Santa Did It Again!

What did Santa bring you? I must have been better than I thought, ‘cause I got just what I wanted… 




A 2-shot derringer!

I know that probably seems odd to some, but I’ve wanted one to shoot in Cowboy Action competition. And Santa (aka dh) picked a nice one.

A derringer is generally the smallest usable handgun made in a given caliber. Though the pistol Henry Deringer (one ‘r’) designed was first, eventually all small pistols from other manufacturers were referred to as “derringers” (two ‘r’) – rather like xerox or kleenex or coke became synonymous with the product rathColt Deringerer than the manufacturer.

The original cartridge derringers held only a single round, usually a pinfire or rimfire .40 caliber cartridge and weighed about a half a pound. The barrel pivoted sideways on the frame to allow access to the breech for reloading.

Remington’s derringer design doubled the capacity by adding a second barrel on top of the first and pivoting the barrels uIMG_4463pwards to reload. Each barrel then held one round, and a cam on the hammer alternates between top and bottom barrels.

My neA 2-Shot derringer pistol!w pistol is a two-barrel model, in .38 caliber. The 3” barrel swings up to allow loading. It also has an interchangeable .22 caliber barrel so I can go “plinking” to my heart’s content.

Here’s a comparisoIMG_4465n of the barrels so you can see the difference for the cartridges. The .22 is quite a bit heavier because there’s more steel.

While this gift may seem odd to you, it’s perfect for me. Thanks, Santa!

Off to play at the range,
Tracy, aka “Ozark Belle”

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11 thoughts on “Santa Did It Again!”

  1. Doesn’t seem like an odd gift at all. A gift should be something a person would really like and appreciate, be it a gun, vacuum, jewels, or chocolate. It certainly met those criteria.
    Thanks for another interesting gun post.

  2. Santa must have thought you were a very good girl !it doesn’t seem strange at all to me! I used to own a pawnshop plus also in sold new guns! One day i received an old Smith Wessom derringer with two barrerls and I loved it ! I kept that weapon for myself:) I hope you enjoy it very much I like how you can switch barrels and have the 22 also to save money on plinking as you say !:) enjoy and God Bless you and your family!
    Darlene Lindstrom

  3. What a nice gift… one year I received one of my favorite things – an old hardback Book! Surprise! I found between the covers a nice little pearl handled 25 caliber pistol. So it was a very special book indeed!
    Have fun!
    dkstevensneAt outlook DOtCOm

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