A new release–eight novella collection

I’ve got a new book releasing in December

The Calico and Cowboys Romance Collection: 8 Novellas from the Old West Celebrate the Lighthearted Side of Love

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Love sneaks up on eight couples in the Old West.

The Old West comes to life under the talented pen of bestselling author Mary Connealy. Enjoy a lighthearted ride alongside seven historical and one contemporary cowboys and the women who tame their hearts.

The Advent Bride
Melanie Douglas is alone on the Nebraska plains, teaching school to get by. She finds a unique box with hidden drawers to use over the advent season to engage a young boy in his schooling. When Henry O Keeffe sees a positive change in his son, he has to see for himself what this new teacher is doing.

A Bride Rides Herd
Matt Reeves arrives at his brother s ranch to find Betsy Harden alone with the little girls during a cattle drive. Will the ladies be too much to handle when Matt steps in for the missing ranch hand?

His Surprise Family
A lonely young rancher orders a mail-order bride and after the vows are spoken, she surprises him with her three little brothers. No amount of apologies Meghan McCray gives are going to make Silas Harden, Jr. believe a word she says. Should Silas just build himself another house and let his mail-order family take over the one he s got?

Homestead on the Range
Widow Elle Winter meets new homesteader Colin Samuelson on the Nebraska prairie, but the attraction between them is soon dampened by the discovery that they have seven children between them. Soon their children are working against them to bring the two families together.

Sophie s Other Daughter
Dr. Ike Reeves comes home to visit his family only to bring trouble in the form of outlaws who believe he witnessed their latest crime. When the gang traps Ike and his old nemesis, Lauren McClellen, in a cave, they must work together to outsmart the thugs. But will their time together put them in a compromising situation that will threaten both of their good reputations?

The Sweetwater Bride
Debba McClain takes offense at being offered a wedding in exchange for valuable water rights. But she doesn t like to see a good man s cattle die of thirst and the rancher Tanner Harden is rather handsome.

Texas Tea
Luke Reeves has gotten wealthy in the oil business and goes to visit his uncle to convince him to sign over the oil rights to his land. But when he meets his grown up adopted cousin Libby Cooper, he may be forced to give up one dream to win another.

Hope for Christmas
It might be 2016, but Montana is still a mighty rough place to survive the winter. When Silas Harden finds the very pregnant Kelsey Black in a wrecked car surrounded by a pack of wolves in the heart of a blizzard he takes her to his remote home. What will Silas do when the baby decides to come and Kelsey confesses why she was out in such a terrible storm?

Mary Connealy

If you’re familiar with my older books you’ll know a lot of these novellas have characters who were in earlier novels. The Reeves boys from Calico Canyon. Belle Tanners kids from The Husband Tree, one of Sophie and Clay McClellen’s kids from Petticoat Ranch. Little Libby who couldn’t talk….until the crucial moment…from Gingham Mountain.

There’s even a contemporary novella featuring a descendent of Belle Tanner and Silas Harden.

I am so excited that Barbour collected all these novellas I’ve written and published them in one volume. Some have been ebooks but never in print before. In fact let’s say I’m GIVING THANKS for it!!! 🙂

Leave a comment about what you’re THANKFUL FOR to get your name in a drawing for a signed copy of Calico and Cowboys.


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25 thoughts on “A new release–eight novella collection”

  1. Hi Mary, I’m excited about your new book! Would love to win a copy.

    I am thankful for many things but this year has made me more thankful for the wonderful Mom that I had for 64 years. I am also thankful for my husband who helped as a caregiver to my Mom so I could go to work each day. I feel truly blessed and for that I am very thankful.

    Cindy W.
    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. Hi Mary. I too am excited about your new book. Lighthearted cowboy stories are just what the doctor ordered for these short fall and winter days to come. I am very thankful for my son who seems to have infinite patience with me forduring my recovery period after an illness earlier this year. He’s not a cowboy but he certainly is a very good man.

  3. Good morning, Mary! I am thankful for my wonderful family and that my mother, suffering from dementia, has days when she is herself. When she has days like that, we make the most of it like we did on Tuesday when we decorated her room for Christmas. She loved it!

  4. Hi Mary, the book sounds wonderful. I’m grateful for many things but most of all for my seven children and their families. Grateful I was blessed by having had the Mom and Dad I did for 55 years.
    Carol Luciano

  5. Your novellas all in one place? Hooray!

    I’m thankful for the friends God has been providing since our move halfway across the state a year ago.

  6. I am thankful for so many of God’s blessings in my life and for His constant presence. I am especially grateful for my loving family.

  7. Love all the earlier characters from calico canyon, the husband tree and petticoat ranch, can’t wait to read this one.

  8. I absolutely love your novellas and am so happy they are being published together! I have a lot to be thankful for this year, but I’m especially grateful for the friends and family who supported me during a tough recovery from shoulder surgery.

  9. How cool is that!! I am thankful for coffee and bagels. Two things I needed today and they always work to give me a boost. 🙂

  10. Hi Mary!!! I’m so thankful for a lot of things, and I name you as someone I am thankful for! You never fail to write stories that make me laugh, think, and remind me of lessons God has taught me or is teaching me 🙂 I love your books!

    Three other things I’m thankful for; my salvation freely given by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. I’m nothing without that! A loving husband who I’ve had by my side for twenty years, he’s truly my soul mate and the one God has blessed me with. My grown kids and almost four-year-old grandgirl, they are the delight of my life! Anything over and above that is just icing on the cake!

    Congrats on your new book! How fun to have a whole collection of your novellas in one and I love that cover. Thanks for sharing more about it and the giveaway chance! I’ve no doubt this is one I’d enjoy reading 🙂

  11. Hi Mary. My life is like the song I’m Drinkin’ From My Saucer” because I have so many things to be thankful for and my cup does overflow. Family, health, friends and My Heavenly Father. Congratulations for all of your published books!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Novellas are the answer for limited reading time available in busy days. I am glad publishers are printing these collections of stories.
    This year I am thankful that our harvest went well and the bins are full of grain for livestock feed. And, I’m thankful our family will be together on Thanksgiving day.

  13. I have so much to be thankful for. I have a wonderful husband and family. I work with the Red Cross in Disaster Services and Service To The Armed Forces. Dealing with people at some very difficult times of their lives makes me appreciate just how much I have to be thankful for. I can’t restore their lives to what they were before, but hopefully I can help in some small way to get them on their way back to normal.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. I’m so excited that these stories are finding a great home with Barbour books, Connealy! GO YOU!!!! Congratulations on this, and I can’t wait to grab the print version of these stories. Happy dancing in Western New York!

  15. Oh, I’ve been thinking it was time to go back and visit these people from your older books. This new book sounds great and I look forward to reading it. Thanks so much for offering a chance at winning this!

    Thankful for so much these days. Life has been hard this year – returning cancer, job loss, job stress – all mentally exhausting. I’m on a much needed two week stay-cation at home, very thankful that I live and work in a place where I can do this and enjoy time with my family at the same time.

  16. I’m thankful for the new warm safe apartment i have. I’ve been here 6 months now and I’m thankful for it. 🙂

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