Annual Connealy Christmas Letter–The names are changed to protect the embarrassed


Oh CoOh Co

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him

Oldest daughter and family…no changes…kid 7, 5, 3….the kids cuter than ever (my daughter and her husband are cute too…)

2nd daughter’s got the big change of my girls. She moved and started a new job. She’s always in the middle of some new training or some new development with her apartment. So that’s fun. (for me—I sure hope she’s enjoying it!!!)

3rd daughter and family…no changes…her little girl turned 2…adorable as ever…(3rd daughter and husband are adorable, too.)

4th daughter…I looked up what they do for a living on LinkedIn. My daughter is a quantitative specialist (yes, figure out what that means yourself…but she seems to like it!). Her husband is a Global Trade Compliance Manager. I made him explain that to me. And it’s global…or something.

I’m still writing romance novels. My Cowboy is still a farmer and cattleman—he’s trying to cut back but the cows come to the house and drag him out if he doesn’t care for them so it’s tricky.

In July I had eye surgery for a detached retina and it seems like that’s been the center of my universe, the surgery and recovery from it, then in November cataract surgery which is, I guess, a common follow-up.


Clearly from this 40th anniversary picture you can see we married as infants

<<<<< My Cowboy and I had our 40th wedding anniversary this year. That’s getting to be a long, long time.

That’s it. Quiet year…especially the part I spend lying FACE DOWN FOR TEN DAYS AFTER THE SURGERY. Tha-a-at’s right. Part of healing up from detached retina surgery was being under doctor’s orders to SMOTHER MYSELF.

My Cowboy came through to take care of me like a real life romance novel hero.

My daughters were great, too, when I was laid up. Sweet things. But I didn’t get to pick up a grandbaby for waaaay too long.



Merry Christmas – Happy New Year 2018


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34 thoughts on “Annual Connealy Christmas Letter–The names are changed to protect the embarrassed”

  1. My husband had a torn retina and he wasn’t allowed to lean his head for a few days. Can’t imagine what you endured but praying all will be well for you in 2018.
    Happy New Year!
    Connie from KY

    • Connie, he didn’t have to lie FACE DOWN!? I’ve heard of other people being treated in other ways. One guy had to lay on his side for five days. I guess??? It has something to do with where the tear is and how bad it is. 🙁

  2. I love your Connealy Christmas letter. May 2018 be a healthy and happy one for you and your family. Keep those creative juices flowing, keep up with that cowboy of yours and keep surrounding yourself with those grands! Happy New Year, Mary!

  3. Other than your eye surgery and the smothering that you endured, it sounds like you had a pretty good year. I spent much of the year taking my husband to the cornea specialist. He had several procedures and will now have a cornea transplant in January. When that eye is healed, they are going to do his other eye. 2018 looks to be another year in waiting rooms for me. It’s a good thing I have books to keep me company.
    I wish you a blessed and Happy New year!

    • Andrea I know someone who’s had two cornea transplants. She’s just fine years later. Eye stuff is scary though. here’s a clue for WAITING (learned while lying face down) PODCASTS. And get an earphone/plug whatever they’re called so you can listen to whatever you want.
      My favs….I listened to some audio books (including my own!!!)
      I listened to and I listened to Jim Gaffigan stand up comedy routines. He’s got five one hour shows on YouTube, plus he’s got pod casts. These are free…including the books if you get them from the library.

  4. Here’s to praying for wonderful happenings in 2018! I need lots of positive things in the coming year! Happy New Year Mary Connealy!

  5. Have a blessed New Year with your wonderful family. Love your books and have most of them. You bring joy to my reading as well as fun.

  6. Glad the surgery was a success. Happy New Year!
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent. I enjoy all
    Your FB comments.
    Stay warm, Baby it’s COLD outside!!????

  7. Sounds as it’s time to get out and make a snowman and snow angels now! Stay warm! Happy New Year to both of you! Enjoy every moment!

  8. Delightful post as usual. Sorry to hear about your detached retina. Mine happened the day after Thanksgiving last year. Unfortunately, I think the first doctor did more damage than help with the laser work he did. Luckily I switched to a really good doctor before the first did surgery. A year later my vision is finally coming back. The doctor keeps saying it has gotten much better than he expected. He said to get new glasses. I hope they help. I don’t think they will make a difference in the warped vision I do have. It makes it so hard to read and it causes strain in my “good” eye.
    I hope you have a wonderful 2018.

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