I have a Christmas Novella collection out!

You know (or maybe you don’t) that I’ve been doing a little Indy pub work. Along with three new releases I’m tracking down older books that are out of print. The rights have reverted to me! 

I’ve got some other stuff, too. It’s WEIRD. I keep remembering books. “Oh, yeah, THAT book!”

So I found these three books, Christmas novellas. In my head a book would just POP IN! I’d have to hunt it down and figure out if the version on my computer was the edited,  shiniest, best version…or something lurking, old and scruffy, left from the last century.

So I got these all done and shined up and printed them in a collection called Three Christmas Novellas. The three novellas contained with are called Longhorn Christmas, The Sweetest Gift and The Christmas Candle. Two of them have never before been in print, digital only until now.

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Longhorn Christmas Netty Lewis, a lonely young widow is saved from a raging mama longhorn by a passing cowboy who’s been wandering since the end of the Civil War. She needs help surviving her rugged life and caring for Jeremiah, her young son. Netty and Roy, along with Jeremiah begin a journey toward Christmas, family, home and love. And a herd of longhorns are making the way hard.
The Sweetest Gift A sweet re-telling of The Gift of the Magi–with a happy ending. She longs for music. He needs a valuable horse to improve his herd. When Christmas comes the gift they truly give is the gift of love.
The Christmas Candle A lonely widower with a pair of out-of-control sons he never got to know while their mother was alive. A woman with a love of nature and beauty and scent…and the little boys seem determined to destroy her way of life. A feisty Ozark mountain granny who doesn’t put up with much nonsense.The gift of a candle for Christmas and a Christ child who is a perfect match for this scent of heaven.

Today I am giving away a PRINT copy of Three Christmas Novellas. It’s like a CHRISTMAS PRESENT!!!


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42 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS STORIES!”

    • Tonya, I hope you like it.
      When I first read The Gift of the Maji, you know, it was a great story of love, but also so sad. Until I grew up a little and realized the woman could grow her hair back.

  1. I’d love the opportunity to read these books and instead of an early Christmas present they could be for my 50th birthday which is Saturday! Loved the excerpts! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

  2. It would be a great pleasure to read these novellas on a snowy winter day in Minnesota! Thank you for the opportunity,

  3. This is my FAVORITE time of year for reading, Christmas books are the true spirit of Christmas ? I will have to check out your Christmas collection, The Christmas Candle sounds really good !!!

    • Rose it is a wonderful time of year, great food, pretty decorations, fun gifts, but most just time with family. Other than that, I’m kinda a summer girl. I’m no great fan of COLD.

    • Well, that didn’t work. I tried adding a cute emoji at the end of my
      “I love reading Christmas stories”
      There is no question that I love reading Christmas stories or any other stories. I love reading!

  4. Mary, I love Christmas stories, especially when they’re by Inspirational authors. Christian writers seem to “get it.” And Christmas novellas are the best!
    Kaybee, even here

    • I love those moments, especially in Inspirations Christian fiction when we have what I think of as “Linus Moments” when the true meaning of Christmas washes over the characters and they find the true reason for the season.
      Or maybe better to say a moment when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes.

  5. Oooh, how fun! Christmas stories are fun to read any time. 🙂 Thanks for putting them together and doing a fun giveaway!

  6. Tonya, I hope you like it.
    When I first read The Gift of the Maji, you know, it was a great story of love, but also so sad. Until I grew up a little and realized the woman could grow her hair back.

  7. I’ve read almost all of your books and I’ve never been disappointed! Thanks for writing story’s that help me escape the world for awhile.

  8. They all sound like wonderful Christmas reads. Thank you for this opportunity. Wishing you & everyone a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. This sounds like a great addition to my Christmas book collection. Pretty much anything with your name on it as the author is a must read for me. Thanks for giving away a copy. I’d love to win!

  10. Mary Connealy, your novellas sound so good and I am a sucker for Christmas stories. Christmas stories are my go to, feel good books. I am always in a better mood and smiling when I read a Christmas story. Thank you for this giveaway. God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving.

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