Houston Legend Spills All

Last month I released book #2 of my Men of Legend series–THE HEART OF A TEXAS COWBOY! I’m still excited. Can you tell? This marriage of convenience story has gotten a lot of attention.

Today, I’ve caught up with Houston Legend, one of Stoker’s three sons. I have to tell you, I’m a little tongue-tied. All six-feet-four-inches of this brooding handsome hunk is sitting across from me and his dark eyes are making me awfully fidgety. Oh my!

I guess I’d best get started before the perspiration seeps through my clothes—or else I grab him and kiss him.

Q: Now, Houston honey, why exactly did you marry Lara Boone, a woman you’d never met, after vowing to never take a wife?

A growl rumbles in Houston’s throat.  “I had to clean up my father’s mess. During a weekend of drinking and gambling, Stoker loses half of our ranch. Two hundred and forty thousand acres disappeared overnight. Still makes me mad enough to cuss, except I don’t do that in front of a lady. All that hard work, sacrifice, and sweat for nothing. Gone. (Houston snaps his fingers.) Just like that. And then, he tells me that I can get it back—by marrying the daughter of the new owner and giving her baby a name.

I tell you, that was closest I ever came to hitting my father. In fact, the urge was so strong, I had to leave the room before I did. Finally, after some soul-searching, I agreed. I’d give Lara Boone and her baby my name—but I had the vow to love her stricken from the marriage ceremony. Love wasn’t part of the deal. I’d make them comfortable and keep them safe, but that was all I signed up for.”

Q: Tell me about that ceremony and seeing Lara for the first time.

Houston pinches the bridge of his nose and lowers his head just a little. “I wasn’t prepared for the pain in that woman’s eyes, the shame of resorting to this, and the clear fact she hated having to marry as much as I did. I thought she was some gold-digger, wanting to trap a man, but that wasn’t the case at all. In the days that followed, I discovered how sensitive and kind Lara is. Her intelligence about ranching really took me by surprise. Who would’ve thought a woman would care about the ranch, much less know anything about the running of one.”

Q: So you put together a cattle drive and Lara went along to cook. When did you know trouble was coming?

A hard glint fills Houston’s eyes. “I saw riders trailing us the morning of the third day and my gut said they were up to something. I soon learned they were after Lara—abduct or kill, didn’t much matter to them. They were hell-bent on getting her. And here we were in Indian Territory with no law anywhere. Those outlaws gave us quite a time. (Houston gave me a little heartstopping grin.) I kinda spoiled their plan. They found out about Legend justice.”

Q: I can just imagine. I hear there was quite a fight.

Houston shifts in his chair and his voice turns to granite. “Yuma Blackstone started picking us off one by one and we couldn’t catch him. Indian Territory has thousands of places to hide. We started pushing the herd faster as hard as we could. Posted guards in camp and I ordered drovers to do everything in pairs. After burying two men, we had a bloody fight to the finish. For a time there, I wasn’t sure how it was going to end. I was down to my last bullet and figured to make it count. Suddenly a band of Cherokees rode from out of nowhere and helped up. Me and my brothers came awful close to dying that day.

Q: I hear you and Lara fell in love on that cattle drive. How do you feel about her now?”

Houston relaxes and stretches his long legs out in front of him. “That pretty woman lights up my world. I can’t imagine life without her. I’m happier than I’ve been in my life. And she and kiss—boy, how she can kiss. She sends a hunger through me like I’ve never seen. The best part of my day is when we lie down at night, sharing not only a bed, but hopes and dreams too. Lord, how I love her. She’s everything to me.

Thank you, Houston honey. I know you’re a very busy man so I’ll let you get back to running the Lone Star. Readers, if you want suspense, danger, and a big helping of romance, pick up this book and dive in. It’s quite a journey.

Leave a comment telling me one of your favorite cowboy book heroes and get your name entered in a drawing for a copy of this one. If you already have it, you can choose one of my other ones. Oh and you get to choose either print or ebook. 

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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

45 thoughts on “Houston Legend Spills All”

  1. Good morning Linda- oh I love Houston, he makes my heart throb. You’re one lucky lady to get to interview him. Wow, Houston setting across from you answering those questions, how did you keep from giving him that “kiss?”
    Houston and Lara’s love story is romance readers dream come true. I loved the slow build to their romance and the progression of their relationship and getting to know one another before “intimately getting to know one another” is what really fueled the power of love in this book. You definitely can write emotion like no other author I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in Luke’s book, can my heart and soul survive? Continue writing these phenomenal books, you feed my soul with all your stories. Love you my sister friend. Have a terrific creative day.

    • Good morning, Tonya……I’m glad you liked the interview. Yes, it was really hard. He’s one of those guys that just fills the room with his large personality and frame. I could barely talk. Sometimes love comes as a gentle, summer rain and that’s what happened in this book. If I had tried, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. Houston and Lara had to lead me by the hand and give me the words. I can’t explain how that happens.

      I dare say that Luke’s story will be even more gripping as he tries to help Josie who has amnesia and doesn’t know who she is or where she belongs. It sort of parallels himself. He has a sort of amnesia too in that he doesn’t really know what kind of man he can be or where his life is going….if he doesn’t get hung first.

      Have a blessed day yourself. I love you back.

    • Good morning, Debra……….I’m glad you enjoyed Houston’s insight into the story. He hints at a lot of the plot, plus give a peek into his character.

      Have a blessed day!

  2. Awesome approach for this blog. Everytime I think I have a favorite Cowboy heroine I read another Historical Western Romance and I can’t decide yet again. One of the best things about my MS cognitive issues is that I could pick up a book after having already read it and read it like I’ve never read it before. The worst part of my MS cognitive issues is that I can’t think right now a name of a Cowboy that I’ve read about and tell you for sure he was my favorite. So many of my favorite main characters are half-breeds. Zeke from Rosanne Burners Savage Destiny series is one of my favs. I do believe that is because there are 7 books to really get to know the character. However, Sam Legend will always be close to my heart because his story is what pulled me in and brought me back to reading again after many years of not reading.

    • Good morning, Stephanie…….I’m glad you liked my post. I had a lot of fun writing it. I can certainly relate to MS cognitive issues. It’s very difficult for me sometimes to drag the right words from the haze in my brain. But we keep going on because giving up isn’t an option. I haven’t read Rosanne’s Savage Destiny series but I did her Jake Harkner ones. She sure knows how to create memorable men. Yes, Sam Legend was a strong character. I’m not sure that book can take the credit for helping you read again. I think you’d have eventually found one that gave you back the love of reading.

      Have a blessed day, my friend!

    • Good morning, Quilt Lady…….I’m so happy to see you on this bright sunshiny morning. And I love that Houston touched your heart as deeply as he touched mine. He is definitely an unforgettable character.

      Sending love and hugs!

  3. *Just as Houston walks Linda out of the room and turns to be on his way, Michelle runs into the hall.*

    EEEK! Houston!!!

    *Houston stops and braces, with a smirk on his face, as Michelle races towards him and crashes into him full force, making him wrap his arms around her to keep both of them standing.*

    Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t miss seeing you before you headed back!

    *Michelle keeps her arms wrapped around him, but leans back, lifting her face with a sweet big smile.*

    You know I had to come and see one of my favorite Legends and get a hug, right?

    *Houston chuckles and squeezes Michelle a bit tighter before letting her go now that they’re both steady on their feet*

    Just one of your favorite Legends, not the favorite? *he asks. Darn, he caught that.*

    *Michelle blushes and steps back just a tiny bit, even though who really wants to do that any bit? Lara is one extremely lucky woman!*

    Well, I don’t really want to make any of the Legend men jealous or start any bad blood, now do I?

    *Michelle leans in closer, making Houston bend down so she can reach his ear and whispers quietly*

    But yeah, don’t tell Sam or Luke, but, you’re the favorite.

    *Houston chuckles as he winks and nudges Michelle’s chin with the side of his fist*

    And that’s the way it should be. *he growls out*

    *Michelle and Houston turn as a little girl’s voice jabbering away nonsense and a quiet mother’s response echos down the hall getting closer. Houston’s face really lights up as Lara and Gracie come into view. Michelle clutches her chest thinking, be still my heart, watching the love Houston has for his women fill the air. Michelle gets hugs from the girls and exchanges some quick girl chatter (to which Houston oh so patiently suffers through, haha)and heads out, pausing to watch how Houston wraps his girls in his arms and leads them out the building to head home. Happy sighs again. Oh, that man!

    As Michelle walks out the door, she was so lost in her head that she crashed into some man’s very hard chest, with steely arms surrounding her to keep her from falling back – darn her luck landing in men’s arms today! ha!*

    You alright, Michelle? *the rough voice asks, sounding very familiar – uh-oh!*

    Y-y-yes! Thanks! *Michelle stammers, blushing, as she tries to duck her head and escape*

    Nuh-uh-uh, lady. We need to talk about who your favorite Legend is. *Sam growls out.*

    *Michelle’s eyes grow wide as she tries to collect her thoughts, watching humor dance in Sam’s eyes as she breathily replies* You, of course, Sam!

    Uh, huh. Let’s head on home. Sierra wants you out at the ranch to help with some things. We’ll talk on the way back. *he says, laughter dancing in his words as Michelle squirms a little.*

    Alright. Whatever you want, Sam.


    giggle. Hope you liked that! <3

    So besides Houston (and Sam) being some of my favorite cowboys, I'm also hugely partial to Jake Harkner from Rosanne Bittner's Outlaw Hearts series, Travis Colton from Janis Reams Hudson's Apache Magic, Paden from Jacqui Nelson's Between Heaven and Hell, and probably many others I just can't name right now (and honestly, more often than not, they're not really just rancher/cowboys, but outlaws/law men as well. 🙂 )

    • Michelle, you brought humor to my day, I love it. You lucky girl. So how does the Legend men fair after your meeting? Probably star struck!! Lol. I think this was priceless thanks it really brought joy to my life today.

    • Hi Michelle…….Well, girl, you should be a writer. That’s all I have to say about that. Your little addition sure made my day, girl. But Houston does have that effect on people. That man has sex appeal he doesn’t even know about!! I’m so glad you could catch Houston before he left. I’m sure that was the highlight of your day. These book boyfriends are so fun to be with–and not a bit demanding. You don’t even have to cook for them!

      Thanks, girl. Love you!

      • I did just write! hehe!

        And yes, Houston *and then* Sam?!

        oh be still my heart!

        These two, along with Duel (who btw, is kinda hurt b/c I refuse to visit with him again until August — so can you hurry that one up please!? Gotta keep these men happy!) I think are my absolute favs of yours.

        But lady — I’d love to cook for them! I bet they know how to share their appreciation for a good, home cooked meal (even if I do put green things on their plates!! hehehe!)

        • Michelle, it won’t be long until you get to hold the re-release of Knight in your hands and you can hug him and kiss on him. I’m glad he touched your heart so deeply. 🙂 Well, you know my men love to eat and would welcome a good home cooked meal anytime — green things and all. 🙂

    • Michelle you had me hurting with laughter this is GREAT!!! You should try your hand at writing

    • Hi Tanya……I’m glad you liked my post. It was really fun to write. Bless you for your kind words about my writing. The only thing I know to do is dive in and see where the characters take me. I’ve never been one for too much organization.

      Love and hugs!

  4. Oh, Lord, Linda! I love me some Houston! I have your books–I’m looking for some uninterrupted TIME when I can just sit down and disappear into them, especially with your hunky men–and Houston is REALLY HUNKY! LOL

    Gosh, it’s hard to think of a favorite hero–there are so many wonderful stories out there and men that are “swoon-worthy”–where do I begin? LOL

    Probably the one that influenced me more in my wanting to write romance novels and one that stands out in my mind even to this day is Steve Morgan from Rosemary Rogers’s SWEET SAVAGE LOVE. I was so totally in love with him when I read that book–and he has stayed with me through the years. I read that story close to 40 years ago!

    Linda, I always love all your heroes–they’re so “relatable” and I feel their pain and share in their hopes.

    Another one that I really did love was Penelope Williamson’s character, Johnny Cain, and the relationship between Rachel Yoder and him. There are so many!

    Great character interview, and I am anxious to find a day when I might be able to sit down UNINTERRUPTED for a few hours and just enjoy THE HEART OF A TEXAS COWBOY!

    • Hi Cheryl…….I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I felt a little silly writing it but oh well. I had a lot of fun and I think it lets readers understand a character a little better. Plus, you can leave little hints about the plot without just coming out and saying it. I agree about Steve Morgan and Johnny Cain. Oh man! Those are both such great hunky men! When you find time for this one, I hope you enjoy it. All of my books have gotten mixed reviews. Some love it. Some hate it. And some are middle of the road. But you know, this one everyone seems to really like.

      Sure wish you were going to be in Kansas City. Darn it! Love you, lady!

  5. alright, I only read the questions up to the part where they are on the cattle drive, because I am at that part in the book, Yuma was at the campsite, so im not reading anymore of the interview incase it gives something away, lol I can tell from the get go that houston is falling for her and is smitten with the baby. but in the book, he found out that his daddy and lara daddy lied about why he had to marry her, ok strike that incase any of your readers are not at that part yet, I don’t want to spoil it. but if houston looks like the dude on the cover, can I be next in line to kiss him, I make a mean biscuit and gravy dish, lol

    • Hi Elaine……Thank you so much for coming. I don’t think I give too much away but I understand if you’d rather read it and be surprised. Of course can be next in line to kiss him! I won’t stand in your way. I share my book boyfriends. Great about the biscuits and gravy. I have it on good authority that Houston loves that.

      Hugs and much love!

      • I love his Name , Houston, if he was my hubby I would say Houston, we have a problem. the baby needs changing.LOL.

  6. I really didn’t like Houston so much in Sams book idk why but boy howdy did I fall head over heels for him in his book. I was completely blown away at his compassion and love for Lara, her baby and her brothers. Loved Loved this book and I am so looking forward to reading Luke’s story. I can’t wait to see the Legend brothers ride together again and see how they help Luke clear his name for I am sure it will take the 3 together to do so.

    • Hi Glenda darling…….I’m so glad you popped over and that you liked my post. You know, I really didn’t know that much about Houston in To Love a Texas Ranger so he surprised me too. When he gives his heart and stops holding back, watch out. He loves with as much passion and determination as he fights. He’s all in and Katie bar the door. I think you’ll find Luke’s story as surprising with as many twists and turns. I can’t wait for you to read it.

      Love and hugs!

  7. Just when I figure I have a favorite Cowboy, another one shows up. I would say right now it is between the Legend men, as I cant pick just one, and Rosanne burgher’s Zeke and Jake. Would live to see them all together at a barn dance. I will be in the corner with my drool bucket watching them interact together.

    • Hi Veda……Yep, these cowboys just keep coming. We have to keep our readers satisfied. Oh man, getting the Legends with Rosanne’s Zeke and Jake would be fantastic. What a party that would be! I’d be over in the corner with you, drooling and unable to say a word.

      Love you, lady!

  8. Oh man, I cannot pick one favorite! I adore cowboy heroes. I love cowboy stories and everything about them! Thanks for sharing you hero with us.

    • Hi Susan P…….I’m with you on the cowboys. It’s about all I have on my mind. 🙂 I’m very happy to share all my heroes with you. They belong to you now.

      Big hugs!

  9. Well I can’t remember his name, Linda because I read so much but he had a very hard life staring with his parents and sister getting scalped by Indians. He was a drifter looking for work and found the way to her farm he worked there for awhile before any kind of relationship formed including friendship. He was very formal towards her and as their friendship began and then turned into a romance he treated her with the utmost respect.

    • Hi Deanne……You know, that story sounds very familiar but I can’t recall the title. I love stories of drifters who have such a longing for family and a place to belong. All they want is one chance. Men with hard lives who start from nothing always make for good reading.

      Have a blessed day!

  10. Houston is certainly perfect hero. He is currently my favorite book hero. I truly feel this is the best of your books I have read. It is a wonderful mix of characters and interactions.
    A favorite book hero from when I first started reading romance is Brodick Buchanan from Julie Garwood’s RANSOM. A bit more of an Alpha than I care for now, but still someone who attracts me.
    No need to enter my name in the drawing.

    • Hi Patricia……So happy, happy to see you! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m overjoyed that you loved this book so much. There are really a lot of heroes in this book, not just one. It took them all to survive. I’ll have to try to find Julie Garwood’s Ransom. I’d love to read it. Give me an alpha cowboy and I’m grinning like a fool.

      Love you, lady!

  11. Ooh my!!! Sitting across from such a hunk of a man!!! How in the world did you keep your composure?!?! (Swoon) I would have been stuttering and stumbling all over my words! For me, Houston is comparable to Brad Pitt or Channing Tatum! He’s a top notch celebrity! But you did a fantastic job! One thing I would have asked him though… would he consider having more then 1 wife? Like the travelers, because I would totally leave my husband for him! Hahaha ? I am completely in love with Houston!

    As far as another hero in a book I’d have to say Colt from Rosanne Bittners Thunder On The Plains. He melted my heart. His character stayed with me for over 20 years.

    • Good morning, Dale…….I’m so happy you dropped by. I did have a lot of trouble remaining calm because my poor heart was racing and my palms were sweaty. Yeah, I do think Houston could be the new Brad or Channing. He’s the whole package–looks, toughness, lovable. Yep! 🙂 Well, I’m not sure he’d take a second wife. Lara laid down the law to him on that! Doesn’t hurt to ask though.

      Any character that stays with you over 20 years has to be very special. I’m glad you found him. Life gives us what we need.

      Love and hugs, pretty lady!

  12. I enjoyed hearing from Houston! Truly, I always fall in love with the one I’m currently reading. I’m quite sure Houston will fit the bill!

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