Jodi Thomas Ransom Canyon Giveaway #4

Jodi’s back for another Ransom Canyon Giveaway. YeeHaw!!!

Sunrise Crossing

Many times in my life I’ve met someone, a stranger to all I know. After only a short conversation, I realize, if we had the time, we’d be friends for life.  I opened Sunrise Crossing with that thought in mind. Two women meet in a busy airport, but find what they are looking for in Crossroads, Texas.

Sunrise Crossing is a fast running adventure with two deep love stories in it. You will definitely lose some sleep reading into the night!

  • Have you ever had a chance meeting that turned into a meaningful friendship?

To enter for a chance to win a copy of the fourth book in the Ransom Canyon series, leave a comment below. Winner will be selected on Monday, July 3.

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14 thoughts on “Jodi Thomas Ransom Canyon Giveaway #4”

  1. Yes, On of my dear friends and I met by Chance and the relationship we developed was extra special. Unbeknown to either of us, we were both recovering alcoholics that had been sober for years, after rehab. It has become a great relationship with a spiritual meaning as we keep each other lifted up and grounded. I just love this series and you, Jodi!

  2. Yes I have a very dear friend that I met by chance or most likely fate. It was when I lived in El Paso and a I ended up be the manager of a girl that had moved there from Florida because her husband was stationed there. We became fast friends and maintained our friendship even when she returned to Florida and I moved back to central Texas. I was diagnosed with MS in 2004 and she was diagnosed with MS in the last year. How random is that? We feel I was destined to be in her life to guide her through her new chapter.

    • Stephanie- Wow, both of you diagnosed with the same Disease. It’s great you both have one another. I believe God puts special people in our lives who will be there for us when we need that special “someone”, when something happens.

  3. I do have a good friendship that came from a chance meeting. Five years ago, I wanted to adopt a kitten and ended up becoming good friends with the lady who fostered kittens for a rescue. I even volunteered at the rescue for a while.

  4. I had a chance meeting with a guy when I came home with a girl from college. We began writing to each other, fell in love and married a year later. We will celebrate our forty-second anniversary in October. What a meeting!

  5. Yes I had a chance meeting with a girl I went to school with a few years ago and we became really good friend with. We spent a lot of time together.

  6. Good Morning, this will be a great book to read, and yes, even tho the 8 of us in our group chat have not met, ( I only met one) we relay on one another and tell our troubles, and the good things, we know about family,medical,ect and we all just started a conservation on FB about books we love to read. and I consider them sisters, they treat me better than my actual sisters. we have a connection and its like we have been best friends forever.

  7. Yes, we actually met in a class. We just started talking and became fast friends. We have now been friends for over 20 years.

  8. Yes, I had a stranger come sit next to me and start a conversation… from that point on we became really good friends.

  9. I can’t remember any of those off the top of my head, but my daughter just had one of those friendships start from a girl in her drivers ed class see she had a horse on her shirt and they became instant friends.

  10. No, I really can’t think of one. I have made wonderful friends who happen to be friends of friends!

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