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Have any of you ever been stalked?  Well, today I’m going to depart from my more usual Native American blogs to tell you a true story.  If you guessed it’s about being stalked, you’re right.

It’s my own story…

Don’t think I blogged about this last year.  I think I said something about it, but not the entire episode, so I thought I’d go back to about this time last year, and a story that continues to send chills up and down my spine.

I love this time of year.  Something about the scent of the leaves in the air and the leaves falling that is so beautiful.  And so this story rather flies in the face of that love — if only because it had happened last year, about mid-October, and now again this year in November.

Last year it centered around our dog, who is part collie and part…well, we don’t know — something big, though.  But our dog is beautiful and a good friend, but he’s a bit of a woose — if you know what I mean.  It happened in the evening when it was very dark out, and my husband was out of town.  I had come home to walk the dog and I couldn’t find his leash.  I finally found it wrapped extraordinarily neatly around a tie in the ground.  And when I say neatly, I mean extra neatly.  Even I, later during the day, couldn’t wrap it so neatly around that tie.

Not thinking too much about it, I took the dog for a walk and came back and began to feel chills up and down my spine.  Then I remembered that the previous day, his leash (which we had kept outside then) had been very, very neatly tied in a gorgeous knot.  At the time, I hadn’t thought much about it, but then it occurred to me that only a human hand could have tied that knot, or wound that leash around a tie in the ground as neat as a pin.

Not wishing to be at a disadvantage, I ran into the house, got out my gun and  took out a magazine as fast as I could.  Then it occurred to me that perhaps I should call the police.

I think it’s a tribute to the police that someone did come to the house and have a look at what was going on.  But there wasn’t much to go on, except that during all of this, our dog didn’t let out so much as a peep.  And he’s a big dog.

This was on a Friday.  On Saturday, I went and bought a surveillance system and put it up myself.  I put signs up on our property saying that the system was up and running.

The next morning I awoke to the vision of our huge pots that had tomatoes and peppers in them, being turned over and dragged over the ground.  Someone had been angry.  I also found that the surveillance system’s wires had been disconnected.

Another call to the police and this time a report filed since damage had now been done to the property.  Still, I thought that I was fairly safe.  I am trained on how to shoot and hit a target, so I wasn’t too worried.  Except the next day, I found our dog’s leash tied again very, very neatly — only this time in a noose.

That did it.  I figured that was a real threat.  I got myself to a safe place, and waited for my husband to return.  Upon his return he put up a huge, complex surveillance system and he put up bright lights all around our house that still, to this day, shine 24/7.

It all stopped.  Yea.  I thought it had come to an end.

And then today happened.  My husband is again out of town.  We have a white fence in front of our home.  I’d put a little fall display out there — just for the beauty of it.  You know, the flowers or shrubs, the corn cobs, and I’d put 5 pumpkins all in a nice row, next to the shrubs and flowers.  About 3 days ago I noticed that one of the pumpkins was gone and I thought I was going to buy another one soon — just to put the beauty back in place.  Last night I had come home late, due to birthday parties and such, and noticed the pumpkin gone again, and thought that tomorrow, I really had to go and buy another pumpkin.

So this morning as I was pulling out of my drive, on my way to work, I noticed that the pumpkin was back — neatly, extremely neatly put back exactly in the place where it had once been.  But it looked different.

The stem had been pulled off complete — not cut off — pulled off and the pumpkin was skinned…skinned.  Now that’s hard to do.   But it had been done, and then placed exactly where it had once been.

The stalker is back.

So I’m again in a safe place, and awaiting my husband to come home soon.  But it is freaky.  Really freaky.

I guess my question to you is — have you ever been stalked?  I must admit that I don’t like this at all.  In fact, I think the whole thing is rather sick, and the person doing it is quite insane, which is also scary.

So…what do you think?  What would you do?  Let me know.  Leave a comment.




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41 thoughts on “Stalked…”

  1. Yes, Sally, I admit that it is freaky. Worse is that the “feel” of the person doing this — if you know what I mean — is quite insane — and that is what’s scary — is that I can feel the insanity.

  2. Oh my dear friend Kay, I’m so very sorry this is happening to you! Why can’t the police do more? I’m worried about you. I will pray this person is found and punished. Please be extremely careful this doesn’t sound like a joke at all.
    Love ya,

    • Hi Starr!

      No, indeed, this is not a joke at all. I will be contacting the police after I find out a little more info. At present it’s not a “police” matter for someone to steal a pumpkin and then use it to scare someone … I guess. : ) Thanks for the comment. Prayers are always welcome.

    • Hi Starr!

      Prayers are always welcomed. No, it is no joke. Never did seem like a joke to me, or that it was kids. It’s always carried out, it seems, at night — the time of criminals…

  3. That’s a scary, horrible thing. I’d look into what can be do after exhausting the possibilities with law enforcement. Is it a hate crime? It sounds like more than just destruction of property. It’s serious criminal behavior. Perhaps there’s something in a higher jurisdiction (federal level) who would be able to investigate more.

    • Hi Denise!

      I’d thought that at first, too…the destruction of property. But not after our dog’s leash had been tied so neatly into a noose. That was it for me. Well, we will see as soon as my husband comes back what we can discover on the surveillance system — and report it to the police.

  4. How awful for you. Luckily I have not been stalked. We lived on military bases for most of my husband’s career. The few times we lived off base we were in quiet neighborhoods. Considering I delivered the Washington Post at 4:30 in the morning for 3 years, walking, in a suburb of Washington, DC., I was lucky. ( our daughter wanted the route and I was going with her because she was only in 10th grade. She decided getting up that early and then going to school wasn’t for her. We couldn’t find anyone to take it over for her.) Anyway, we have lived 10 miles out in the country for the past 25 years. We have questionable neighbors on one side, but I think they are more of a threat for theft than anything else. We have 3 doge and 2 of them are pit bulls. They are sweet dogs, but sound like they will eat you if someone or something shows up. I do have a shot gun in the house, but that is because we have had problems with bears and coyotes. It takes a long time for the sheriff to show up, so I hope we don’t have any problems.
    I hope you don’t have any more problems and they catch the person doing it. Whoever it is is obviously watching to know when your husband is gone. They are definitely in a more aggressive mind set. Keep your dog and protection close. Hopefully the security system will pick up something the police can use to catch the individual. Hang in there.

    • Hi Pat!

      Oh, my gosh, bears. That’s scary, just that by itself. Used to see lots of coyotes in the CA area where we used to live. But bears…

      Yes, hopefully we’ll be able to see something on the surveillance system. It’s not particularly pointed in that direction — mostly at the house — so we’ll see as soon as my DH comes back. : )

  5. Oh how awful that you are going through such a scarey ordeal. I would report this again and ask if the police could patrol your house for a week or so to see if they could find someone causing such problems. Be safe!

  6. That has never happened tome. I wonder if it is someone you know as they do this when your husband is gone. Stay in your safe place and I hope you find the sick person.

    • Truth is, I don’t know my neighbors all that well. We haven’t lived here for very long, and I’m usually gone all day, and so I just haven’t had the chance to meet my neighbors. I do believe that it is someone in the neighborhood — maybe someone who visits relatives at this time of year, since it is happening almost during the same time of year as last year. But I will be contacting the police today. First I had to get to a safe place.

  7. No, I haven’t gone through this and you definitely don’t need to be alone. I hope that you will soon discover what exactly is happening.
    My prayers and blessings!

  8. Karen, I’m so sorry that this is happening to you. I’ve never been stalked before. This is very scary and weird too. Could it be someone from your Husbands work? That knows when he will be gone and be back. So glad he put the surveillance camera up and that you have the gun. I pray that something is found on the camera. Please be very careful and safe. I will be keeping you in my prayers!!

    • Hi Arlene!

      I’ve never been stalked either — and it is truly no fun. I, too, pray that the cameras will discover who this is — and we can go to the police. Thank you for your prayers.

  9. No I have never been stalked but I sorry this is going on for you. Take care of yourself and hope they catch him or her which ever it is.

    • Thanks so much — I think once my husband is back and we can look at the video that it might lead to something — at least an idea of who is doing this.

  10. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, and I’m glad you’re in a safe place. i definitely would let the police know since this is a report already on record, and this is a further incident. The fact that they know your husband is out of town makes my hair stand on end, and the police should definitely patrol your street on some kind of basis. A skinned pumpkin is just as threatening as a noose in my opinion. It may be a Halloween nut who just takes things too far but it’s really not worth the risk and the fear. OMG. I’ll be praying for you.

    Another thought: Is anything in your house different after you leave? Is there any chance this nut is trying to scare you away to get into your house? Again, seems a good reason for the police to patrol the neighborhood.

    Prayers and big hugs.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts. I think a skinned pumpkin is just as threatening and scary, too. I hadn’t thought of the fact that there is already a record on file. Yes, probably would be good to have the police patrol the street. Good idea.

  11. That is a terrifying story. I can’t believe you are able to write about it, and you seem to have the ability to remain calm and sensible through it all. And yes, I have been stalked right after I graduated college, I was single with a great job, and a much older co-worker took an interest in me. I had always been cautious and listened to my instincts, but at the time it’s happening, all of the signals don’t really make sense until much later. Somehow you convince yourself that’s it’s just your own imagination playing tricks. Prayers for your safety. Stay strong.

    • Hi Natalie!

      Thank you so much for your thoughts on this. It’s reassuring to know that someone else here has been through this. Well, I’m away from there and so I guess it makes it a little easier to write about it. I figure eventually it will probably work it’s way into a book somehow — but not right now. Too close right now. Thank you for posting.

  12. You’ve done the right thing by contacting the police. Any chance of installing a camera–without publicizing it–to catch the creep in action?

    If your local area has an online loop like Nextdoor, you might join it to find out if any other neighbors have had a similar experience. Sounds like this guy must live nearby, which means other women may have been targeted as well. That could help the police identify him, especially since they may not previously have reported it.

    Is there a school nearby? The principal might have heard if there have been similar incidents, also.

    • Hi Jacqueline!

      Nice to hear from you, even on something like this. These are all good suggestions. One of our neighbors has said that she doesn’t know of anything else like this happening. But I’ll see if there’s an online loop like Nextdoor that might have some reports. There is a school close-by, also — well, somewhat close-by. I can check there, as well. Thanks for all this info.

    • Hi Nancy!

      Yes, it really is. All of these are good suggestions. I had hesitated to post something about it, but am glad now that I did. Some really good suggestions.

  13. I have never been stalked, but would be scared ans angry at the same time. Please be very careful. The silent threats seem to be escalating, and that makes me think the stalker is becoming bolder. I agree that it seems to be someone who 1. knows you, and is known to your dog who did not alert you 2. is watching your home or knows your husband’s schedule, and 3. is very fixated on you and persistent. Please ask for a night time police patrol, talk to the neighbors to see if any other incidents have occurred, and put a small hidden camera in a somewhat hidden area away from the advertised system. Add into your prayers a prayer to St. Michael the Archangel, who defends us in battle. Can you bring your dog inside? It seems the one threat would mean that your dog is at risk, too. Be safe.

    • Hi Karen!

      Some good observations here. I think it is someone who lives in this neighborhood. I don’t know the person only because we have only so recently lived there and I work away from there long hours and so I’m not there very much.

      Yes, this person is known to my dog who did not alert me. But my dog is with my husband at present — and they are both on their way back. But the fact that this person knows that my husband is gone is very disconcerting. As soon as I’m done here I’m calling the police again.

  14. This is beyond scary. Please be on guard till this is resolved. It happens when your husband is bout of town so it has to be someone who knows he’ll be gone. Could it be someone home from school since
    It happens at the same time of year. You’re in my prayers Karen.
    Carol Luciano

    • Thank you, Carol. It could be someone home from school, but I don’t think it’s a kid. These things happen at night — in the black of night — don’t think a kid would be doing this. But I am definitely going to call the police now.

      • I agree but I was thank ng College age. Good luck and I’ll pray they catch who is doing this.
        Carol Luciano

  15. Karen, this is so scary. So your surveillance system hasn’t caught this person on tape? I know how scary this is. I was stalked in college, and it was absolutely horrible.

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