Re-visiting old friends

Something I love doing in my books is revisiting old friends.

I’ve written books with slight references to characters in former books. I’ve had characters get cameos in new books.

I’ve let children grow up and have their own stories, with former heroes and heroines as secondary characters.

And I did that again with my latest release

Hearts Entwined

In Bookstores Now!

This is a novella collection with my Petticoats & Pistols filly sister Karen Witemeyer, also Regina Jennings and Melissa Jagears.

We had so much fun with this book. Mine is called The Tangled Ties that Bind.

Karen’s is The Love Knot

Regina’s is Bound and Determined

Melissa’s is titled Tied and True.

The titles alone make me smile.

My books, beyond the fun title, is about two little children who grew up as cousins…six months apart in age…and when the boy Connor Kincaid, reaches the age of fifteen, he starts having feelings for his life long best friend Maggie Kincaid, that aren’t fitting for cousins. Connor knows he’s too young, and still too dependent on his father Seth Kincaid (Over the Edge) and his two uncles Rafe (Out of Control) and Ethan Kincaid (In Too Deep), to get married, so he goes to visit his uncle, his mother’s brother, in Texas, Luke Stone (Swept Away).

Connor stays away to give himself a chance to grow up and comes home to find…his sweet little cousin Maddie grew up, too. And she’s moved to Denver and is deep in her studies to become a doctor. She’s even accepted a job half a state away from where Connor plans to settle into ranching with his family.

I even start the book out with some of the Kincaid family being gone on a trip that includes visiting Uncle Heath Kincaid (No Way Up)

Well, it was just pure fun to revisit these old characters. But I’ll tell you, in this convoluted world of cousins who share not one single drop of blood, and children grown up. Generational leaps can sometimes be confusing.

I didn’t start this story out with Connor and Maggie sittin’ in a tree.

Sneak Peak at Book #1 in the High Sierra Sweethearts Series coming in April……. The Accidental Guardian

Oh, no! I started with Isaac, the brother of Ethan’s wife from In Too Deep. He had the briefest possible mention as a young boy left behind in In Too Deep, then he was a solid secondary character in the novella I did last year with Karen, Regina and Melissa….that one’s called With This Ring? And I loved Isaac and wanted him to have his own love story. Which he probably will someday!!! Just not this one!!!

So while Isaac and Maggie were up there talking………treed by an angry mama buffalo………LOL, I’m sorry, I am sincerely sitting here laughing as I type this……while they’re up there talking I realize that Isaac is Maggie’s UNCLE.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

So that had to go. And I cast my mind around for other ‘children now grown up’ couples and hallelujah, I found Connor Kincaid. So Maggie grew up without even knowing Isaac…but they’re blood kin–so yikes!!!….but she was raised as a cousin to Connor…but she came into the family with her mother Audra…Isaac’s big sister. Ethan took over as her dad…no real relation at all.

Anyway, things can get tricky when you’re writing, jumping across years and time, through series and states, sometimes books I wrote years ago.

Leave a comment about the time you wrote a book and almost had a young woman unknowingly marry her own uncle

Okay, forget that creepy question. LOL Leave a comment of ANY KIND to get your name in a drawing for a copy of Hearts Entwined–a book with absolutely no consanguinity issues whatsoever!!! And if Karen Witemeyer is going to talk about this book this month….I’d like to see her top THAT story.

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46 thoughts on “Re-visiting old friends”

  1. Well I’m way behind on your books because I’ve never read one yet! I just finished my 100th book in 14 months after not reading for decades! I’m always looking for a new author and what better way to find new authors than by winning a book!!

    • That is way behind, Stephanie. I’ve got one free, an older one, Montana Rose, on Kindle, Nook, etc. Right now. Give me a try. This book, Hearts Entwined, is my fiftieth release. If you like it, I can keep you entertained for a long time!

  2. Mary, this post just made me laugh. I cannot keep up with characters at all, in my own stories, much less anybody else’s lol. This sounds like an awesome story!

    • Well, I can laugh now…when I realized it my mind sounded like a needle sliding across a record, you know that sound??? 🙂
      But once I started writing it RIGHT it became obvious that Connor and Maggie needed to be together!
      Nothing else would do.

  3. I can hardly wait to read The Tangled Ties That Bind as well as the other stories included in the Hearts Entwined.
    I have read all of the other books that you mentioned and absolutely loved them.

  4. Sounds a little like my family. Lol. My cousin is my half sister. So her children are my nieces and nephews and also my second cousins. But then it gets interesting. My ex married my cousin so they are my step children. My nephew – stepson married my sister’s daughter and their children are my grandbabies. Can you figure it out?? Lol.

  5. I can’t wait to read this book sounds a lot like my family. My sister and my aunt married brothers so there children are double cousins of something but how can keep up with that. This book sounds fantastic.

  6. I love how the characters in your books overlap and interact with one another! I just finished The Tangled Ties that Bind and thoroughly enjoyed Connor and Maggie’s story. For me, the saddest part of finishing a book is wondering what happens to all the characters after the end of the book. When I discover one my “old friends” in a new book it makes me smile every time! Although this post does make me think of a children’s song that my girls enjoyed when they were young; “I’m my own grandpa.”

  7. I enjoy reading your books. Although, a lot of the time, I have to go back to your other books and look up who is who! LO!!
    Cannot keep up with everyone:)

  8. It’s a cloudy gray day here and I needed a good laugh. Thank you for giving me one. Love your sense of humor.

  9. Oh, I love the Kincaid family!! And I think I followed all of that. 😉 I love seeing past characters in books. It always feels like seeing old friends and catching up just a bit on what’s happening in their lives.

  10. Mary, as always, you write with such great humor! Of course, anyone growing up in Burt County would be susceptible to that kind of humor!

  11. Mary I just got my copy of this in the mailtoday thanks to Melissa 🙂 But I wanted to chime in and say that I am looking forward to “catching up” to the Kincaid clan!! Those are my favorite series of yours, dear Mary. AND…I’m looking forward to The Accidental Guardian…which I requested my Overdrive digital library to purchase and they have. So I will be the first to read it when it comes out, yay!

    All that to say this….I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. And I can see where things would get a bit confusing with so many family members and keeping them all straight in subsequent books 🙂 Once again, you made me laugh!!

  12. These anthologies are so enjoyable. I know how confusing cousins and relations can get. I have over 60 cousins on my mother’s side of the family. She was one of 9 siblings. Most had least 3 children, some 5, and our family had 6. Several married multiple times. I wa in college when some of those cousins were being born. I have no idea how many cousins are out there now and haven’t even met some of them. Once people started moving around it is hard to keep track of them.

  13. I do believe this is why I love your stories so much. You connect people and families. I can not wait to get this book and read it!

  14. Another story about a Kincaid. Yippy! The Kincaids are one of my favorite Connealy creations. Keep that family growing, please 🙂

  15. And here I was, always in awe of how you kept all of those characters straight! 🙂 Love your stories so much, Mary!

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