Heather Blanton – The Ghosts of Horses Past Live On

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Now, let’s hear from Heather:

Legends, myths, ghost stories. Experts say they are all rooted in at least some fact. Recently, I had the honor to see some Spanish ponies—genetically-proven descendants of horses left in the West by Spanish explorer Coronado in 1519. Five hundred years ago.

Oh, what I wouldn’t have given to hear the stories the braves and the medicine men and chiefs told about seeing those amazing, beautiful animals for the first time.

The initial sightings did, indeed, spawn some amazing tales. I heard a few of them when I was in South Dakota this summer, and my favorite is the Legend of Swift Blue One.

One day a brave was out hunting, and he saw a horse draped in flowing, blue raiment with a man covered in shiny metal on its back. Afraid, but determined to show courage, the warrior shot an arrow at this amazing animal. It struck a crack in the man’s metal and he fell to the ground. The brave rushed up and was going to shoot again, but, the stallion, a mystical blue-gray color, pawed angrily at the ground, screamed, and bared his teeth when the brave approached.

The brave wanted very badly to possess this animal, but each time he came near, the blue horse chased him away. Through signs, the man on the ground said if the warrior would save his life, he would teach him to talk to the horse called Swift Blue One.

The warrior agreed, and he and the man rode the horse back to his tribe, amazing everyone in camp at this spectacle. But the horse was fierce, kicking and attempting to bite anyone who came too close. The man taught the young brave how to talk to blue horse, but soon died from his wound. The only other one who could ride the magnificent animal, the brave still did not remove the covers that draped around Swift Blue Horse. He believed they kept the stallion from harming anyone in camp.

The blue horse was the fastest creature the tribe had ever seen. They said he had lightning in his hoofs. When the brave died in battle, though, the elders turned the horse out for no one else could talk to him. For a long time they would see him racing about, kicking up his hoofs, calling for others to join him.

Soon, Swift Blue One had gathered many horses to himself and was chief of them all. His herd grew large and his offspring were many. His descendants still roam the great plains of the West today. Some say if you look hard enough, you will see the ghost of Swift Blue One running among his children, his blue raiment flickering in the sun.

I love that story. During a visit to the Black Hills Wild Horse Preserve I saw the Spanish ponies——and the Swift Blue Ones were there, too.


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There is an old poem in my forthcoming release, Daughter of Defiance, that a reader gave me about a horse with four white socks. Supposedly, not a good thing.

I am giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and digital copies of my Defiance books—all of which were just optioned by a movie producer! To WIN, just comment with any story, old wives’ tale, or legend you know about a horse. I’d LOVE to hear them!

And if you’d like to learn more about wild horses and their stories, I hope you’ll check out the Black Hills Wild Horse Preserve.




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42 thoughts on “Heather Blanton – The Ghosts of Horses Past Live On”

  1. Growing up I wanted a live hairy horse. All I got were stick horses.
    My daughter’s friend wanted to put her new horse on our property. She was an Amish buggy horse before coming to us. That was one crazy horse! She would run by and bite you. It took awhile for her new owner to give up being able to ride her after the cowboy boyfriend could not even stay on her. I was just glad the horse was gone.
    Enjoyed the story about Swift Blue One.
    I still love horses just do not want one anymore.

  2. I grew up with roping horses and they were probably my closet friends as well. Today horses are still my favorite animals. When I was young my favorite TV show was Fury. I loved at horse and always wished I vloukd have a black stallion who would protect me like Fury protected Joey.
    My best friend growing up was King, he was my dad’s roping horse. I rode his the 1st time as an infant and he was a huge part of my life until he passed when I was 18. That was a sad day. King would eat anything I gave him from pickles to P, B, & J sandwiches. Although he’s been gone since 1988, he still is a huge part of my life today. He taught me so much about patience, friendship, and love.
    Thanks for your great story about Swift Blue One. Your books really sounds intriguing.

    • Yeah, Tonya, you sure can get attached to them. I lost my horse Journey this summer. She was only 16. I cried for days. Darn good horse.

  3. What a fascinating story and like the others who have commented, horses were my first love, too. The very first book I ever read was “The Black Stallion.” I read every book I could find about horses and when I was older, I got a horse. Like Jerri, I had to beg for a long time until I had my very own horse, Macy, a bay quarter horse mare. Macy wouldn’t eat anything like Tonya’s horse but close to it, she was always stealing the other horse oats. One day she stuck her nose through the barbed wire enclosure to get at some oats, and she tore a literal chunk out of her lip. Back then, the vets came to you, so the local vet had to come and give her stitches. She was a corker!!! But I loved her.

  4. I loved the story. There is the legend of Leathermam in Connecticut. He wore all leather and seemed to walk in a circle that would last about a year. No one knew much about him but he appeared every year in certain places.

  5. My dad got me a horse once when I was a around 4-5 yrs old well horse threw my mom and next day my horse was gone. One thing my daddy did that truly broke my heart was getting me a horse and getting rid of him all in a 24 hr period. I always wanted another but never got one

    • Ah, he was probably just trying to make sure you were safe. Life is short. If you want a horse, I say get one!

    • And I really love the way the healing of an abused horse is reflective of what’s happening in my heroine’s heart. Thanks for reading!

  6. The first book I ever read about a horse was The Black Stallion. I loved horses but never had the opportunity to spend much time around them. the only time I went riding was when I went with my ex to New Mexico and we took a horse tour to some old mines. It was the most fun I had ever had. I have a friend who has been taking riding lessons and just out enjoying rides on horses and every time I hear her talk about it, it makes me want to learn to ride. But without knowing anyone with a horse or having the money for lessons, I don’t see having the chance to learn to ride any time soon. I really enjoyed your post today and learning the story about Swift Blue One.

    • Yeah, horses are an investment, that’s for sure. I bet that trip on horseback to the mines was really cool. I’ve always wanted to do that, but ride out to some old Indian ruins.

  7. I love this legend! My daughter is a horse girl – owns a retired police horse. She has a gift that seems to gentle horses and they like her. I’ll have to tell her this story! YAY for hopefully getting your wonderful stories into movies! I have always said they were so good they needed to be on the big screen. 🙂

  8. Welcome to the P&P Heather I loved your post. I have not been around horses much but I do love them. So I really haven’t heard any legends about them. My brother did work on a horse farm for a while when I was younger, but I never heard him tale any tails of about any horses. I love watching movies and shows about them. I grew up about forty mile from Lexington KY which is horse country but was never around horses much and I know that is sad but true.

    • Yep, Lexington sure is horse country. And I bet your brother is FULL of stories from the barn. There is never a dull moment when you’re dealing with horses.

  9. Oh, I love horses. I think they are such amazing and beautiful animals. I loved your story. Thanks for sharing it in your post.

  10. As a child, I got to ride my Grandfather’s buckskin horse a lot. It was a beautiful horse and really gentle. Being creative, I drew hundreds of pictures of that horse. Some looked like him and most didn’t.
    I enjoy reading horse stories and this one sounds really good.

  11. I have always loved horses… the best part was for two summers growing up, the camp I went to had horseback riding as one of its activities… my favorite horse was named Jackpot! I missed that horse when they stopped the activity at the camp…

  12. I think horses are God’s most beautiful animal. I could sit and watch them all day. My daughter is the one who rides, grooms, doctors, cleans, etc. She loves it. We had a horse to get mastitis after having a baby. She called the vet to ask what to do and he told her to “clean her out” with the hose pipe, so she gets the hose and stands in the yard and does so. She wants to work with the therapeutic riding programs.

  13. My cousin owned several horses but due to the recession of 2008 she had to sell them. They are beautiful creatures.

  14. I’ve heard seeing a white horse is good luck.

    always hang a horseshoe with the ends up to prevent the luck from falling out.

  15. I grew up in town and every summer our area had a two night horse show. My parents always took my brother and me on Saturday night and about mid-way through the even they would give away a pony. I always prayed to win that oony but I never did. As I’ve grown older I realize that there were two people praying that I wouldn’t!

  16. When I was in high school my friends and I would ride her horses.the horses were wonderful animals.
    old wives’ tale said if you hang a horseshoe about your door you will have good luck. Have a wonderful weekend.Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  17. Horses are loyal and magnificent animals. When we lived in the country we rode everyday. Now city life is a big change.

  18. My story is kind of sad. My grandfather was a rancher here in Texas. I spent many days of my life growing up spending time there, often dreaming I was back in the Old West. My grandfather was like John Wayne to me. One day, my sister and oldest cousin finally talked my mother to going with them to ride three of his horses. My mother rode a very spirited horse named Pesky Roan. He truly fulfulled the unusual name my grandfather gave him. When they started out, the one big rule he gave them was that Pesky had to always be in the lead. She would act up if any horse got in front of her. Unfortunately, one of the girl’s horses decided to run past Pesky, and Pesky went crazy and threw my mom who landed on a rock breaking her back. I was about 6 and terrified my mother was going to die. She stayed in the hospital awhile, then had to stay in bed at the ranch for several weeks. We stayed the entire summer there. We lived 2 hours away. Many years later after we all were grown, we would kid my mom about the summer she FELL off the horse. She would always laugh and say she did not fall off her but was bucked off and that was different. Lol!

  19. Thank you for an interesting post and the link to the Black Hills wild Horse Preserve. They are beautiful creatures and impressive when they are on a full out run.
    I wanted a horse when I was a girl, not that uncommon, but there was no way our family could have one. I was helping a farmer friend move a pony he had to another part of the barn one day. I was leading it down a steep ramp. It stayed at the top and I was at the bottom when it reared up. Standing several feet below it, it certainly looked much bigger to me than it was. Sort of cooled my desire for a horse for a while. I di get a horse for my 16th birthday. My mom put a porcelain horse figurine on the top of my cake.

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