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It seems like forever since I’ve seen you or talked to you through this blog.

Am hoping that you each one had a wonderful Christmas and a terrific New Year.  My Christmas this year was very, very different — in that my husband and I were on the road.  For those who don’t know, I’ve been on the East Coast for the past year, aiding my daughter in taking care of her daughter, my granddaughter.bd96925a3ff911e3a05d22000ae80f9f_8[1]

And now that my daughter has had another baby, my husband and I decided that it was time to get our entire household moved to the East Coast.  It’s quite a move for us since we’re in the extreme southern part of California — and we’re headed toward the northern part of the East Coast — from one sea to the other.

And so we’ve been packing…and packing…and packing…

Seems that it’s not so easy moving from one house to another, let alone from one coast to another.  And of course there’s the matter of friends.  Having lived here for so long, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to leave one’s friends.  All I can say is thank goodness for good transportation and email.

AngelAndTheWarrior-The-CoverNews! News! News!

THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR is being re-released on April1, 2014 into ebook format, publisher is Samhain Publishing.

Isn’t this a beautiful cover?  It’s really one of my favorites.

And so, since I’m celebrating (a little early) the release of this book, I thought I’d post an excerpt.  So here goes…hope you’ll enjoy!


By Karen Kay

 Release date April 1, 2014,  Samhain Publishing

“You should not be here,” he said at last, even while he reached up to smooth back a wayward lock of her soft, pale hair.

“I know. I’m sorry if I disturbed you.”

“You did not disturb me. Though there be danger in your being here, I think it was meant to be.”

“Meant to be…here?”

“I cannot explain.”

She nodded, as though she understood perfectly.  She glanced down, only to gasp. Her gaze flew to his, and he saw surprise as well as embarrassment there. At last, she understood that her gown hid none of her womanly secrets from him. Suddenly timid, she crossed her arms in front of her.

It made him grin. “It is too late for that, I fear.”

Color filled her cheeks, and he marveled again at the comeliness of her. “You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I have thought so from the first moment you came to me, though it seems long ago.”

“Long ago?” Her glance danced off his. “I have come to you before?”

Aa, it is true. But again, I cannot explain.”

She turned away then, and crouching, slid down into the water until it hid her body from his gaze. “I must return to my bath—to where I left my clothes…and I must dress at once. I’m sorry if I interrupted you.”

He nodded. “You did not interrupt me. As I said, you are a part of this. But come, you are right. I will accompany you.”

“No.” She spun around in the water, toward him. “No, I…I know my way, and it isn’t far. You see, I heard you singing, and I was…drawn to it.” She frowned, shaking her head. “I don’t know why. But…here I am.”

Haa’he. Here you are.” He reached out again to touch a lock of her hair, the feel of those silky tresses erotic against his fingertips. “Morning sunshine,” he said after a time. “You are like a ray of morning sunshine. Pale and golden, and shimmering with life.”

“Really?” She gave him a shaky smile. “I… Thank you, but I really mustn’t be here with you, not like this. It is unbefitting a lady.”

Haa’he, that it is. Go.” He raised his chin, nodding her on in the direction of her private pool. “But you should know, I think, that your state of dress is only ‘unbefitting’ if the lady be unmarried.”

“Unmarried?” She frowned. “But we are not married.”

“Yet.” He smiled. “You should add the word ‘yet’ when you say that.”

She exhaled loudly, narrowing her brows. “Why do you say this?”

“Because it is true. We are not married yet.”

“And we will probably never be.” Her frown deepened, and she turned away from him without another word.

He smiled as he watched her float away.

Just as she was putting distance between them, she stopped suddenly, turned around, and said, “Are you, by chance, asking me to marry you?”

He didn’t answer right away. Instead, he followed her into the water and grabbed one of her hands, where he outstretched it and placed it against his own, palm to palm, fingers entwined. “Do you see how your hand fits closely to mine?”

Eyes wide, she nodded.

“So it could be with us. Just as our fingers match perfectly, one to the other, there is a part of you that is a part of me. Maybe that is why you were drawn here.” He glanced down at her.

“I…I…don’t understand. I thought that you didn’t like me very much. I mean, I know I can be bossy, and I understand that this annoys you. Besides, it has not escaped my notice that you avoid my touch, and that each time I am close to you, you back away from me. Tell me, if not for the lessons, you would avoid me completely, would you not?”

“Avoid you? Not like you?” He paused, then shook his head. “I have been attracted to you from the moment I first saw you. In truth, that has presented me with a problem.”

“You…are attracted to me?”

He nodded.

“Even from the beginning?”

Another incline of his head was his answer.

Her lips quivered, and he could see that she tried to speak. All she managed, however, was to bite down on her bottom lip. A few moments later, she said, “I thought that you…that I… I mean, you tease me horribly and…”

He lowered his face toward her, his lips mere inches away from her own. “I tease you because I like you.”

She opened her mouth, but whatever else she might have said was lost to his mastery.

The mere touch of his lips against hers sent waves of pleasure over him, and when he met with no resistance from her, Swift Hawk deepened the kiss. One arm came around her waist, one hand caressed her cheek. She moaned, or was that him?

As though he had asked for too much from her, too soon, she stepped back, out of his embrace.

“I must go.” She took another step back, away from him. “Truly, I must go.”

He bobbed his head in acknowledgment. “Yes, that is best. Go. Now, while I can still let you.”

She didn’t leave right away. Instead, she turned those pale blue eyes on him, and for a moment, the passion he witnessed there tore at his control. But as quickly as he glimpsed that passion, it was gone. Alas, when he glanced at her again, her eyes held only an apology.

“I am truly sorry I disturbed you. I… You… I…” She seemed unable to finish the sentence, and without another word, she spun away from him. Spreading out her hands in front of her, she swam away.

Swift Hawk breathed out deeply, observing her until she rounded a corner and was out of sight.

This meeting between them had been a good thing, he decided, a very good thing, indeed. At least now she knew his intentions toward her, as did he.

Erratic waves darting toward him were the first indication of trouble, for there was no sound of struggle. What was wrong? Had she met someone on her return? Was she unable to yell for help?

Fearing the worst, Swift Hawk rounded the corner where she had disappeared. There was his angel, struggling.

Frantically, she tore at her clothes, until she caught sight of him. She gasped, “There is something beneath my chemise. It swam up to my chest, and whatever it is, it is wrapped around me. I am afraid to scream, for I do not want to draw attention. But I cannot get whatever it is off.”

Swift Hawk nodded, even as he cautioned himself to remain as calm as possible. “Do not move. If it is a snake, you will fare better if you remain still.”

“A snake!” she whispered, her words barely audible. “I can hardly breathe.”

“If you are talking, you are fine. But remain as still as you can. I will help you, but you must promise me that you will not move, no matter what I do.” Even as he said it, he was unsheathing his knife and placing it in his mouth. “Promise me.”

She did.

Having come in as close to her as he dared, he sprang at her all at once. Taking hold of her dress, he pulled it up over her head in a quick motion, raising her arms at the same time.

And there it was, a snake, coiled around her waist, its head hidden amongst its own body.

Seeing it, Angelia moaned, making tiny high-pitched sounds that Swift Hawk knew bordered on a scream, though she had the presence of mind to keep silent. She did, however, gasp out, “Kill it. Now. Please.”

What Swift Hawk did was far from an act of violence. Grabbing the snake by its head, he pulled it away from her body in a fast, jerky motion, and flung the beast out into the swirling mass of the river. Watching it as it swam away from them, he took the knife from his mouth and replaced it in his sheath. At last, he turned his attention to her.

Clearly stunned, yet on her feet and still alive, Angelia remained in one place, panting. That she was naked, and that he could see her form entirely from the waist up seemed to escape her notice, allowing him to gape at her.

Her beauty took his breath, and he felt like a man starved, for his mind cleared of all else but thoughts of her, of what he could do with her, of all they could be to one another…



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KAREN KAY aka GEN BAILEY is the multi-published author of American Indian Historical Romances. She has written for such prestigious publishers as AVON/HarperCollins, Berkley/Penguin/Putnam and Samhain Publishing. KAREN KAY’S great grandmother was Choctaw Indian and Kay is honored to be able to write about the American Indian Culture.
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30 thoughts on “THE ANGEL AND THE WARRIOR, Excerpts”

  1. Good luck with your move! Hope all goes smoothly!
    I know all about moving to be close to family. So far all is going well with my daughter’s high risk pregnancy. The C-section is tentatively set for March 19th. Cross your fingers she makes it that long without any complications..

    Loved the excerpt between Angelia & Swift Hawk!
    I can’t imagine a snake crawling under my dress. Eek!
    It’s more fun to read about them.

  2. I hope all goes well with your move. I know you’ll be glad to be closer to your daughter and watching your grandbabies grow up.

  3. Nothing like living close to those grand babies. We never know what big changes we may make in this life but thank goodness we can make those changes and treasure new experiences. Love the cover of your book.

  4. Kay,

    Loved the excerpt. How exciting to be moving to the East Coast. I bet you will love it. I love all your books. Take care my friend


  5. Hi Kay, best wishes and tons of love with the move! But those grandkids sure make such a major transition worth it. We sure loved our leaf-peeper trip to the East Coast, and all the history there.

    The cover and excerpt are amazing. Congrats!


  6. I hope you have an easy move! I loved the excerpt! I was reading it and enjoying so much that when it just ended I said out loud noooooooooooooooo! I wanted to finish it, hahah. I cant wait to finish it!!!

  7. Thanks for the excerpt and hoping your move goes well.. My weather advice… check out CuddleDuds…
    A couple of moving hints… local newspapers usually sell end rolls of newsprint and it’s not a lot, just depends on how much is left on the roll. Great for packing.. dollar stores have tons of boxes.. and ask at liquor stores, too. Those make great pre-devided boxes.
    This is a great opportunity to get rid of ‘extra stuff’..

  8. Hi Laurie!

    That’s right. I remember your telling me about your daughter. May the Lord bless her — and you — and may all go well. I’m sure it will.

    I can’t imagine a snake doing that either. Heaven forbid. : )

  9. Hi Janine!

    Yes, I do agree. Nothing like being close — however, I also have a daughter on this coast — so it’s sort of borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. : )

  10. Ah, Melinda!

    Thanks so much for coming to the blog today. The East coast is, indeed, very pretty. And I know we’ll love it there. But I do feel as if my heart is in the West. : )

  11. Ah, Tanya!

    Hello! Seems like I’ve been gone so long. So nice to see you here. Yes, the East Coast is very pretty. But truly, I’m a Western gal. : )

  12. Hi Cate!

    What wonderful ideas. I hadn’t even thought to check at liquor stores or dollar stores. Yes, boxes, boxes and more boxes are needed. Our den is filled on one side from floor to ceiling almost — with boxes. : )

  13. All the best with your move, Kay! Love the excerpt, but now I have to wait until April to read the rest…Nooooo! 🙂


  14. Beautiful cover Kay. This is one I haven’t read and it sounds really good. Good luck with the move. I have been in the same place for 29 years now and I would hate to move after all this time.

  15. Hi Quilt Lady!

    Well, I’ve been here for about 18 years and so… Gee, there’s a lot of things to have to look at and confront — stay or go?…

    Thanks for your comment on the book.

  16. I like the new cover. Very different from the previous one. The old one was good, but in this one, the people look more “real” less idealized than the original.
    Thanks for the excerpt. I am not sure if I have this one buried in my TBR Mountain, but I am going to look for it.

    Good luck with the move. Have done the coast to coast move twice and Northern Maine to Alabama twice. It doesn’t get any easier. It will be so nice for you to be close to your children and grandchildren without having to leave your husband behind and miss him. Once you are settled in, it will all be worth it. Now isn’t the best time to be crossing the country headed for the Northeast. By April the snow and ice should be gone and the travel will be much better. I never liked moving furniture and boxes when it was snowy or raining. Of course, as crazy as the weather has been, who knows what to expect. Our first cross country move we got caught in a blizzard for 4 days in -100 degree temperatures (with wind chill). On the move back across the country, we hit 115 degree (with heat index), 90% humidity weather. Thats what we got for moving in January and July : )

    Good luck and enjoy.

  17. Hi Patricia!

    Yes, I really like this cover also. I think you hit the nail on the head with your observations.

    Ah, so you’ve been there, done that. No, it’s not easy – not at all, but you’re right, once we’re there and together with the kids, I think it will be worth it. Thanks for your insights, Patricia.

  18. Hello Karen. Loved this excerpt and didn’t want it to end. The cover is very pretty. About the move. Is your daughter not healthy for you to stay there a year. I cannot imagine being gone from home for a year. I was 16 when I had my first child and my mother came to help but for only 3 weeks. She also came for a couple of weeks with each of the other three. My hubby and I had to move to TX. in the Houston area when I was 7 mo. pregnant, for my asthma got too bad. What about your other daughter on the west coast. Does she have children too? Just wondering. Would love to have this book. Congrats on the book and the babies. I have 12 grands and 19 greats. God bless you as you make this move.
    Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com

  19. I hope the move goes well for you. I can understand wanting to be around your children.
    EEEK! A snake? Your poor heroine. 😉

  20. Good luck with your move and getting established in your new area. It will be worth it to be close to your growing family. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. We all enjoyed it!

  21. Hi Maxie!

    Good questions. I’ll try to answer them as best I can. No, my daughter isn’t sick, but she had a nanny problem that she couldn’t resolve due to many, many factors — she has to work — there on the East Coast both parents must work or they just can’t make ends meet.

    She didn’t know what to do and the problem was such that it was a danger for the child. She asked for my help,and my husband and I talked it over and decided we really had to help.

    It’s been tough on us — very, very tough on us, but we really have to do it — and so I’m here packing up our things and my husband will come to CT soon.

    My daughter here on the West Coast has decided not to have children — her and her husband’s decision — and though I will miss her and her husband terribly, there is not the danger to another here that there might be on the East coast.

    Wow! Look at all those grands. I’m in awe.

  22. Hi Susan!

    I know — a snake — but I’m from that part of the country, and I remember very well not swimming in the lakes and streams for fear of the snakes. Sigh…

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