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“You’re a pair of fools to fight like this and say ugly words to each other.”

Both brothers whirled on Heath and glared at him, their chests heaving. Maybe the next fist thrown would be at him. Well, he’d say his piece and if they started swinging he wasn’t in any mood to turn the other cheek.
“You have no choice but to live together. Starting today. Your pa says you’re to sleep tonight under his roof. That’s why he didn’t want you riding away before you heard his will. If you go, ownership of the ranch goes to your cousin Mike.”

Sadie looked at her brothers, fearful and sad. She seemed so alone, the only one of the Bodens using her head right now.

Stomping over to the desk, Heath moved the kindling box, then rolled up the parchment and set it aside, wishing he was anywhere but here. He braced his hands on the desk and leaned forward, furious. He almost hoped someone swung on him.

“You may not like how he’s gone about it, but your pa was a good man. I’ve worked here a few months and I’ve already figured that out. If you’ve known him all your life—” He bellowed the word and hammered the side of his fist into the desk, “and haven’t figured it out then you’re both idiots. Your father loved you.”

It was odd to speak of love in all this turmoil, but it had to be said. “In the middle of your fussing at each other, try and remember he loves you. It may feel like a trap, but nothing could hold you here if you didn’t love this land. You’re lucky.”

“Lucky?” Cole and Justin spoke the same word, crossed their arms and glared, a mirror image of each other, despite their differences.

“I speak as a man whose father didn’t love me and didn’t care if he brought his children together—in fact my pa did his best to keep us all apart.”

All three of them looked at him, maybe startled by the personal statement, but Heath didn’t care if he was stepping on the toes of their fancy, rich boots. In fact suddenly he was furious with all three of them, yes, even Sadie.

“You are fools if you don’t know what you have in a father’s love.”

Calling them fools made his words worse than they might have been but he didn’t regret a single one of them. “Yes, lucky. Blessed. You’re all blessed. And part of that blessing is that starting right now, you are locked up here at this ranch until one year from today. If you’re really that stubborn and selfish that you can’t do that for a father who loves you, then you’ll lose everything, and you’ll all deserve it.”

He slapped both hands down flat on Chance’s desk and stormed from the room, slamming the door behind him.


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Sadie watched Heath storm out, shocked and oddly thrilled. It took a real man with a heavy dose of courage to speak that way to his bosses.

And Sadie had lived her whole life surrounded by real men. Both her brothers, different as night and day, were strong. And her pa, well, Chance Boden had a spine as tough as the Rocky Mountains. All three were hard and smart and decent.
She’d hardly ever met a man who could match them.

Heath Kincaid was such a man.

All three of the Bodens could be considered Heath Kincaid’s boss and certainly a word from any of them would send him packing. And if they did, Heath would ride off and find a job punching cattle somewhere else and be a top hand.

That wasn’t the real reason Sadie had no interest in seeing him go. But the real reason was murky and she didn’t want to see through the fog. For right now, she only knew Heath was good for the CR.

She stood there, watching after him and wondered how she could arrange to see him again.


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  1. Oh my. What a great set-up for a story. I wanna know more about this Heath man and see how he guides those Bodens. Please include me in the drawing for “No Way Up.”

      • No, I didn’t know, Mary. Sorry. I moved from British historicals to American westerns just a couple of years ago so I’m playing catch-up like mad but totally enjoying myself. I’m like Silas Marner with his heaps of money, only for me it’s westerns I’m glorying over. Thanks for telling me. I’ll catch up some day, I hope.

  2. Thank you for opportunity to win. So enjoy reading your books. They are always entertaining and humorous.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your cowboy stories Mary. And I am sadly behind in reading them. This sounds like another winner. 🙂 Thanks for offering the give away.

  4. Can’t wait to read the full version! AND I am glad to see that it is book 1! Love your books, Mary.

  5. Would love to win! ?? I have read all of your books and I’m always eagerly waiting for the next one!!!

  6. Mary, do you know how much I adore you?? Your books have a way of drawing a person in, getting them settled, and taking them for a ride of their lives!! If this book is as good as that excerpt, it’s gonna be a good ‘un 🙂 Well, shoot,ALL the books I’ve read by you are good, why would this one be any different?

    I have “The Boden Birthright” on my Kindle awaiting me, thank you for the chance to win a signed (be still my heart) copy of “No Way Up”!

  7. It is often hard for parents to “make” their children get along. Past, small hurts, differences of opinion blown out of proportion, and sibling jealousies can all get into the way. I can see the Borden’s dad wanting to bring them together, and deciding prolonged confinement with each other would be the best way to fix things. They either learnt get along or kill each other.

    I look forward to this new series. I am sure it will be another one to make us smile, and one for us to enjoy.

  8. I love the excerpt and can’t wait to read NO WAY UP! Thanks so much for the chance to be a winner, Mary!

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  10. I love how all of your series are connected in some way. I wonder if you have a flow chart somewhere that you can post so I can make all of the character connections.

  11. Mary- Even the title, No Way Up; says a lot along with the excerpt. Sounds like a awesome book, will put it on my TBR list. Thanks for the chance to win.

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