When You Make a Mistake: Own It!

Oh mylanta, this is what happens when an over-zealous author gets the flu, doesn’t re-check her schedule, and is so sure of her excellent memory that she puts up her lovely Lure of the American West post ON THE WRONG DAY….


So. Darlings. If you want to go read that post, head over HERE…. because it’s a really nice post!


But to make lemonade out of the lemons of mistakes (this will not be my last one, I promise you that… And it’s not even my WORST one, there’s a laundry list of those!) we’re going to do FIVE GIVEAWAYS of my newest Love Inspired book “Her Secret Daughter”… on shelves nationwide right now!

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We all make mistakes. It’s human nature. It’s part of our being. I think more important than making mistakes is how we own them once made….

Do we clean them up?


Fix things as best we’re able?

Because to me, a mother and grandmother, a friend and a sister, a daughter and a neighbor, it’s not about the list of mistakes… it’s about laughing them off and moving forward.

Atonement is a serious thing. When we make a grievous mistake, we should do what we can to atone. To bless others. To bring joy back. In my faith walk, atoning for those serious mistakes is important to me…

Now I don’t rank messing up a blog post with the more serious things we do… but I still think we can make up for budging poor Charlene Reddon to mid-day by making sure that five people go home happy today!


Leave me a comment about pretty much anything… you don’t have to mention your mistakes here… we’ll trust you’ve made them! But when it comes to forgiveness… and atonement… I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what the sweet Lord above wants from all of us. In whatever way we can!

We can move forward together….

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39 thoughts on “When You Make a Mistake: Own It!”

  1. Good morning. When I was a manger, I told my employees if you make a mistake, tell me. I will not be mad, we will resolve & fix it, plus learn from Our mistake. But if you donโ€™t tell me and I find out another way then we will have a problem. We are all human and make mistakes. You have a great 1st day if Februsry, a great entire month and a great rest of the year.

  2. We certainly wouldn’t be human if we didn’t make mistakes. When I had the Flu I felt so out of it for a few days. I’ve always told my kids especially, if you make a mistake to just own it and let us know. We aren’t going to stop loving you because of it. We can correct it and move on.
    Carol Luciano

    • Exactly…. and that’s how I was last week with the flu, just sick and spacey… but so sure of my dates! Oh my stars, that’s so funny…. but I BUDGED a first-time poster…..


      You have to have a forgiving heart to work with me, ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I am one who makes many mistakes but owning up to them is better than not. They always come back to haunt you.

  4. Happy February! I’ve made my fair share of mistakes let me tell you but rest assured that does not include a secret daughter! How intriguing that title is! I tend to make more than my fair share since I have had MS. I forget a lot of important things and like you think I’m supposed to do something and it’s the wrong day. Let’s not even forget losing stuff. Good grief I’m great at that one. My biggest mistakes are agreeing to do things ahead of time and then when the time comes I just can’t do it because of some problem with my MS. I would love the opportunity to read your book thanks to ME I have lots of reading time. There is always a silver lining.

    • Stephanie, that’s like chemo-brain… or pregnancy-brain…. when the brain doesn’t quite concentrate the way it normally would because it’s stressed or strained in other directions….

      And I think you would love this book! ๐Ÿ™‚ Josie’s secret is heartfelt and well-kept… until it isn’t. Oh my stars, I love, love, love this story!

    • Exactly, Estella. If it’s not earth-shattering…. we won’t go ballistic. Better to own it and chug on ahead.

      But you can imagine how I felt when I realized what happened…. OH MY STARS!!!


  5. Good morning, Ruthie! Mistakes happen and will continue to as long as we live. We need to learn from them and move on.

    • Melanie, yes! Isn’t that what we teach out kids? Own up, move on….

      But it’s kind of fun to have a bunch of giveaways… and we need to pick someone from the other day, too…. HOW ABOUT YOU????


      I just went through the Tuesday list and grabbed your name, so you’re the Tuesday winner…. and then we’ll grab five from today….


  6. I’m down with the flu right now, so I know your pain! My brain is broken. I totally understand that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s to not that many more mistakes. LOL

  7. We all make mistakes but if we own up to it everything is always much better. My husband had the flu and I took him to the doctor and they treated me also, so far I haven’t had the flu thank goodness.

  8. One of our policies at work is honesty and integrity. If you make a mistake, you own it, you learn from it and you move on. No one is perfect, except for our Lord.

  9. This is definitely one of my stumbling blocks. ? it takes me a while to gather up the strength to admit it, and grow from the experience. Usually involves a bit of prayer. Thanks for the post Ruthy.

    • Mary Dundas!!!! My buddy!!!! Oh, I hear you. And how amazingly courageous of you to admit it here on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am in love with those grandkids of yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Adorable!

  10. This is definitely one of my stumbling blocks. ? it takes me a while to gather up the strength to admit it, and grow from the experience. Usually involves a bit of prayer. Thanks for the post Ruthy.

  11. Ruthy, I’m sure you make pretty good lemonade. I think learning from mistakes is a very important part of life. Atoning for our mistakes is necessary. Sometimes, others make mistakes that hurt us or those we love. They do not learn from them nor do they try to atone for them. It is then that I think we must do what can be one of the hardest things ever. We forgive them.

    • Andrea, I believe that forgiveness is the cornerstone for our faith growth and renewal… and for our very soul. Forgiving… moving on… grace… oh, those are wonderful things. And mercy… people don’t talk about mercy like they should. Mercy is such a plaintive and wonderful thing.

      Great points.

  12. Hi Ruthy! You’re so funny. Everyone mixes up days at some time or another. I’m glad you can laugh about it. Laughter is always the best medicine. I hope you’re recovering well from the flu. I haven’t had it yet (knock on wood) but I hear it’s horrible this year.

    Love your books!

    • Linda, if I forget to laugh at myself, my children are QUICK to remind me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love that laughter is the best medicine, both in the Readers’ Digest and according to studies…. We’ll keep laughing and forging ahead….

      And that was the first time I’ve had flu in I don’t know how long… I don’t remember having it before. So it was not fun, Linda!!!! But…. it’s over! Now we celebrate!

  13. Hi Ruth, I think mistakes may be my middle name. ;P I have never been more humbled as when I became a parent. My mom and dad have gotten more apologies then I can count by now for the mistakes I made over my childhood. Grateful for the people who love us and teach us how true forgiveness should look. Grateful for my kiddos that remind me every day that we all are equally fallible and loveable in God’s eyes. I strive to correct my kiddos in love and equally admit when I am wrong.

  14. Mistakes. What would life be without them? On a positive note, January is over, February is here and there’s a lot to celebrate. Valentine’s Day and my granddaughter’s 4th birthday make it special in our household but this month of love is observed by so many others. Friends who value each other, a young boy who sends a secret valentine to his first crush, a newly married couple enjoying their first Valentine’s Day as Mr. & Mrs. or two people who have loved each other through many Valentine Days. But the best example is the ultimate love from our Heavenly Father. Talk about seeing mistakes and forgiving them!
    Ruthy, I hope that your good health returns very soon!

  15. I think occasional mistakes are good for us. They remind us we are human and not perfect. If we are smart, we learn from them. I can sympathize with you having the flu. I had an odd virus that put me out of commission for 2 weeks and took another week to get back on my feet. The worse symptom was a non-functioning memory/foggy brain. It is bad enough normally, I didn’t need it made any worse. Hope you are feeling much better. Two posts in one day is no big deal. More for us to enjoy.

  16. You’re adorable, Ruthy, even when you make mistakes! Hugs, sweet friend! I go around in a fog all the time, so I make plenty of them and forget lots of things. Glad you’re feeling better now. Your book sounds fascinating. Congrats on another new release!

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