The Unexpected Champion! And a Giveaway!


Releasing March 5th

Frontierwoman Penny Scott and a Pinkerton Agent from Philadelphia John McCall are kidnapped and taken on a twisting turning ride, deep into the wilderness. He’s unconscious. She’s blindfolded and under a tarp. They manage to escape but running for their lives takes them over a cliff, down a river and finally into a violent rainstorm.

They are so lost.

When Penny manages to drag them both out of the wilderness a week later, they find the whole state of Nevada searching for Penny and her kidnapper…John.

Now a fire-and-brimstone breathing sheriff–goaded by his fervently scandalized wife (a man and a woman, alone together, for DAYS!!! And not even ashamed??? And right in front of the woman’s seven children???) Either John’s a kidnapper and needs to be hanged on the spot…or there needs to be a wedding.

A week spent with the city boy about drove Penny mad. Now she’s supposed to spend a LIFETIME WITH HIM??? After enough hesitation to seriously annoy John, Penny agrees to the wedding.

John’s not sure where that law about a hanging or a wedding is in the Nevada state constitution or the Bible. But right now the sheriff’s got a gun and a noose and John’s got to marry a woman in leather britches, with a big old gun and a mean attitude…especially toward him.

Now, unhappily married, they’ve still got a kidnapper to find. John may not know his way around in the woods, but he’s blue blazes investigating a crime and no one’s going to knock him out, kidnap him and almost murder him and not go to jail.

This is a side of her incompetent “husband” Penny’s never seen before. Now he’s the one who knows where he’s going and she’s the incompetent one being dragged along.

They were taken by a shadowy figure looking for evidence they don’t have and he’s still coming. Only by the time John and Penny are done, he’s going to wish he’d’ve never started this whole thing.

They must bring a powerful, ruthless man to justice, even as this city man and country woman fight a very inconvenient attraction to each other.


In my research for this book I just grew deeply fascinated with the extend of the wilderness in this country. Could you do it? In a lush land, in good weather, with a gun and a skinning knife…with food all around you although in very raw form….could you survive? For a week? 

is releasing March 5th.

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And just because it is the season…here is a picture of a baby calf!

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60 thoughts on “The Unexpected Champion! And a Giveaway!”

  1. Love that baby calf, lots of black Angus around here with babies too. Could I survive? My daddy taught us to be pretty self sufficient, I’ve always loved camping, and have had an interest in wilderness survival. I know how to look at the sun to find east from west and look for moss on the back side of trees, rocks, ect to tell north from south. I’ve shot a gun and I had a friend who showed me how to disembowel and skin an animal. I might be weak and a little skinnier than when I started, but YES I think I could survive for a week in the wilderness.

  2. Could I survive? I grew up eating rabbit and squirrel meat. We raised and killed cows,sheep and hogs. I had to help skinned them too!!! Yuck…I told my dad he had to get rid of the heads first. I was risking my life by asking him that. I survived and he never threaten to cut my head off like the chickens.Haha! I was young and had no choice about the animals. But if that was the only way to survive,I could do it. Thank the good Lord I don’t have too!!!

    • I’ve cleaned a chicken before, though it’s been years. Okay, I could handle that, but how to catch it?
      My Cowboy is a good shot. Can I bring him???

      (okay, no, that breaks the rules)

  3. I doubt I’d really survive as I’ve always been a city girl. I truly don’t like camping . But I’d try my hardest to get through it. Love the excerpt and can’t wait to read about their journey.

  4. I grew up in the country and of course we went camping a lot and we also had a deer lease and we basically Ste and cooked over an open fire. I love eating squirrel, rabbit, and of course deer. I think I could survive a week. Thanks for sharing this!
    The Little calf is precious.

    • I am mainly SEDENTARY. I didn’t set up any strict rules. Could I just sit around for a week? Do I have to be hiking?

      The food………well, it wouldn’t hurt me to miss a meal….or probably 21 meals. So if there is water…and can there be a walnut tree?
      I’m trying to think, with all my wily, country-girl knowledge, what there is to eat in the wilderness (that can’t outrun me). How about fish? I could maybe weave a fish cage like Pa Ingalls did.
      I don’t clean fish but I think I could figure it out…if it was that or starve!!!

    • I guess this is my challenge, but what are the rules? Penny had to find her way back to town. Do I have to do that? Or can I sit down, lean back against a tree and wait to be found?

  5. I believe I could survive a week in the wild. Especially with a handsome cowboy to help. Love the sweet baby calf.

  6. I was raised on a farm and miss the baby animals.
    Your book sounds interesting. I like to think I would survive in the wilderness.

  7. I am not sure I could survive today but at one time I could have. Love the baby calf. Your book sound wonderful.

  8. Welcome Mary. Aww this sweet picture of a calf brings back so many memories of when I lived on the farm.
    thank you for this chance with the book. This sounds really exciting and riveting. On my TBR list now.
    the cover is wonderful.

    • That’s a great cover isn’t it???
      One of my favorites…and that’s saying something because this is my 61st book!!!!! (I recently had to count and I surprised myself!)

  9. YAY, baby calf!! I miss that life. I grew up on a dairy farm and would always be excited when they started having calves. Thanks for sharing your book and picture with us!

    • Can’t people live for a week without food? I mean, heaven knows I never have…I barely survive from breakfast to lunch without SNACKING!!!!

      So, you’d need water. And you’d be super weak. But I think I could live off my fat!!!

  10. I’m looking forward to reading your new book. Isn’t this the third one in your new series. We didn’t have calves, but Frank’s family had a dairy. We had bottle lambs that my brother brought home from the feed lot where he worked.

  11. Survive a week in good weather, on lush land, with knife and gun? Yes. I won’t say no problem, but I love botany, have been on half a dozen backpacking trips in the Rockies and know how to find good water, and I have no squeamishness when it comes to small game. It probably wouldn’t be pleasant, and I doubt my stomach would ever be completely satisfied, but I wouldn’t starve. I’d survive.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m looking forward to the book!

  12. I think if I had to.., yes I could do it! Especially if I had to do to feed my kids or something!

    That calf is so sweet! I just want to kiss it’s head! I love cows 🙂

  13. With the weather we’ve been having I am very thankful we don’t have any of those cute little calves, yet. Watching two coyotes foraging around the cows,yesterday, also makes me happy the cows haven’t started calving.
    I like to think I could survive a few days but a week? I hope I never have to find out.

    • Me, too, Alice. Our first calves come early and we always think, “Next year we’ll wait.” Then comes April and so much spring work and My Cowboy says, “I’m so glad we’re done calving.”

  14. Pretty sure I wouldn’t survive but gee it sounds like an incredible adventure. Can’t wait to read this!!

  15. So fun reading about your new book! Love the pictures too! Thank you for sharing. I’m a country girl through and through and love baby foals, calves, kittens, puppies, etc.

  16. Honestly I probably couldn’t survive without all the comforts we have today but I do long for a simpler time when families spent time together and people looked out for one another. Technology is wonderful but it is a great separator.

  17. I think the calf is adorable.
    No I am not an outdoors person, I don’t think I could survive. It would truly take a miracle from God if I did.

  18. Nope, I couldn’t do it! I had to help butcher pigs and steers growing up. My mom made me gut a chicken once. Turned me off chicken for years! I could work hard on a pioneer farm but don’t make me kill my food!

  19. I don’t even go camping in modern times so NOPE, I wouldn’t survive an hour in the wilderness! I come from pioneer stock and I tell my parents all the time that I sure am glad I was born in the right era!!!!

  20. I could survive and if my husband were with me, it would be very doable. In our youth, it would have been a piece of cake. Now, with age it would be more uncomfortable and less enjoyable. I certainly haven’t had to do anything along these lines in a long while, but do remember the basics. When my husband went through survival training in the woods of Washington state, he was the only one who didn’t lose weight over the week and may have even gained a pound or two.

  21. I may have survived once upon a time, but not so sure about now. I love seeing your calf “babies”.

  22. I have no idea if I could survive! I’d like to think I could….but I am not sure. I would probably have to depend on plant life…not sure if I could kill dinner!
    LOVE your books!

  23. HA…I have this fantasy idea that I could survive and then reality comes knocking at my door 🙂 I’m too attached to my modern day conveniences!

    Mary, I am loving seeing all the calf pictures on Facebook. It’s something I look forward to every year from you! Thanks for the giveaway chance, I’ve read the first two books and have been looking forward to “The Unexpected Champion” .

  24. Mary, Thanks for this wonderful blog on your book. You always write amazing books. No, I wouldn’t survive back then, I too enjoy the more modern living. The little calf pic. is awesome, but; when they get bigger & try to step on your foot…..not so good! Farm girl I still am.

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