Comfort and Joy


 Due to an ice storm that knocked our power out for a day and a half right before New Year’s Eve, I had plenty of time on my hands to do some much needed cleaning and sorting in my cupboards and closets.

As I dug through one deep drawer where I store assorted blankets, I happened upon a well-loved quilt.

My mama helped me make it one cold, snowy January when I was heading off to begin my college internship 1,100 miles away. The fabric used in the nine-patch quilt came from scraps saved from a variety of places, but all connected to sweet memories. When I settled into my tiny apartment, all alone in that big city, I curled up under the quilt and found comfort in the lovingly-made stitches. The quilt became a reminder of home, of family, of the my ties to the past. Even after I married Captain Cavedweller, the quilt came along. It was often the covering I reached for when I needed a bit of comfort when I once again found myself all alone while he worked nights.

I took the quilt out of the drawer and spent a powerless afternoon cuddled beneath the warmth of it while the joy of remembering sweet times from years ago flooded through me.

Quilts have always been important to me because they’ve always been gifts made with incredible love.

quilt sunbonnet sue

My Grandma Ila made this quilt for me when I was a little girl. It graced my little twin-sized bed in my very pink bedroom for years and years. The pattern is Parasol Lady.


quilt roses grandma nell one block

CC’s grandmother made this quilt for us one year for Christmas. She knew how much I love roses and surprised us with this beautiful cross-stitched quilt. Grandma is no longer with us, but the love she put into this quilt will last forever.


quilt rose of sharon full

This is the quilt Grandma Ila made as our wedding gift. She let me pick the pattern and the colors then she and my mom pieced and quilted it. There was a lot of piecing and a lot of quilting and a lot of love that went into this Rose of Sharon variation quilt.



quilt grandma jackson

My Grandma Elsie started this Tulip Basket quilt for my mom back when she was a teen. Mom told Grandma she didn’t like the colors, so Grandma never finished the quilt. One day when I was in high school, we were at Grandma’s helping her clean and found a bag with the quilt blocks. Grandma gave them to me, so Mom put the top together and quilted it. When she completed it, she couldn’t remember why she thought it was ugly in the first place.


quilt grandma nell's mom

The blocks for this quilt came from CC’s Grandma Nell. Her mother made the squares back in the early 1900s. No one ever finished the quilt. She gave them to me and when we needed one more block to make the quilt work, Mom did the one with the pink roses (pictured top left of the above photo). Mom sewed the top, then did all the quilting.  I should mention that Mom and Grandma did their quilting by hand. No fancy machines for them. I remember seeing a quilt frame stretched across our entire living room on many occasions. In later years, Mom would quilt using a big hoop instead of the frame.

Unfortunately, with all the talented quilters I’ve known, the gene and talent completely escaped me. I can sew – but quilting is beyond my patience and skill. That doesn’t, however, keep me from having one (or three) storage tubs full of fabric I hope to someday make into quilts. I’ll just have to find someone to do the quilting.


quilts pile

I enjoy looking at the quilts and thinking of all the love, detail and skill that went into making them.

Last year, I participated in a series of books that featured quilts. It was a lot of fun for me because it brought to mind all the quilts I watched my grandmas and mom make over the years.

The series, Grandma’s Wedding Quilts (which includes a book by fellow Filly Kathryn Albright!), features all sweet novellas. Grandma Mary’s traditional gift to each of her grandchildren is a hand-pieced and hand-stitched quilt, woven with memories, wisdom, and a family legacy of enduring love.


My contribution to the set, Tad’s Treasure, is the final book in the series.

Tad Palmer makes a promise to his dying friend to watch over the man’s wife and child. Years later, he continues to keep an eye on Posey Jacobs and her precocious little boy. The only problem is that he’s not sure his heart can withstand the vow he made when he falls in love with the widow and her son.

Posey Jacobs misses her beloved husband, but her wrenching grief has given way to hope for the future as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love with Tad Palmer. However, the infuriating man doesn’t seem to notice her interest and treats her as he would his sister.

Throw in a goat who thinks she’s a dog, a town full of quirky characters, and this widow has her work cut out for her if she wants one handsome cowboy to give her his heart.


To enter for a chance to win an autographed copy of Tad’s Treasure, just answer this question:

What’s your favorite way to stay warm on a cold winter day?

Wishing you call comfort and joy throughout this new year!

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After spending her formative years on a farm in Eastern Oregon, hopeless romantic Shanna Hatfield turns her rural experiences into sweet historical and contemporary romances filled with sarcasm, humor, and hunky western heroes.
When this USA Today bestselling author isn’t writing or covertly hiding decadent chocolate from the other occupants of her home, Shanna hangs out with her beloved husband, Captain Cavedweller.

66 thoughts on “Comfort and Joy”

  1. Good morning Shanna- I’m like you I come from a family of quilters. Both of my grandmothers quilted and I was graced with quilts they each made, both gave me a beautiful handmade quilt for my high school graduation which I adore, my mom has a huge collection of probably 50 quilts that she says will be mine one day, but I think since I already have about 15 from my both my granny’s, that my niece should inherit them for her family after she marries and has children. My favorite way to stay warm on a cold day is… you guessed it… under one of my quilts, the Cotton and fabric can’t be beat along with a great book and a hot cup of coffee. Love this blog makes me want to go into my shelfrobe and look at my quilts again, maybe pull out one I’ve not used lately. But like you too, I was not graced with the talent gene to quilt one on my own, but cut the squares out of old fabric to make.. yeah enter me up in that.. I’m your gal. LOL!!!
    Love you sweet lady.

    • Hi Tonya!
      Oh, how fun you have quilts from both of your grandmother’s. They are so special and precious, aren’t they? There is just nothing like cuddling under a lovingly made quilt on a cold winter day!
      Maybe some day we will have to cut out quilt pieces together then watch while someone else does the quilting.
      Love and hugs!

  2. I have a hand crocheted Afghan that my great grandmother made she was going blind when she made it and some of the colors don’t match which makes it all the more special to me I love to get up under in my recliner and read. My mother in law was an avid hand stitch quilter and I have one of her last quilts on our bed now to keep warm with especially with this odd Freezing Alabama Winter we are having this season. I would love to read this book of yours every book I ever read by you has been great

    • Happy birthday Glenda, enjoy you’re special day as we both read Capturing Christmas together even though we are miles apart. Love you Dearly.

      • Thanks Tonya Lucas and I am loving Capturing Christmas I think with each book I love Shanna Hatfield’s writing even more than the last. She has definitely worked her way into one of my favorite authors slot that’s for sure

    • Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, Glenda! And how awesome you have that afghan. I think the flaws in those types of projects do make them all the more special. Stay warm! May you have many opportunities to cuddle up with your afghan and read! And Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Thanks Tonya you are correct I did enjoy reading this and quilts are dear to me. My very first one I made went to my first grandson at the time I wasn’t sure if I was having a boy or girl. Since it was more of a boy one glad I had a little boy ?. I didn’t know I had this gene in me,but sure love exploring the knowledge I have been given by quilting ladies who are so amazing. Each one has a story and such great love while being made. So excited that Tonya shared this with me so I can read your books. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and history of them.

    • Hi Kristi!
      How awesome you are a quilter. I bet your family will treasure those that you’ve made. Quilts are such amazing, wonderful keepsakes.
      Thanks for stopping by today and thanks to Tonya for sharing with you!
      Have a fantastic day! Happy reading and quilting!

  4. Love reading about your journey through the quilts. My grandmother made quilts, using a frame. I have several of them. No one else in the family quilts now. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts. I like to keep warm under one of my blankets with a good book in hand.

  5. My favorite way to stay warm in bed in the winter is with an electric blanket. I loved hearing about your quilts. They are beautiful. None have been made or passed down in my family, but my neighbor gave me and my husband one a couple years ago. She said she considered us to be family and wanted us to have one when she was giving them to her kids to make room in their house. She said she made it when her kids were little. It has cats on it and because we love cats, she thought it was the perfect one for us. I hung it on the wall because I don’t want to take the chance of my cats snagging it with their nails if it’s on the bed. Then there was the time my ex’s stepmother made us a quilt for a wedding present, but when we divorced, she asked for it back. I thought that was strange.

  6. Loved this blog. After my daddy’s mother died and we ended up moving to a tiny community in Tennessee where quilters were in abundance my step-mom asked for all the pieces and unfinished quilts my grandmother left behind. My sister’s and I all have a quilt that’s never been used hanging on a quilt rack in my parents hallway after my parents pass on. My favorite cold winter day is coffee, a blanket and a good book.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      So glad your grandmother’s work is preserved! That’s awesome! Enjoy curling up with coffee, a blanket, and a good book this winter!
      And thank you for popping in today!
      Happy reading!

  7. Loved seeing those quilts and hearing the stories behind them, Shanna. You have some very talented ladies in your family. I LOVE the parasol girls! I’m not much of a quilter, but I do love to cross stitch, so I can definitely appreciate the cross stitch rose quilt. So much time and love goes into a gift like that. Beautiful!

    • Hi Karen!
      Oh, that is awesome you cross stitch. I don’t possess the patience required to do it, which makes the quilt from hubby’s grandma even more special. I know it is filled with love!
      I adore the parasol girls, too. You can tell – the quilt is well loved. 🙂
      Thanks so much!

  8. I am not a quilter but making just one quilt is my goal. I used to make most of my clothes and many for my daughter and I hope to get back to doing this. Sewing (or quilting) can be great therapy! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful Quilts and for your giveaway. Reading your book would be a great way to spend a cold winter day.

  9. What a lovely assortment of quilts and stories to go with them. It was crocheting, embroidery and sewing in my family. So many treasures made by my mother, grandmother and my husband’s aunt to remind us of them. I am so-so but not nearly as talented as they were. Didn’t get the gene. My mother-in-law, however, had the knitting gene but apparently not the grandmotherly one: while I was expecting our first child she was knitting a blanket. My husband was ecstatic – a blanket for the baby! She said it’s a horse blanket, and it was ;-).

    On cold days put on warm socks and sweats, snuggle under something and read!

    • Hi Sally,

      Oh, my goodness! A horse blanket! 🙂 Glad you had talented ladies in your family though who made treasures you cherish.

      Hope you have many delightful moments to snuggle under a warm blanket and read this winter!

      Best wishes!

  10. What a cute sounding book!! Thanks for the chance! My favorite way to stay warm is to be snuggled with my 3 dogs (2 are bull mastiffs, 1 is a puggle) and reading a book. Of course! 🙂 We often all curl up on the dog beds by the window that lets in the most sunlight and just cuddle warm!

    Those are some gorgeous quilts!!! I have made 3 – they’re hard work no matter how much/little detail is put into it. My husband requested a 12ft by 12ft quilt so that it was big enough for both of us (ahem, I may or may not be a blanket hog) but now he claims it all for himself! haha! That took me about a year to finish. He wants another one (lighter, as I made this one with double batting so it’s extra warm and fluffy) and I keep putting it off. 🙂

    • Oh, love that you cuddle with your dogs, Michelle! What a fun way to spend an afternoon with them and a good book!
      How awesome you made a big quilt. There is love in every stitch regardless of the pattern or how long it took to make! Hope your next one turns out just lovely!

  11. Snuggled up under a warm blanket with a good book and hot peppermint tea. By the way, your quilts are beautiful! They are truly precious memories to hold onto forever!

  12. don’t enter – loved reading this book =-)) I have a double fleece throw that my DIL made for me for Christmas a few years ago!

  13. You should’ve titled this blog “Shanna’s Treasures” because that’s what these quilts are. I love old quits and how they speak to me. I don’t any old ones though. My mom didn’t have any to pass down. Hers turned ragged because of all the use they received. I wish she’d saved a scrap.

    Congratulations on the new book!

    • You are such a sweetheart, Linda! Thank you! I’m sorry you don’t have quilts to treasure, but I know you have wonderful memories you cherish! Sending smiles and hugs your way!

  14. Howdy!
    My grandma made me the Parasol Lady quilt. My favorite winter pastime to keep warm is snuggling under a blanket with a cup of hot tea and a good book!

  15. My grandma used to quilt and crochet. Like you, I didn’t inherit the skill to quilt. However, I did learn to crochet from her and I still crochet even though she’s passed on. Therefore, during this cold winter season, you can find me cuddling up with an afghan and keeping warm.

  16. Hi Shanna! I loved all the pictures of your quilts! I especially liked the Rose of Sharon on and the cross-stitched quilts. You are so blessed to have them! My mother and grandmother handed down mostly crocheted items–lap throws and one big granny-square crocheted bed cover. I completely understand how precious your quilts are to you because those crocheted items are that way to me. When I wrap up in them I am covered with my mother and grandmother’s love.

    Tad’s Treasure was a joy to read! I still think of him as Gloria’s big brother 🙂

    Stay warm this winter!!

    • Hi Kathryn!
      So awesome you have treasured keepsakes from your mother and grandmother. Those granny-square bed covers are so beautiful! Yes, wrapping up in those items are being wrapped in their love.

      And I think of Gloria as Tad’s treasured little sister! <3

      Enjoy the winter!

  17. My favorite way to stay warm on a cold day is to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa, a good book, a warm blanket and putting on some fuzzy socks. 🙂 Although I don’t necessarily like winter, I do love hot cocoa and being able to curl up with a good book. 😉

    • Winter does have a few good points, like stormy cold days that make perfect snuggle beneath a blanket and read weather! Fuzzy socks are a must!
      Thanks for dropping in today, Britney! Best wishes!

  18. My favorite way to stay warm is to put on my long, soft robe, grab a blanket and curl up in the chair……with a book, of course!

  19. While I am definitely not a quilter I did get lucky enough to marry a man who comes from a family of quilters. So my favorite way to stay warm is covering up with the quilt his grandmother made when he was younger while reading a good book.

  20. I don’t leave the house, lol. If I am feeling a draft in the house, I wear my warm sweat pants and a comfy top and have one of my many throws/wraps within reach. At some point a cup of coffee or tea or both come in to play 🙂

  21. What beautiful quilts!! And such special memories behind them! My favorite blanket to wrap up in is an afghan that I crocheted for my grandma. When she passed away, I got it back and love the thought that she’s been wrapped up in it, too.

  22. Snuggled under my cover with some hot apple cider or hot chocolate and a good book. I’d love a quilt though! I started one but never finished it and idk where the fabric is now or if it’s even even….lol as in acceptable length for a quilt. Maybe I still have the fabric but i have no idea how to quilt. I think i was just going to sew the top middle and back together. One day I will have a quilt! 😀

    • You will get your quilt one day, Sabrina. Maybe you can find a class to attend. It would be a great way to learn and meet other people interested in the craft, too.
      Thank you for stopping in today!
      Happy New Year!

  23. What beautiful quilts you have! The quilts I’ve made have been tied and not quilted or they would never have been finished. I have a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that a neighbor had made when she was a little girl about 1900. She had no children and she gave the quilt to our family. It has been used and required repairs including a new back but to me it’s still her quilt and very special.
    On a cold winter day I like to wrap up in a quilt or throw and sit by the fire and read. A cup of cranberry spice tea is good, too.

  24. I get a nice fire in the wood stove, brew a cup of something hot, throw on a nice warm blanket, and read. The bad weather (and the flu) have given me that rare opportunity. My grandmother made utilitarian quilts for her family. She and grandpa worked in a shirt factory and were allowed to take the scraps home. All the quilts but one are just squares, machine sewn, and tacked with no needlework patterns. There was one in brown velvets and corduroys that is a crazy quilt with a little bit of embroidery. When I got married, she gave me the family cradle with the quilt (probably made when the grandchildren came along) and some sewn and embroidered figures. The cradle is a spindled platform rocker style that at least six generations have used. The quilt has embroidered panels with nursery rhyme figures on them, blue and pink dividing strips, and a floral background.
    I have a quilt I got at an auction that I love. It has strips of 2 inch squares of fabric 3 wide with plain white fabric in between the 3 or 4 sections. The squares are obviously from dresses and other ladies clothing. The white work is incredible. The entire white portion of the quilt is covered with beautiful designs. The sticking is incredible, very fine and even. I paid only $3 or $5 for it.
    I have tried quilting and done OK on easy projects but have not pursued it. I have friends that are expert quilters. Some do quilts and one of them does gorgeous wall hangings.

    • Hi Patricia!

      That cradle and the quilt sound amazing. How wonderful it’s been in your family for so many generations. And the quilt you bought at an auction – how lovely it sounds! I bet you cherish it!

      So sorry you’ve been down with the flu, but glad you could sit cozy by the fire with a hot drink and a good book!

      Take care and have a wonderful new year!

  25. I love to cuddle up in my adjustable bed with my favorite quilts my grandma and my mom made or me. I have a log cabin one, a double bidded axe,grandma’s flower garden and about 10 more that I did before my illness took away the use of my hands. I have a great book, a cup of tea or hot chocolate read until I fall asleep.

  26. I am fortunate to have two trunks. In one are five quilts from my Mom’s side of the family. A friendship ring pattern is in best condition. Most are just random squares and well worn from use. All are hand stitched. I do not have their history. My loss there. One of them was a wedding present to me 51 years ago. I still have it, but the husband found another. I am glad to have the quilt.
    To stay warm on a cold day in Central Texas, I wear warm pjs and have hot chocolate while I read books that warm me inside.

    • Hi Jerri Lynn!
      How awesome you have two trunks and those quilts! Such wonderful keepsakes!
      Pjs and hot chocolate with a good book – what a perfect way to spend a wintery evening!
      Thank you for stopping by the blog! Take good care!

  27. I make sewing machine quilts myself. I have one much grandmother made me years ago by hand. I made 8 quilts in 8 weeks for my children and stepchildren. My daughter has the very first one I made. I finally made one for myself last year. I stay warm snuggled up under a fleece blanket with either hot chocolate or flavored tea. Thank you for the chance to read your post and share your memories.

  28. My aunts were hand quilters, and I learned from them. I’ve lost count of how many baby quilts I’ve made over the years, but there is something so special about the feeling that comes from creating something beautiful and giving it away to someone who will treasure it.

    I’ve always told my kids that a handmade quilt (or afghan) will keep one twice as warm because of the love that goes into every stitch. Sappy, I know, but I really do believe it!

  29. I love quilts for keeping warm. I have a bunch from my grandma: two Double Wedding rings, one Dutch Girl (Sunbonnet Sue variation), Dresden plate, a flower (she made it up and pieced it from scraps), Grandmother’s Flower Garden; plus, I have a few from my MIL: Rose of Sharon variation, and a few others. Plus the kids have some.

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