A New Brand of Cowpoke

Every year, at the end of January, the Daytona International Speedway in Florida revs up with the sound of 50+ racecars going as fast as they can, trying to reach the checkered flag first—in a 24-hour race.

In years past, I’ve been in attendance at the track. This year I’m watching online and living vicariously through my dh and our friend, who are at the race. To me, the drivers of these amazing cars are the wild west cowboys of today, with some powerful rides. They hold “the reins” of a lot more than one horse-power, but their saddles are still made of leather. And they use jet fuel instead of oats and grass.

The cowboys and cowgirls of today’s car-racing world are as smart and savvy as their horse-riding predecessors. That said, I thought I’d share a few close-ups and sounds of this year’s race. [My thanks to dh and dear friend TG for the pics and videos.]

Here are a couple of this year’s new rides, the Lamborghinis, in the “corral.” In the corral








This stallion is showing off his brands.

Showing his brand








They run in all kinds of weather.

They run in all weather









Threw a shoe (this mini’s hatch blew open)—on instant replay.

Threw a shoe on instant replay











Put out to pasture [on display in the pit area].

Put out to pasture








Happy Racing—and Reading!

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10 thoughts on “A New Brand of Cowpoke”

  1. Love watching Nascar. Our son has been a fan of Dale Jr for years and of his dad before that. I tease him all the time that we know who he really named his son for. He his Dale Jr. named after his grandfather. They call our grandson DJ but he got this funny look on his face and said, “I’m right here!” when I yelled down the stairs to tell Dale that supper was on.

  2. We aren’t really race fans, but we ended up living about 35 miles from Bristol Motor Speedway. Race weeks are crazy. My husband did go to the races with both Girl and Boy Scout troops. After the first race he learned to bring ear protection.

  3. Tracey, we love the Daytona 500 also; we attended this race for 25 yrs. Glad they finally upgraded it, the bleacher steps were dangerous to climb. We enjoy all kinds of racing, you should try NHRA drag racing….the sounds & sites & cars are awesome. Your reader always.

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