Mail Order Brides on the Texas Prairie

Miss Jamie Adams is obsessed with Texas. And Ranches. And cowboys. And cowboys on ranches in Texas. How could we not be glad to have her visit Wildflower Junction again?

By Jamie Adams

Corralling the Cowboy 2The last time I had the privilege of visiting with the gals here at Petticoats and Pistols we talked about cowboys. It’s been a while, but back then I used Toby Keith’s song “Should have been a Cowboy” to open up a discussion on our favorite men on horseback. This time I thought I’d switch it up a bit and talk about something different . . . like life on a ranch . . . in Texas . . . with Cowboys.

Who am I trying to kid?  I have a hopeless obsession with the handsome, brave men who tamed the Wild West. Good thing for me I have friends that share that same fascination or at least they pretend they do to keep me happy.

This past year I convinced some talented writers (MidwestChristianRomanceAuthors) to join me in creating a mail-order-bride box set series set on a ranch in Texas. When a widower Texas rancher is told he has a short time to live, he decides the best way to rein in his three rambunctious sons is to find them wives. He means business too. They have to marry within three months or lose their inheritance. A very substantial inheritance.

Mesquite Gulch is a small town where the men outnumber the women tenfold. Actually that’s an exaggerated guess. The last census was taken in 1880 and they skipped our little town. Just trust me. There aren’t any marrying age women in town. But that’s not a problem, not when you have only to put an ad in the paper, or if you’re a wealthy rancher you can have your lawyer take care of things for you. Mr. Logan wants to see his sons safely hitched, but if he doesn’t live long enough, his trusted lawyer will carry out his wishes. The father hears wedding bells in the future, but it resembles a dirge to the sons.

Now take several young women fresh out of an orphanage in Chicago and put them on a ranch in Texas and you have the Texas Brides Series. The young ladies have never stepped foot outside the city, and ranch life is rougher than they’d imagined. Nothing could have prepared them for the reception their given. Their prospective grooms are as welcoming as the wicked cactus dotting the landscape.  Didn’t they send for a bride? They had a strange way of showing affection. Who’d want to marry one of them?

Shotgunwedding 3a-A Bride by Christmas (1) 4a-The Substitute Groom (1) TBMOS5

Three rugged cowboys have no idea what is about to hit them and I have to admit it is so much fun to watch them be taken down one by one. This is a five book series. Yep that’s right, five not three. Things seldom go as planned. We’ve got twist and turns that we hope our readers will enjoy.

Just to show how excited we are to introduce ya’ll to the Logan family we’re going to give away a digital box set. Leave a comment to enter the drawing.


About Jamie

JamieJamie Adams fell in love with books at an early age. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott opened her imagination and sparked a dream to be a writer. She wrote her first book as a school project in 6th grade.

A graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature as well as member of American Christian Fiction Writers, The Writing Desk and several critique groups she spends most of her time writing, reading or learning more about the craft near to her heart.

The parents of three teenagers, she and her husband make their home in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas.

You can connect with Jamie on Facebook and Amazon.


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32 thoughts on “Mail Order Brides on the Texas Prairie”

    • Hi Faith! The series was fun to write. It involved a lot of group plotting which is always interesting.

  1. Hi Debra! I’m not sure which is more fun – reading mail-order-bride stories or writing them.:)

  2. Hi Jamie! Welcome back. We’re so happy to have you. I have to admit that I’m a sucker for mail order bride stories. I think it’s the unknown world they’re entering that could hold either heaven or hell. Of course in our romances, it’s always heaven. The brides find more than they’d hoped for. I love that. Reaching a dream or finding everything a bride had searched for makes our hearts swell.

    Congrats on your release and for this unique series! They look like great stories and I’m glad you included the father. He needs love too.

    • Thanks, Linda! You’ve expressed the Mail order Bride lure well. The father’s story was the funnest to write. We each took turns leaving the author after us an interesting hook to follow.

  3. My grown kids laugh at me because my favorite books are mail-order-bride stories. I don’t think it could have ever been easy. There are so many good stories and I think, like real life, no two are exactly the same therefore I have to keep reading! 🙂

    • That’s so true with stories and life. As much as they have in common they are all different. I love westerns and am so thankful Mail-order-brides fit that era so well.

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to read the series. All three of my critique partners are gifted writers for those who like inspirational stories.

    • I love Toby Keith. I saw him in concert twenty years ago. It was at a county fair and the crowd was crazy even back then. AND if you want to know a secret I am a mail order brides of sorts…lol It’s a long story but my husband of 20+ years and I met through an add in the paper 🙂

  4. The books sound very interesting. I enjoy reading mail-order bride books. Thank you for chance to win.

  5. Hi Jamie, and welcome to Wildflower Junction! I like Toby Keith too–and the attitude in some of his songs. I’ve only read two Mail Order Bride stories. The one that sticks in my mind is the classic ~ Sarah, Plain and Tall. I really enjoyed it. I am noticing that there is a huge group of readers out there that love this type of story now which is great for your boxed set. Best wishes for your continued success! And you will have to come back to the junction sometime and let us know how that situation with your husband happened! Sounds like a good story…

    • Thanks, Kathryn! I feel right at home here. It must be all the cowboy pictures. When my daughters ask how I met their dad I always say “We met at McDonald’s.” Which is true, but there’s more to it than that. It was before the modern age of syber-dating and Farmers lol

  6. I just joined the newsletter after seeing it on Facebook.

    What a lovely set of books and by wonderful authors. Westerns and mail-order brides, my favorite genre. I admire the men who braved the western frontier and the woman who took the risk and joined them as mail-ordered brides.

  7. Hi Kathy! I’m glad you saw the invite on Facebook. It did take a special sort of bravery to tame the west.

    • Hi Alecia! I hope the readers find them interesting. I’ve spent many summers in Texas visiting relatives as a child and love the state.

  8. This sounds like my kind of series, I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing with us and the great giveaway!

  9. Oh my, I have a slight obsession too, so these books of course are now on my tbr list. Thanks for posting and offering the giveaway!

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