Do you consider yourself lucky on St. Patrick’s Day? Are you superstitious at all? I remember in those long-ago schooldays wearing green to keep from getting pinched. You know, I still wear green on March 17…guess I’m pretty superstitious…what about you? Today may be your lucky day–I’m going to draw a name from the big ol’ Stetson this evening for a winner of a digital copy of my new full length novel, THE HALF-BREED’S WOMAN. It might be YOU! May the luck of the Irish be with you! Here’s what it’s all about: 

                                                               THE HALF-BREED’S WOMAN
U.S. Deputy Marshal Jaxson McCall tracks runaway debutante Callie Buchanan from Washington, D.C., into the unforgiving badlands of Indian Territory.  But once the sparks fly between them, can he bring himself to take the beautiful young woman in to face an attempted murder charge?
Callie’s greedy stepfather, a powerful government official, has his own plans for her—a  fate much worse than jail. Jaxson must protect her at all costs—even if it means his own death—or losing his heart to “The Half-Breed’s Woman”.
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Jax has fought to protect Callie from being kidnapped in the restaurant downstairs. She’s not sure he knows who she is, and he’s keeping up the ruse by calling her by her assumed name, Sarah. They’ve gone back to the safety of his room, and here’s what follows.

Callie gave him a slow, measuring smile. “Come on, Marshal. Sit down, and let me pull your boots off.”

“I can do it.”

“Huh-uh. That’d be just plain stupid with your ribs hurt like they are, now wouldn’t it, Mr. McCall? Allow me, your kept woman, to do that for you.”

“Sarah—” he began, but Callie gently pushed him down to the side of the bed and carefully pulled his boots off, setting them beside the night table.

He stood up, and Callie returned, brushing his hands aside as she took over the task of unbuttoning his shirt.

“Sarah, I can do this.” His voice became edgy.

Callie smiled up at him innocently. “Oh, I’m sure you are able, Marshal, but isn’t this what a whore does for her man?”

With a predatory growl, he yanked her to him, putting his mouth to hers as it fell open in surprise. In an instant, he was crushing her body against his, molding the curves of her sweet, warm skin against the hardness of his own body. His mouth slanted hotly across hers, his tongue plundering her, tasting the honey of her kiss.

His fingers splayed across her back and speared into her damp hair, as it cascaded around her, falling to her waist. She made a soft noise in her throat, then gasped at the fierce joining, as her breath left her. Her hands came up across his back, under his arms, careful of the wounded right side.

Callie tentatively touched her tongue to his, her fingers threading through his hair.

God,” he muttered hoarsely against her lips, pulling her closer, molding her body to his own hard, straining arousal. She yielded under the onslaught of his mouth upon hers, and he felt her desire, poorly concealed, under his fingertips as he touched her.

This, Sarah,” he whispered roughly, lifting his mouth from hers for the briefest of moments. “This is what a whore does for her man.” Or what a woman does, for the man she loves.


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Cheryl was born in Duncan, OK, and grew up in Seminole, OK. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma, and holds a B.A. in English. Cheryl lives with her husband in Oklahoma City, OK, where she has been for the past 29 years. She has two grown children, and a Great Pyrenees “granddog”, Embry.
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A native Oklahoman, I've been influenced by the west all my life. I love to write short stories and novels in the historical western and western romance genres, as well as contemporary romantic suspense! Check my Amazon author page to see my work:
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40 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE AND GIVEAWAY! by Cheryl Pierson”

  1. I’ve never been superstitious and sometimes I wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. “The Half-Breed’s Woman” sounds like an interesting read.

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m very superstitious, but I do stop and think twice at times when I break a mirror or a black walks in front of me.

  3. I never do anything special for St. Patrick’s day except try to wear green – only because it’s fun. 🙂 But it is fun to see everyone else celebrate!

  4. Green is definitely the color for today. I love to hear about different superstitions and I usually abide by several. Keeping my fingers crossed for your wonderful ebook. Have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

  5. Hi Faith!

    I have to admit, I’m still pretty superstitious. LOL Thanks for the kind words about The Half-Breed’s Woman!

  6. Hi Janine,

    It’s odd–I don’t really think about black cats like that because I’ve had one that I loved so much. But I love all animals. I will not walk under a ladder or open an umbrella in the house, though.


  7. Thanks, Linda! I’ve gotta go dig out a green t-shirt. I remember in grade school when kids would forget to wear green and the teacher would safety-pin a little green shamrock to their shirt.


  8. Susan, I agree–I love to watch everyone else celebrate. My family is part Irish on my mom’s side, but living in Oklahoma, it’s not like living in Boston or somewhere like that where there is a huge body of Irish descendants living in close proximity. I imagine those celebrations are WONDERFUL!

  9. Melanie, I am fascinated by different superstitions in all different parts of the world. I learned most of my superstitions from my mom. Don’t remember my dad being that way about anything. Thanks for your kind words about The Half-Breed’s Woman!

  10. Kathleen O, I KNOW your family celebrates St. Paddy’s Day! We never really celebrated it except just to wear green, when I was growing up. I think my kids celebrate it more than I ever did, because Jessica works in a field with kids so they decorate for it and so on, and my son Casey…well, he loves to “celebrate”! LOL

  11. Hi Tex (Kathleen Adams)!

    LOL You crack me up. So have you had the shower yet? You might want to read the book in its entirety before you wash yourself silly. LOL

    Glad you enjoyed the excerpt!


  12. I have on my green shamrock shirt… but then I wear my Irish shirts year round… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! 🙂

  13. Hi Cheryl – We had a jolting awakening on St. Paddy’s day here in CA. 4.7 earthquake woke me up this morning, so I guess we’re lucky that nothing was broken and no one was hurt! We had our annual corned beef and cabbage yesterday with my family. Delicious!

  14. Colleen, I’m still sitting in my robe right now! LOL It’s great to work out of your house like I do.

    Guess I better go find my green.

  15. Hi Kristy! Glad you liked the excerpt! My mom’s side of the family is Irish and Indian. I am superstitious, but to a point.

  16. Char, you were so lucky no one was hurt! We have started having a LOT of earthquakes here in Oklahoma, too, just these past couple of years. Some of them are pretty strong (for us) in the 2. and 3. range. Most of them are centered to the northeast of where we live, but once in a while, we’ll feel one.

    Glad you are safe and sound.

    Thanks for the congrats. This is a story I’ve wanted to “get out there” for a while now.


  17. Oh the wearin’ o’ the green, haven’t gotten dressed yet and gown is red…but I’ll be properly attired when I take on the world. (All said with the brogue). Whoever gets this one has the four leaf clover. It is a good one. Doris

  18. Doris, I heard it just the way you said it, too! LOL

    Thank you dear friend, for your support. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one so much!


  19. I have on my green shirt right now in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. You know the saying, “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” ? Your book sounds like another great one, Cheryl.

  20. Hi Cheryl! I don’t wear green,it makes me look ill! I have quite a pale complexion. I am quarter Irish, the family were from Galway Bay, but I have never visited there. I also have Welsh and Scottish ancestry as well as English (Yorkshire) If I was to celebrate all their National days I’d be in a constant state of inebriation!!
    Half-Breeds Woman is the next one on my TBR list!

  21. I’m not superstitious but I still tend to note the dates. I did not wear any green today. I’m living dangerously today since tomorrow is my birthday.

  22. Hi Cheryl, first off, congrats on the new release–another excellent story! I will be wearing my hubby’s Guinness tee-shirt brought by our daughter from Ireland. There’s no green on it (it’s back and tan like the label, one of my favorite wardrobe combos anyway)….but I have a shamrock pin somewhere. I think we are going out to dinner, but if we don’t, I’m gonna try making colcannon, a potato cabbage dish, as it’s Meatless Monday for us. I have no Irish in me, but Erin go Brah anyway LOL.

  23. Hi Caroline!

    I’m glad you stopped by today. Congratulations are in order for you, too, for your story in the Rawhide and Roses anthology! Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and thanks for the compliment on The Half-Breed’s Woman.

  24. Hi Cheryl,

    Congratulations on the new book. It sounds so yummy. I have to go buy the print copy so I can share it with my mom. She loves stories like this one. But she refuses to use my Kindle to try and read any books. You just don’t know how many times I tried. I was even going to give her my old one, since I got a paperwhite now.

    Since I’m not Irish, but Native American I’m use to Superstition and yes I’m some what Superstitious, I was raised with the paranormal and legends. So on New Years and St. Patricks I make sure I do the food choices. St. Patrick’s Day the Cornbeef & Cabbage and Potato’s. I do wear some type of green on me. I have my Emerald shamrock ring, my Irish promise ring, on and my Emerald necklace & earrings. The rest was black sweater & blue jeans oh and I did wear green socks.
    I don’t know how much it brought me. But I did get home and my state income tax check was in the mail. So maybe it was lucky. You decide!

    Teresa K.
    tcwgrlup41(at)yahoo dot com

  25. Jill, I’ve never been to Great Britain, but we have traced some of our lineage back–would love to do more. Also, I picked the name Casey for my son, then found out years after he was born that was a family name. James Casey had come over from Ireland–his name was on the ship’s manifest, and my aunt on the other side of my family had found it. So we discovered that we had Irish blood on both sides.

    I hope you enjoy The Half-Breed’s Woman!


  26. Jennifer! Happy early birthday! I have another friend whose birthday is tomorrow, too–Sarah McNeal. Yes, that is living dangerously–I have on green underwear. LOL


  27. Tanya,

    I have been craving meatloaf of all things! So I’m making that today–not really Irish, but I imagine they must have had something kind of like it. My mom always made this and it is a super recipe. I’ve been in a cooking kind of mood today for some reason (that is sooo unlike me!)

    Hope you and Tim have a wonderful St. Paddy’s Day and do something relaxing!

  28. Teresa! That WAS luck! LOL now you have money to splurge with! Yes, I’m NA too, as well as Irish–so I got the “Double Whammy” but my kids are not superstitious at all. I tried not to do that to them too much when they were little. I remember my mom saying things from time to time. “Don’t step on the crack!” “Oh, gosh, there’s a black cat.” etc. Not real often, but enough that I knew she was aware. My grandmother did it a lot more. Maybe it’s diluting through the generations. LOL


  29. Excuse me while I get a tall drink of ice water. Ha-chee-mama, loved that scorching hot excerpt, Cheryl. This is going to be a most excellent read.
    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. I’ve been wearing green all day. No pinches coming my way.

  30. Hi Sarah! I’m drinking ice water right now. LOL I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt, Sarah! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  31. Hey Lyn! Thanks for coming by! And aren’t you in the Rawhide and Roses anthology, too? Congratulations to you, too!


  32. Patricia, thank you so much. I hope it does well, too. It’s one of those stories that ran around in my brain for awhile before I sat down and wrote it. It’s been a long time coming. LOL

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