the snow melts, the flooding will start.

  18. The weather has been so wet this year in Tennessee. There has been a lot of flooding. As with most places the temperatures have been crazy. I got very warm early and trees budded out and things were blooming out of sequence and much too soon. The peepers (frogs) in the marsh across from out house started peeping two weeks early this year. Then cold weather moved in and it was below freezing. I was really concerned about the blizzard that hit this week. I was thinking of your calves and all those others who have cattle and other animals that were out in the really bad weather. I am in Williamsburg, VA and it will be 75 tomorrow with the possibility of thunderstorms, and in the 40’s Saturday and Sunday. Back home they got the high winds and are not sure what is next.

  19. Winter arrived here the first week of February and is still here. According to the local weatherman the last time there was this much snow in March was 1916.

  20. In my corner of Minnesota, we’ve had 3 to 4 feet of snow on the ground. Then two days of rain, now a snowstorm again. Add in the flooding, interesting year.
    Absolutely love your books Mary.

  21. Would love to win this book, the first two were so good!!! We gave up on waiting for spring and took our daughters to Florida for a week. Yesterday and today were finally spring like days here, which is good for our seasonal business! The phone has been ringing off the hook with customers!

  22. Well we have some cold weather and sunshine a few days and then it will warm up like spring next thing you know it will rain again and be cold again. In Ky we have has a lot of rain our yards are like swamp land from so much rain. Yesterday it hit 70 but today we will be lucky to hit 50 that the way we roll here.

  23. Our weather here in Indiana, is up & down….two days at 70 temps. then back down to the 30’s as a high & lows in the 20’s. Had 3 tornado’s in the state. I’m am more than ready for temps. to be warmer & stay there. Thanks, for the chance to win a copy of your new book.

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