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In keeping with the theme of February, and since many of the people who visit our site (not all, but many) are women, I thought I’d post some beautiful photos of some extremely handsome American Indian men.  Thanks for joining me today.  And I will be giving away an e-book copy of LAKOTA PRINCESS today.  So come on in and leave a comment.  That’s all you have to do to enter into the drawing.

This picture here to the left here is cover model, Jay Tavare.  Really like this picture.  Don’t know why, but sometimes it seems that we so seldomly see the men smile.  So I was really taken with this one.  Of course the pony in the picture really adds to it, also.  I don’t know what tribe Jay is, but it seems as if he could represent most any of the tribes.  Here’s another one:

This picture — off to the right — I particularly like.  I guess mostly because the flute was used so often in Lakota and Cheyenne societies.  It was the manner in which the young man would woe the girl of his choice — and she would know the song he played.

This shot I really liked because it looks so much like these men used to look so many years ago.  This, to me, is your typical historical figure.  Proud, handsome, willing to give his life for his people and for those he loved.  By the way, I copied these particular pictures from Jay’s Facebook page, where there are many, many more pictures of him.  But this is a sampling.

And then we come to Adam Beach — who in my opinion is probably one of the most handsome of men in the world today.  I particularly like this photo of him — if only because it reminds me of the historical figures that I research in my writing.  If you come to P & P very often, you might have seen this photo a time or two on my posts.

Here’s another one of my favorites showing Adam Beach — I like this in particular because to me it’s a very spiritual picture.  The eagle (or is it a hawk) seems so at home on his arm.

Another beautiful picture showing Adam and I’m not certain of the woman.  Beautiful, beautiful picture — seeming to transmit beauty much more than sexual tension.  Or perhaps true love.  Again another favorite.

And then there’s Michael Greyeyes.  He was the star of one of my favorite movies — Captured Women/Stolen Hearts.  He was also the star of the TV movie on Crazy Horse.

This image to the left is quite impressive in my opinion.

Off to the right here is another image of Michael.  He has quite an impressive resume of films that he’s been in, another among the many is the movie Dream Keepers, another one of my favorite movies.  In that particular story, Michael played the part of one of the Thunder Gods.

And again, off to the left is yet another picture of Michael.  This one is taken, I believe, from the movie Crazy Horse, although I could be mistaken.

His dress looks very Lakota in this particular picture.  And of course the Lakota are a tribe I admire very much.

assiniboin-indians[1]Off to the right here is a painting of an Assiniboine Indian — painted by Karl Bodmer in the 1830’s.  I particularly love this painting and I have used it as a model for different hero’s in my books.  Interestingly, several years ago, my husband and I visited the Assiniboine Reservation in Montana.  At that time, we were invited to attend a counsel that was meeting that very day.  Now, I say that it was interesting because the man who was the chief of that meeting — and at that time, the chief of the tribe — looked very much like he was related to this man in this picture.

AngelAndTheWarrior-The-CoverThis young man on the cover of THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR, is also an extremely handsome man.  I do not know his name, but doing this blog, it occurs to me that I should find out who he is, since he is on three other of my covers, and since he is so very handsome.

By the way, THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR, goes on sale soon as Tradepaper.  So do watch for it.  Here’s the link:  http://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/4964/the-angel-and-the-warrior

And so now to the right, is the man who holds my heart, my husband, Paul.  In this picture, he’s holding our granddaughter, Lila.  Lila & Paul & me 363Well, that’s all for today.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at some heart-throbs.  If you have a moment, maybe you could come on into the comment section and let me know how you plan to spend Valentine’s Day this year.

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27 thoughts on “‘TIS THE SEASON OF LOVE”

  1. WOW! I love these pictures of Handsome Indian men. Yes, there are some hunks. I love Michael. He is so good in movies and I do love me some Indian movies. Hope can win your book. Wish I had them all in paperback.
    Maxie > mac262(at)me(dot)com <

  2. Good morning Kay! Those are some wonderful pictures you gave us to see today. I love seeing pictures of Adam Beach and Michael Greyeyes who are two of my favorites! They are strong, handsome Indian men.
    I have a hot date with my husband of almost thirty years for Valentines Day. We are going to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner called The Frederick Inn for a great steak dinner. This place even more special to us now that a favorite family member just purchased it! Usually the rest of the evening would be spent either going out dancing or to a movie but this year we are going to spend the rest of our evening with a new gentleman we met 3 weeks ago named Henry. He’s our newest grandson. His momma and daddy could use some alone time to eat, talk or maybe even sleep whichever they choose to do! !

    • Hi Lisa G!

      Sounds like a fun evening, and you’re right — bet those children of yours need some time to themselves. : )

      So kind of you to do that for them. : )

  3. One of my favorite movies is Dancing With Wolves

    Native American actors:
    Graham Greene- Kicking Bird
    Rodney A Grant- Wind In His Hair
    Michael Spears- Otter

    Valentine’s Day- My sister and her husband are coming down to Florida for a visit. We will go out to eat and relax and chat.

  4. Enjoyed the pics! 😉 My date for Valentine’s Day will probably be one of the yummy books sitting in my TBR pile.

  5. i will stay home and cook a special meal for my husband,I usually let him just tell me what he wants me to cook

  6. Hope I’m not to late entering. Just saw your email. I love looking at the handsome Indian men you have on your books. I’ve seen Crazy Horse
    We watch westerns alot. My Husband and I celebratedo our 30th wedding anniversaryFebruary 9th!!! I would love to win the ebook. I have a phone now to read it on. Than you Karen!!!!

  7. The pictures are exquisite.
    This Valentines Day I will be having a quiet dinner with my hubby. We will be celebrating not only Valentines but the 43rd anniversary of him proposing to me. Obviously I said yes.
    Just a side note, my great-great-great-great grandmother was a Cherokee princess from Cherokee, NC.

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