The Littlest Pistol

The Littlest PistolI think I’ve finally done it. This has to be the smallest pistol ever. Certainly it’s the smallest one I’ve ever pulled the trigger on. It measures just over 1 ½”–and I have no idea who made it. I’ve been over it with a magnifying glass and see no marks other than those when it was created.

It’s a pearl-handled single-shot 2mm pinfire, a “Berloque” in French or “Breloque” in German, according to the Charleston Mini Gun Works.

The first Berloques, or miniature guns, were invented Zwei neue werden herausgebracht, die dann in den Microgaming-Casinos uber Download, Flash oder Quickfire-Plattform gespielt werden konnen. and produced by watch maker Franz Pfannl ipistol with ringn Austria in 1899 as an accessory. Perhaps as a watch fob. And they’re still being made and collected today. There’s even a Miniature Arms Society (

To give you a little perspective on my miniature pistol’s size, that’s my wedding ring below it.

I thought it must have been made as jewelry, a conversation piece, but it came complete with a pill capsule of blank cartridges. We have a dozen cartridges and cartridgesthey all fit inside a pill capsule with room to spare.

The barrel is hinged to fold down and away from the body of the pistol for loading.

For a comparison, top to bottom, here is a .45mm casing, a .38mm cartridge, a .22 cartridge and the 2mm pinfire cartridge.

I can’t find any proof of who made the pistol, but I plan to wear it on a silver chain the next time I meet up with my Cowboy Action Shooting friends. I have no doubt it will start a few conversations.

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32 thoughts on “The Littlest Pistol”

  1. Tracy,I think you are right, this little jewel will definitely start conversations. I can just imagine this resting against the side of a ladies ankle in a lace up shoe. Oh, if that little gun could talk!

  2. Can you find any history of it’s use?
    I wonder how badly it can hurt someone.
    That picture of bullets is that tiny dot … the fourth one … a bullet? Or am I mistaking a piece of lint in your picture for a bullet? I must be.
    I can hear the conversation now.
    “Put that pea shooter away now ma’am, you might scratch somebody.”
    “I assure you, Cowboy, my pea shooter can do more than scratch, take one more step and I’ll prove it.”

    Oh, yeah, this could be fun. A different outcome depending on whether the guy talking is the hero or the villain. 🙂

  3. Wow! That is small. Where on earth did you find it? It looks like a toy. It’ll definitely start some conversation. Sounds like you have a lot of fun with your Cowboy Action group.

  4. Yes, Mary, that is the bullet. That mosquito-sized bit of brass with the pin sticking out one side. I’m with your cowboy, though; I doubt it would do more than scratch.

  5. Linda, it came to Dan on the passing of a family friend. I love it.

    You should check out the Cowboy shooters in your area. It’s a lot of fun mixed with history and great people.

  6. When my son was born 49 years ago a friend gave me a set of diaper pins (yes we used cloth diapers) that were a holster with a tiny cap gun in them. I think the gun may be about the same size and yes it fires a cap but I am not even sure where to get them anymore. He was so adorable in his diaper and little red corduroy cowboy boots that she gave him and I don’t think we even have a picture of it.

  7. Wow, Tracy, that almost looks like a prop for a doll house! Awesome. Pawn Stars had a ring gun but I don’t think they could get it to work. Amazing ingenuity and workmanship here. Xo

  8. who ever made that had to be in the Jewerly business to have the tools to build something so small,,wonder how much of a hurtin it could actually do to someone,,any volunteers?lol,,not me

  9. Hi Tracy, My husband and I were watching Pawn Stars and someone brought in a gun just like that. It ended up not being worth that much but it was still pretty cool looking little gun. I really enjoy your posts on guns! Jenny

  10. I always enjoy your posts on weapons, Tracey! I imagine some man laughing at this tiny pistol until the lady in question pulls the trigger.


  11. It would certainly take a jeweler to make something that small that would still work. I’m sot sure that tiny bullet would do much damage, but it would at least get someone’s attention. Always enjoy your posts on guns, never know what to expect.

  12. I enjoyed this post. I love looking at weapons. Guess it’s a by product of my upbringing and one of my jobs (Law Enforcement). I would like to see you wear it. I can imagine the conversations it will start. How do you find Cowboy Action Groups?

  13. Amazingly tiny & cute! I, too, am wondering just how much damage it could do, & what it’s purpose is – if not as jewelry, or a showpiece.

    Funny, but sad & true, the comment about the diaper pin – Mary!

  14. I would love to have a pistol like the one posted above. It sure would be a great conversation piece, although, I’d have to be the one to see how much power was in that tiny bullet. Ü

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