Cheryln100000149781632_8303In this day and age, we’re all looking for a bargain to make our dollars stretch just a little bit farther, aren’t we? It seems that’s especially true in reading, for me, because I don’t have time to go to the library…and I must confess, I’m a pretty slow reader. So, having that ultimatum hanging over me to return-a-book-within-a-certain-time-period-or-else just makes me nervous. It did when I was a kid, too.

So, speaking of bargains, I’m very thankful for e-readers and computers! Because now, you can get a whole lotta great reading served up electronically for a mere .99 and it’s YOURS! No returning it to the library, or hurrying to have to finish it…it’s there forever, added to your cyber library.

WF Anthology WebCoverThe first of the .99 books I want to talk about today is the Western Fictioneers publication THE TRADITIONAL WEST. What a wonderful collection of western stories to entertain, make you think, and plain ol’ enjoy. This anthology is special to me because it was the first WF publication my stories were included in. My contribution, The Kindness of Strangers, was one I truly enjoyed writing—because it has a wonderful twist in it. I brought in a little paranormal help, but I think it’s a story you’ll enjoy reading—and I’m sure proud to be included in this treasure trove of western short stories!


Wolf_Creek_COVER1Web_jpg_opt262x393o0,0s262x393Another great .99 bargain is the first book of the WOLF CREEK series, created by Troy Smith. What a wonderful, fun time we had putting that book together! Oh, it was a little harrowing at times, I’m sure, for Troy—but he pulled it off beautifully, and that was the book that launched the series.  Snap it up and get started on the Wolf Creek series for some great western reading if you haven’t already done so.  WOLF CREEK: BOOK 1 BLOODY TRAIL is one exciting lift-off to a great series!



For those of you who enjoy a little romance in your westerns, here’s a DOUBLE bargain! Prairie Rose Publications is offering two five-book collections of some of our great western novels—yes, that’s right—NOVELS—for only .99! That’s .99 PER COLLECTION—not per book.


A COWBOY’S HEART includes novels by Tanya Hanson, Beverly Wells, Gil McDonald, Sara Barnard, and Cheryl Pierson.






A COWBOY’S BRAND includes novels by Kristy McCaffrey, Gail L. Jenner, Sarah J. McNeal, Meg Mims and Livia J. Washburn

PRPA Cowboy's Brand

There are lots and lots of “single-sell” short stories out there to snap up, too, containing some darn fine western entertainment! So come on—jump on over to Amazon or B&N and just see want you can find for less than a dollar! These are some of the best bargains out there!




Also, stop by the PRAIRIE ROSE PUBLICATIONS website to see what we’ve got to offer in the way of fantastic reads! You’ll find plenty more of these bargain reads here and at other places on the internet!

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A native Oklahoman, I've been influenced by the west all my life. I love to write short stories and novels in the historical western and western romance genres, as well as contemporary romantic suspense! Check my Amazon author page to see my work: http://www.amazon.com/author/cherylpierson
I live in Oklahoma City with my husband of 40 years. I love to hear from readers and other authors--you can contact me here: fabkat_edit@yahoo.com
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18 thoughts on “WESTERN READING BARGAINS FOR LESS THAN $1.00! by Cheryl Pierson”

    • Isn’t that the truth? Lots of good stuff out there! I’m always on the lookout for good reading bargains. I remember as a kid, going to the library was my favorite thing to do, but it made me nervous! We could check out 7 books and keep them for 2 weeks. I always knew I could never finish 7 books in 2 weeks with everything else I had going on, but I couldn’t resist picking out 7 each time, anyhow! LOL Thanks for coming by Tanya!

  1. I have to think THE TRADITIONAL WEST is one of the most critically acclaimed western anthologies ever. It has the Spur Award winner, the Peacemaker winner, and three Peacemaker finalists.

    • Lots of really wonderful reading in that book, isn’t there, Troy? And what a bargain it is right now–but it won’t always be on sale at .99. These stories are all different and entertaining in their own ways! Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Great line up Cheryl, at bargain prices.
    With you the leading the sales, can’t help but be a success.
    Jerry Guin

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jerry! These collections and the first of the Wolf Creek series are all some mighty fine reading for .99! Glad you stopped by today!

  3. Cheryl–can you believe how many stories you’ve written? Amazing! And all good stories, too, and successful. It’s good to offer these for .99 because it’s a great way to tantalize and tease readers to try one. The Boxed Set idea is the best new thing to come along in a while. Readers really get a huge bargain.
    Wishing you many sales and keep those stories coming.

    • Celia, God has been good to me, for sure. I’ve dreamed of writing ever since I was a little girl, and I’ve certainly enjoyed my successes, but have also enjoyed helping others reach their dreams, as well, through our publishing venture.

      I love these boxed sets. I’ve bought several of them from other author groupings and you’re right–what a bargain, and what a great way to find new authors that we might not have learned about otherwise. Several of our fillies have books in boxed sets.

  4. I have all of the mentioned books, and even at ten times the price they are worth it. Here is to happy reading for all who take advantage of these great stories. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines.

    • Doris, thanks so much for all your support and these very kind words. Much appreciated!

    • Hi Kathryn! The Western Fictioneers have all kinds of wonderful books that are sooooo good. If you like traditional westerns, you will enjoy a great many of their collected works, and this book, THE TRADITIONAL WEST, is a good sampling, for sure.

    • Hi Janine!
      I wish I DID read faster–just think of all the books we could get through! LOL But it seems like I read slower in order to be sure I absorb it all. And even then, no one can “get it all” on the first read.

      I’m glad to let everyone know about these wonderful bargains. Hope you enjoy!

  5. Even though I am completely into my Kindle for reading, I still love the library. I can find quiet and peace between the shelves of books and I love the musty smell of them. I still check out books, but most of those books are about gardening, crafts, decorating ideas, and that sort of thing. It takes a long time for me to read a novel, so I can only check out one every once in a while. I confess it’s been a long time since I checked out a novel there.
    I do love the great bargains on e-books. I used to buy hardback books from a book club. I felt really cheated when I would buy an expensive book by a new-to-me author and it turned out to be not so good. I quit the club when I got into digital books. I found anthologies were a great way to discover authors.
    The Traditional West is the only book you noted that I haven’t read yet. I love the covers for all of these books and the wide array of talented authors.
    All the best to you, Cheryl!

    • Sarah, I love the library, too. I have so many fond memories of going to the library as a kid and just wandering and wandering…it was an old library when I was little! (Imagine that!)LOL You entered from the street level, but there were other offices in that building, so when you came in the front door you had to go up the staircase to get to the library. When you entered the library on the 2nd floor, from the windows you could see the town below on three sides. There was an old librarian who worked there and had for forever, Goldie Barnett. She knew where every book was and what most of them were about.
      Lots of good memories. There is nothing like holding a print book in your hand…but I love my kindle, too. Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

  6. I bought them all! Thank you, Cheryl. Now if you just do something about finding me some time to read!

    • Great, Cindy! When I figure out how to add about 10 hours to each day, I’ll let you know! LOL Wouldn’t that be great? Enjoy these books and stories–you can’t go wrong with these prices!

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