Going On an Adventure and a Giveaway with Donna Alward

new color donna alward L-R 1594 HER RANCHER RESCUER marks my first book for Harlequin’s AMERICAN line. When I found out I’d be moving out of Romance and into American, I was a little discombobulated. But I really think that in general, things work out if we look at them as opportunities and adventures. And let me say: so far so good. I’ve had great fun writing my Americans (there are more coming your way in a few months’ time!).

My heroine in HER RANCHER RESCUER hasn’t really been out of Cadence Creek, so for her to travel to Montana with a man who is practically a stranger is quite a leap. And that’s not the end of her adventures. Jack owns a ranch that caters to corporate team-building, so there are always fun activities going on and a lot of firsts for Amy.

I had a ton of fun writing this story. I will say, I have never experienced riding behind a dog sled first hand, but a pal of mine did and helped me out. There was snowshoeing, sleigh rides, spa days, romantic nights. Amy had a job to do, but Jack made sure she experienced things too. More than she really bargained for, it turns out.

While there are lots of winter activities, one that I HAVE done that I haven’t written about yet is zip-lining. I still kind of hope that’s going to show up in a book. J I was terrified. And after I stepped off the platform for the first time, I LOVED it! I wanted to go again and again.

I do like the ideas of adventures. Life is an adventure all on its own. There are ups and downs, bumpy and smooth rides, but there are also exciting, steal-your-breath moments.

What was your last steal-your-breath moment?   Post a fun comment and be entered to win a digital copy of Her Rancher Rescuer! 




Small-Town Girl, Big-Time Crush

Amy Wilson longs to escape the pointed barbs and knowing looks that come with having a certain reputation in a small town. A temp job with CEO and rancher Jack Shepard seems to offer a way out, if only she can stay focused on her goal.

Former world-class athlete Jack is as relationship-phobic as they come, so he’s not worried that the soul-shattering kiss he and Amy shared will affect their working partnership. She’s a girl who’s going places, but Jack starts to wish that maybe he could tag along for the ride….



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22 thoughts on “Going On an Adventure and a Giveaway with Donna Alward”

  1. Learning to downhill ski. The first time I went up on the lift I fell face first in the snow while trying to get off the chair. Thank goodness for the help that pulled me out of the way and got me upright again!

  2. I am not really adventurous, but I love rollercoasters… boy to they get the heart pumping! Love the American line… Congrats on your book!

  3. Linda – I haven’t skied in a long time, but I used to a lot. I’m fine on the chair, but I HATE the T-bar. I always make it sink and I fall off and then they have to stop it for me to get on again.

    Colleen – I like roller coasters too. But you know what? I couldn’t do the Kraken one at SeaWorld because I couldn’t stand the thought of my feet dangling. LOL!

  4. I am not very adventurous. I haven’t been on a rollercoaster in about 25 years so that was probably the last still your breath moment for me. Although now that I think about it my husband use to have a motor cycle and he took me for a ride going about 100 mile an hour but that only happened once and it was enough for me.

  5. My last steal your breath moment was last year when I met the amazing Donna Alward in person. She even found a lucky penny and gave it to me. Mostly, I think, because she was returning to Canada and couldn’t use it there. But I appreciated the sentiment anyway and still have it.

  6. Hi Donna!!! It’s so great to have you back. How have you been doing? My last bit of adventure was when I rode a ski lift for the first time last year at Red River, New Mexico. Don’t laugh. A person shouldn’t have that first when they’re as old as I am. My goodness that was scary, both getting on and off. I just knew I’d fall and the chair would run over me or else the chair would knock me down.

    Congratulations on the new release!! That cover is something! Love the cowboy. Sounds like a great story.

  7. Congratulations on your new release, Donna! HER RANCHER RESCUER sounds like a great book and I look forward to meeting Amy and Jack!

    My last literal steal-your-breath moment was a few months ago when my 9-year-old son talked me into a theme park roller coaster. It is an indoor coaster and completely dark. It was my first time to ride and I had no idea what to expect. There were certainly a few gasps and stolen breaths!

  8. You write stories and characters that we can relate to. Whether you are in the Romance line or American line, we know they will be good. HER RANCHER RESCUER will be another enjoyable read, I am sure.

    We have made a point of taking opportunities when they present themselves, so I have been lucky enough to do many things. Ones that I know won’t be repeated happened many years ago when I was in my early 20’s. I climbed 2 volcanos. The first was Mount Mayon in the Philippines. It wasn’t very active at the time, but still warm. We made it to the top and looked down into the crater which was steaming. It was hot enough to melt the soles of my sneakers on the climb.
    The second was an active volcano in Indonesia. The slopes weren’t as hot, but at the crater, it was red inside and would erupt with ash, rocks, and steam/fumes. I probably not the smartest thing I ever did, but at 24, you think you can do anything. Both volcanos have since become active and dangerous. No one is climbing them anymore. At 60+, it wouldn’t be on my list of things to even consider doing.

    I would love to go on a zip-lining. My next adventure in the near future, I hope.

  9. Congratulations on your new release, Donna! I am not a thrill seeker in any way so I honestly try to stay away from steal your breath moments. I have had a few in my time, snow mobiling, white water rafting, but I prefer the calm life.

  10. My last “steal your breath moment” was hiking The Subway trail in Zion National Park. So challenging yet so beautiful. It was worth all the effort it took to get to the subway part of the trail!.

  11. Gee, not an adventurous person at all – having to talk to somebody already leaves my breathless most of the time (which is so not helpful when you should, like, say something…).

  12. My last steal my breath adventure was last year in Nicaragua (we’re missionaries). We’re in the mountains heading to a church when it’s time for the walking part. I look at the bridge, almost all of the boards are broken and hanging down towards the river, 25 feet down. There was a hand carved 2×4 pieced together, straight ahead. The Nica folks just went acrossed like it was nothing. I kept my hand on the wire to the side, never looked down AT ALL, put one foot in front of the other and just kept saying oh my God (& not in a bad way), to make sure He was carrying me thru this. The men had to carry 100# sacks of rice. Once I crossed, I looked at my hand and it was bleeding. The wire was raw edged. I had a matching hand on the other side going back after the service.

  13. When I also got hit by a car yesterday walking the dog! It hit a patch of ice and skidded. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Lots of exciting stuff…volcanoes and bridges and white water rafting! I am scared to do the rafting, to be honest. I’m always afraid I’ll fall out. Which wouldn’t be too bad except I’m scared of the rocks and stuff in the rapids. My daughter went tidal bore rafting and said she fell out lots of times, but that’s not rocky, it’s going on the tide (the highest tides in the world!).

  15. Kari – I have a whole jar of US coins. But we always say “put a penny in your shoe, good luck will come to you” so really – I was hoping for you to have good luck. It was a neat moment. 🙂 Looks like the fillies drew your name, too! My e-mail is down at the mo but I’ll find you and send you the kindle copy.

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