There’s Just Something About Those Cowboys…

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Hi, everyone!  It’s a treat to join you here.  Many thanks to Karen Witemeyer for inviting me to visit.
I was raised in California, met my husband at Baylor University, and have lived in Dallas for seventeen years now.  My time in the Lone Star State have given this transplanted beach girl an appreciation for many facets of Texas life. One in particular?

The cowboy

There’s just something timeless about the appeal of the cowboy, isn’t there?  Cowboys are rugged, masculine, independent, humble, capable, brave, and good.  And if they happen to be handsome, too, it doesn’t hurt a bit.
bullridingpic1I have a ten year old son who has loved all things ‘cowboy’ since the age of four.  He’s been to the rodeo a few times, and about three years ago, I took him to a professional bull riding event.  He enjoyed it and let me tell you, I enjoyed it.  I left the bull riding arena filled with inspiration to write a pro bull riding hero.
As you may know, bull riding has a long history.  It began in the 16th century on the haciendas of old Mexico where ranch hands competed in skills of horsemanship including bull riding.  Initially, bull riding was similar to bull fighting, in that it ended in the death of the bull.
By the mid-1800’s bull riding as competition had spread to the southwest, Texas and California especially.  In 1852, the Lone Star Fair in Corpus Christi, Texas, featured bull riding.  Around the same time, Wild West shows began including steer riding in their acts.  (Steers were easier to handle than bulls).
The popularity of the sport grew steadily.  In 1992, twenty bull-riding cowboys left the traditional rodeo circuit to bullridingpic2found the Professional Bull Riders.  They believed that bull riding could stand on its own as an event.  They were right.  The PBR has enjoyed great success.
In order to spark ideas for my own bull riding hero I began with the sort of research that hardly seems like “research” at all: reality TV.  Back in 2006 a show called Beyond The Bull followed the lives of three pro bull riders.  I rented the DVD and watched all ten episodes.  Beyond The Bull wasn’t great television — but it did give me great behind-the-scenes insight into the daily lives of bull riders.
Once I began writing Ty Porter’s book, bull riding questions occurred to me regularly.  I don’t let myself slow my forward progress with research while I’m writing the rough draft.  So I noted each of my questions.  When it came time to revise, I took a two-pronged approach to research.  1) I hunted around online.  2) I called the PBR and spoke with a female staffer.  She very graciously answered each of my remaining questions and provided additional insight.

With that — Voila! — Ty Porter and his unusual profession began to come to life within the pages of Meant to Be Mine.  Naturally, I gave Ty a heroine very disinclined to appreciate bull-riding cowboys.  But my heroine finds, as the story unfolds, that she has the same soft spot for them that this author has.
As time goes by, despite her excellent intentions, Celia finds Ty a little more and a little more impossible to resist.
After all, there’s just something about those cowboys….

Have you watched bull riding live at either a rodeo or a professional bull riding event?

Becky makes her home in Dallas, Texas with her husband, three children, and one adoring (and adored) cavalier spaniel. Her CBA debut, My Stubborn Heart, was a finalist in both the RITA and INSPY awards.  Undeniably Yours kicked off her Texas-set Porter Family series.  Her newest contemporary romance, Meant to Be Mine, has just hit shelves!

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43 thoughts on “There’s Just Something About Those Cowboys…”

  1. Oh my! I love cowboys and Texas. My brother and one nephew live in small towns near Dallas and I love to visit. Yes,I have been to a rodeo and watched the bull riding but it was more than 25 years ago. I think next time I go see my family I’m going to ask them to go to the rodeo in Mesquite (that is if they still hold them there).

    I would so love to win a copy of Meant to Be Mine. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

    countrybear52 AT yahoo DOT com

  2. My husband and I are big bull riding fans. In fact, we help sponsor a bull riding event every year called Ropin Dreams. We hit Bulls Night Out every year at the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo. We also follow the PBR bull riding events on the tv. Did I say we were BIG bull riding fans. Yes,mam!!!

  3. Hi Becky! Welcome to P&P. We’re so happy to have you drop by to chat with us. And what a subject! I love bull-riding. Such explosive power and danger.I always hold my breath until I know the cowboy is safe. It’s my favorite part of the rodeo. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to a PBR event yet but I plan to attend the next time they come to town. I’ll get a front row seat.

    Congratulations on your new release! I love that cover. The way the woman is looking up and smiling it’s as if she’s saying, “I love my man and I dare you to pry him out of my hands.” So cute.

    Wishing you tons of success!

  4. That is fascinating! Your books sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

    I have seen a rodeo or two in my time…My husband’s uncle is ‘Cowboy Bob’ up around Sioux City and he’s an announcer for several rodeos.

  5. I grew up on a dairy farm and have seen my share of rodeos and bull riding competitions. My brother was a roper for a while in a local circuit. I love all aspects of the cowboy life!

  6. My thanks to the ladies of P&P for your hospitality!

    Cindy, yes! They still hold the Mesquite Rodeo in the very same location. The Mesquite Rodeo is the one our family attends.

    Melanie, I’ve been to the stockyards a few times over the years. So much fun! It’s a treat to meet a bull-riding fan here. 🙂

    I agree with you, Linda, about Meant to Be Mine’s cover. That smile says to me exactly what it says to you. It’s contagious!

    Sherri, I love that you have a ‘Cowboy Bob’ in your family who announces for rodeos. He sounds like someone who should have a role in one of my books….

    Warmly, Becky

  7. I’ve never seen a rodeo or bull riding event in person, just what I have seen in the movies, but your book looks great.

  8. Hi Becky!

    3 years ago, my husband & I watched our first PBR event on television. And became hooked. We live in S. Florida, so we don’t have many opportunities to watch live bull riding. But, I am a card carrying PBR fan club member, and we watch almost every event either live online (when available) or on tape delay (CBS).

    Last year, we went to Vegas just to be at the finals – and went to every event! We’re hoping to go again this year.

    Of course the other benefit of bull riding, is watching some hot cowboys try to tame their bulls!

    I’m not familiar with your writing, but I have to get my hands on Meant to be Mine!

    Thanks for the great post.

  9. I definitely fall into the Celia category of being “disinclined” to like anything cowboy or Texan. But let me tell you, ladies, Ty Porter is a force to be reckoned with… ::swoon:: LOVED “Meant to Be Mine” and love Becky Wade! 🙂

  10. Well, having lived my entire life in Pennsylvania, there’s not much rodeo. Or so I thought until I Googled it. Apparently there’s rodeo around here, too. I may have to check it out. All my cowboy and bullriding observation is through books or the old Gene Autry and Roy Rogers movies my dad loved so much.

  11. Have you watched bull riding live at either a rodeo or a professional bull riding event?no.I am looking forward to reading Meant to Be Mine .Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I have always been intrigued by cowboys and appreciate all writers who attempt to capture that special spark that surrounds them. There is something romantic about them, I think, because of what they represent: the American dream. Big hopes. Hard work. Sacrifice. Independence. Connecting with nature. Being a good steward to what makes up this earth. It is very hard to resist cowboys with all that symbolism oozing off of them with one swing up into the saddle or one tip of a Stetson hat. Long live the American cowboy!

  13. Hi Becky! Welcome to the Junction. I grew up on a beach and am far more comfortable around a surfboard or sailboat, but I love watching a rodeo whenever I come across one on television. Thanks for the great post. Now I’m determined to make a live rodeo in the near future. 😉

  14. Hi, Becky! I am in love with Ty already and can’t wait to read MEANT TO BE MINE!! Thank you for offering the wonderful giveaway opportunity!

    As a fellow Texan, I also appreciate cowboys. I love watching bull riding and have been to several PBR events. Such excitement! Thank you for sharing a great post!!

  15. I have only seen bull riding on television – I’m always a bit nervous watching it! 😉 there were rodeos in my home town but I never saw one.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  16. Lots of bull riding here in texas! I have seen a lot and I love the movie 8 seconds about lane frost. So excited to read this book!

  17. love cowboys and love to see the rodeo in person it is so exciting. sounds like a good read.

    Got to rush my boys or waiting to go camping and fishing.

    Have a great and blessed day

  18. I have a soft spot for cowboys but don’t know much about bull riding. I loved the first Porter Family book and can’t wait to read this one!

  19. I Love cowboys!! Know that I will love your book and can hardly wait to read it!

    I have a friend who was a bull rider and now owns his own ranch in western Nebraska. I have gleaned a lot of information from him but leaned the most when I got to attend Cheyenne Frontier Days which they bill as the “Granddaddy of them All”. Sitting by someone who had participated in all events was a thrill because he was very willing to explain all the rules as well as what each rider did wrong.

  20. I love cowboys! But I haven’t ever watched bullriding but it sounds scary! LOL… thanks for sharing and congrats on the new release!

  21. I have seen some on TV… watched other rodeo events live at my local fair in the past… thanks for sharing…enjoyed your post!

  22. I’ve watched live bull riding events before and it is intense! I didn’t think I’d like it that much, but when they stopped for an intermission, I was completely invested and worried to death about those bull riding cowboys!

  23. Enjoyed reading about the cowboys.
    I have attended several rodeos at two of the oldest-Payson, Az and Prescott, AZ Bull riding seems really dangerous to me-I admire those who participate in that sport.

  24. My daughter is a little nuts about horses. So, last year we took her to see rodeo and their was a bull riding competition too! We all quite enjoyed it.

  25. I’ve been around rodeo my whole life, and I’m old. But my family are all team ropers. We are mainly mule packers in the high Sierra. Your books sound very interesting.

  26. I’ve had a wonderful time reading all your comments, ladies! Thanks for participating. It’s great to see some PBR fans here like Alisa and Britney. I watched several televised PBR events when I was preparing to write Meant to Be Mine and I found them hugely entertaining.

    Candice mentioned the movie 8 Seconds. When my hairstylist found out that I was writing about a bull-rider, she encouraged me to rent 8 Seconds. I did — so I know exactly what you’re referring to, Candice. 🙂

    Connie, Cheyenne Frontier Days sound wonderful.

    And I really loved this quote about cowboys from Ali: “There is something romantic about them, I think, because of what they represent: the American dream. Big hopes. Hard work. Sacrifice. Independence. Connecting with nature. Being a good steward to what makes up this earth.” So true!!

  27. We have been to seversl PBR events! We took our son for the first time a few years ago. We would stay after the event to get the riders autographs. My hubby has a hat that has several autograghs on it! They are so gracious and humble. They were also wonderful with our son! Love watching bull riding!

    Stephanie C.

  28. Hello Becky~ I’m taking a quick break from my graduation festivities with my daughter to say hello! I love your books, as you know! That’s why I’m on your Cheer Team! I don’t know why I love cowboys so much. I’ve never been around them, never liked country music that much (although my middle daughter has tried for years to change that!) and never lived in an area where there are ANY cowboys! BUT, I’ve read so many books that have cowboys that I’ve grown to love them! I love their honor, their hard work and their chivalry! You know I can’t wait to read this book. I’ve been waiting patiently (or not!) since Bo’s book finished! I’ve never experienced any Bull Riding or anything first hand but I think it would be interesting! Can’t wait to read about Ty! Thanks, Becky!

  29. We have the largest rodeo in our province right here in my hometown so we go every year. Bull riding is always the highlight. My sister used to live in a small town in Kansas that had a smaller rodeo, and we loved going to visit her during that weekend when it was on. It had such a typical small-town American feel to it. So much fun!

  30. Bull riding can be exciting to watch. We are volunteer ushers at the city’s venue here and have worked both full rodeos and PBR events. Both are a lot of fun and at times a bit nerve wracking. The first event we ever attended was the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo in Colorado Springs about 30 years ago. When we left Colorado, it would be over 10 years before we had the opportunity to see one again. The full rodeo hasn’t come through here in several years, but the PBR event comes every year. There are small local rodeos in many of the towns around us here in TN.
    There is always a concern someone will be hurt, but the clowns do a fantastic job to keep everyone safe. In all the events we have attended, there have only been 3 or 4 serious injuries to riders and a close call for a bull who got his leg caught in the fencing.
    I hope the release of MEANT TO BE MINE goes well.

  31. Hi Becky. I’m glad you have learned to love cowboys. Surprised it took you so long living here in Texas. LOL I have gone to quite a few rodeos in smaller towns and now live in Houston area where the yearly Stock Show and Rodeo of Houston is very popular and well known. I have been there several times, but would love to go more. Just don’t have the money and couldn’t drive in Houston traffic. Lots of people go mostly for the singers who come to entertain, but I love the rodeo part.. My kids have gone numerous times. When it gets close to that time, there are many who travel in covered wagons and on horses from a great distance. Some have to camp out several nights along the route. They are true-blue westerners. Even small children are on horses. I love to watch the bull riders, but it is very tense. I admire those clowns and have seen a few who almost got injured. They are brave souls in my opinion. I grew up in cowboy country, here in Texas and in Oklahoma. I married a cowboy when I was 42. He didn’t work rodeos tho, but we attended them. I also watch the Rodeos on TV and tense up when out comes those huge bulls. when it is that time. Love them. Loved my hubby in his boots and stetson. So handsome and I miss him so much.I would sure love to win your book. I know it will be good. How could it not be with those cowboys? Thanks to Karen for inviting Becky. Hope you will come back Becky. Thanks for the give-away. Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  32. I have never seen a live bull-riding event. I guess my only experience
    has been what I have seen in movies and read
    in books. Love your books Becky!

  33. Lots of rodeos in Kansas so I’ve been to many, including the rodeos at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. And I already have tickets for the NFR in Las Vegas this December.
    Your new book sounds great and I’d love to win it.
    Thanks for posting today on P & P.

  34. Love cowboys and have since I was little. My best friend at the time and I played cowboys and Indians. Since I grew up in Texas outside of Houston I have been to many many rodeos. I love all things horses too. Your book sounds great and I really want to read it.

  35. I have lived all life on the east coast — never west of Toledo–and ADORE cowboys. Even the ones on “The Amazing Race”! I have not seen bullriding in person, only on TV and I think they are the TRUE athletes hockey players are wusses by comparison!!

  36. My dh had a horse years ago, and we attended a few rodeos….fun!
    Becky, I am anxious to read your book….just met you on another blog that you are on regularly and love learning more about you.
    jacsmi75 at gmail dot com

  37. Ha! I’ve loved all the comments here. So nice to see several Texans and a few familiar faces from facebook and other places on the ‘net.

    Maxie mentioned the Houston Rodeo. My sister lives in Houston and my 5 year old niece did the ‘mutton bustin'” there his year. They sat her on top of a sheep and let the sheep out of the pen. The sheep took off like a shot, running, and even giving a few small bucks. My niece didn’t stay on long… 🙂

    Congratulations to Alisa for winning the giveaway copy of Meant to Be Mine!

  38. I have never seen a rodeo. My brother lives near Dallas, I may need to visit him soon and go see one. Looking forward to reading your book.

  39. Yes! I have been to one rodeo in my life. It was fun! I’d love to attend more. I’ve always loved all things western, including cowboys, or at least what I think a cowboy is. 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity! Sounds like a great and fun book!
    Have a great week! 🙂

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