Racing & Romance ~ A Dreamy Combination

If I say “Dr. Dreamy” who comes to mind? If you said Patrick Dempsey then we’re thinking along the same lines.


Recently, I traveledto Daytona Beach, Florida, for a week’s vacation. While it was nice (really, really nice) to get out of the cold for a few days, the main reason for the trip was the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona—a sports car race that lasts for 24 straight hours.

How does car racing tie into romance and Dr. Dreamy?

Me and DreamyPatrick Dempsey, actor and star of many “Happy ending” movies, owns a race team and drove in the race!

As part of the four days of festivities, spectators may walk through the garages and get up close with the cars and technicians. And while Patrick wasn’t there, I did get to stand quite close to his car (you’ll have to trust that his name is in the list of drivers just above the door).


Now you know how sports car racing and romance fit together.


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17 thoughts on “Racing & Romance ~ A Dreamy Combination”

  1. My son’s F-I-L is also a racing enthusiast. He has paid over $2000 to take race car driving lessons(over a weekend). I myself have never heard of this Daytona team race only the Daytona 500. Do these teams go around the country and race?

    As for romance and racing, I enjoyed Pamela Briton’s NASCAR series and Harlequin’s NASCAR series.

    Hope you are able to come up with several book ideas along with your Westerns!

  2. Laurie G, if you want to check out the sports car circuit, go to – that’s the series website.

    I enjoyed the NASCAR series as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Tracy, you’re a VERY lucky girl!! Wow! My husband lived for NASCAR on TV. Anytime it was on, he was watching it. So watched right along with him. I knew the names of all the drivers and their stats. Since he passed, I’ve lost interest. Not so much fun anymore. I love Patrick Dempsey! He makes my heart do funny things. Great blog!

  4. I watch NASCAR some, Linda, but these sports cars are more interesting to me. And they drive road tracks, not just ovals. But Daytona is an amazing place to watch a race.

  5. I went back to the very beginning of Grey’s Anatomy – I think it’s 9 seasons! and have been watching on Netflix. Had forgotten a lot of it. But he is definitely McDreamy.

  6. I swear Tracy, I opened up this file and saw Dr. Dreamy and thought we had a new Filly! I was all for voting him in right now!!! Fun post. Hugs, P

  7. We live in the heart of racing country about 35 miles south of Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee. Race weeks are crowded with interested locals and out- of-towners coming for events and the races. If you are interested in racing, meeting drivers, and seeing race cars it is the place to be. There are race followers who follow the circuit, leaving one race and camping at the next race area. This is the way they spend their summers. It is a mobile community where many have known each other for years.

    They are having a giveaway right now leading up to the Spring Races. If you seriously want to attend or know someone who would, it is worth looking into. Just check here:

    Too bad we aren’t race fans : )

  8. Not so bad. We live far enough away to not suffer the gridlock the immediate area has. There is more traffic and the restaurants are full, but you just know to stay home and save your venturing out until later. The race fans contribute much to the local economy and there are many local fans. The Bristol Motor Speedway Foundation has donated millions over the years to local charities. We have taken our scout troops. It was a shock to experience just how loud it is. Over the winter holidays, they light the track and install a skating rink. Our son-in-law and grandsons are fans. My dad is, too, but he lives too far to come and attend. We have cousins that are big NASCAR fans and hope they will come down for the races some day.

  9. Patricia, the noise is indescribable. I knew I needed hearing protection but I had no idea it would take ear plugs AND the muff-style ear protection to be able to stand a NASCAR race.

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