Cheryl7126I’ve talked a bit about the Wolf Creek series before here. It’s one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever worked on, anywhere, anytime.
The series is the brainchild of Troy Smith, a good friend of mine and an excellent writer and “idea man”. His thought was to create a bible to be used by the participants of the series to work from for the fictional post Civil War town of Wolf Creek, Kansas. Any member of the Western Fictioneer professional writing organization could contribute when their character was called for in the plot structure.
Now this is quite a daunting task when you think of having at least 23 (and climbing!) people who wanted to contribute, having to come up with plots that would involve at least 6 characters in each book–some of them the same as a common thread– and keep all the books fresh and interesting. But Troy managed to do it.
Hell on the PrairieThe latest book, Wolf Creek Book 6: Hell on the Prairie, differs. It’s an anthology of short stories by some of the contributors about their characters. Here’s the blurb for it:
Welcome to Wolf Creek.
Here you will find many of your favorite authors, working together as Ford Fargo to weave a complex and textured series of Old West adventures like no one has ever seen. Each author writes from the perspective of his or her own unique character, blended together into a single novel.
In this volume -an anthology of stand-alone short stories: … Marshal Sam Gardner confronts a notorious gunfighter who hates lawmen; Deputy Quint Croy learns the secrets of Asa Pepper’s place; Billy Below learns to be a cowboy; Doc Logan contends with a specter from his past; Derrick McCain faces family secrets; Ben Tolliver gets the shock of his life; and strangers get caught up in the Danby Raid…
Wolf_Creek_COVER1Web_jpg_opt262x393o0,0s262x393 I loved this idea because each participant is able to write a short story featuring their character(s) and show a depth to their character they might not be able to convey in a collaborative effort such as the other books before this have been. My story is called IT TAKES A MAN, and of course, Derrick McCain, my foremost character, is at the center of this one.   When Derrick and his mother are ominously summoned to the Cherokee settlement of Briartown, Derrick is determined to set things straight with the man he’s learned is his real father. But once he arrives, he’s distracted by the beautiful cousin, Leah Martin, of his best friend’s wife. Leah is hiding a secret—one that could be the death of her. Once Derrick discovers it, will he walk away? Or will he save her…and possibly himself? IT TAKES A MAN to do what his heart tells him.
Wolf Creek-Showdown at Demon's Drop COVERJust last week, all three of the Wolf Creek books I contributed to (Bloody Trail–Book 1, Showdown at Demon’s Drop–Book 5, and Hell on the Prairie–Book 6) were on the Kindle top 100 bestselling western list!  Wolf Creek Book 1–Bloody Trail, is on sale right now for only .99 to get you started on the Wolf Creek series. The others are available for only $2.99.
I will be gifting one lucky commenter with a Kindle version of Wolf Creek Book 6: Hell on the Prairie today! Just leave a comment and be sure to check back after 9:00 to see if you won! Meanwhile, if you just can’t wait, go to my author page at Amazon to see these and all my other works here:
Or go here for all the Wolf Creek books, 1-6, that have been published so far. Scroll down on this page to find all of the Wolf Creek books.  Look for book 7 sometime in September!
NEWSFLASH! I wanted to add that two of my publishers are having CHRISTMAS IN JULY events with lots of freebies and near-freebie reads. Click on the links below to go to the ONCE UPON A WORD blog where there is a list of free reads, and the 2nd link will take you to the WESTERN FICTIONEERS blog where there are a ton of .99 reads, both short stories AND full length books. Be sure to double check the price before you click to buy at Amazon, to be sure they have them all listed as they should be. You can’t go wrong with CHRISTMAS IN JULY!
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  1. 23 Writers! Wow, I had no idea this series (need a bigger word) was so huge. You must have met some great people working on it. I can tell you loved it. The posts I’ve read from some of them have been just delightful.
    And the cover of that Christmas book just tugs at the heartstrings.
    Congratulations on your success, Filly Sister!

  2. That sounds great to be able to read about each character in a little more depth. Love the idea!
    farmygirl at hotmail dot com

  3. Elizabeth, I believe this Wolf Creek project is one of the very most interesting and wonderful things I have ever worked on. Coordinating with others to fit the plot, and then having these books all turn out so seamlessly, is a miracle in itself. I HAVE worked with some fantastic authors there, and I have just loved it.

    The cover for THE WISHING TREE is wonderful, isn’t it? Karen M. Nutt did that, and she is so talented–I love all my covers she’s done for me.

    Thanks for all your support, dear friend!

  4. Susan,

    I think that idea appeals to a lot of readers AND writers! We will have a Christmas anthology coming out in a few months, and I’m working on my story for that one right now. It’s fun to delve into these characters’ lives more deeply than what we can show in a collective novel. Thanks for coming by!

  5. Connie,

    I really have enjoyed all the characters of our little fictional town–like any small town, it’s full of secrets, and it’s interesting and fun to watch them emerge and see the effects that they have. My character, Derrick, has a HUGE secret that only one other person knows–that person is Charley Blackfeather, Troy Smith’s character. He and Derrick were bitter enemies in the Civil War, and they’ve ended up in this small town…but things have changed, for both of them.


  6. Congrats on all the success of this series, Cheryl .wow, top kindle westerns! I too love the world of a small western town, which almost becomes a character itself. Best wishes and love always!

  7. Thanks, Tanya! I was so excited to have all three of these in the top 100 Kindle Westerns at once! Yes, the town of Wolf Creek does become a character of its own! Thanks so much for stopping by today–I know you are really worn to a frazzle after being gone.

  8. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement. I have really enjoyed working on these, and there are many more to come, hopefully.

  9. I’m with Cheryl on this one, for sure- Wolf Creek is the most fun I’ve ever had writing, and I can’t wait for you all to see the shocks and surprises we have in store for you in months to come! All of the characters have really come alive -including the town itself -and Cheryl has been a big part of that.

  10. Sounds like you’re having a blast with this series. I love the idea of so many authors working on the project and bringing the town and the characters alive. Interesting! I wish you the very best success!

  11. Sarah, thank you so much–I appreciate those very kind words. I’m glad to know you are enjoying this Wolf Creek series!

  12. A big thanks to you, Troy, for coming up with this idea in the first place. I really am enjoying working on this. So many surprises for all the characters–that’s what makes them so realistic. I’m really excited about this.

  13. Karen,
    It has just been unbelievable the way everyone has worked together on this, and how Troy has been able to pull it all together and keep it on track as it should be. It’s making for a very interesting series and one to be proud of!

  14. Thanks, Char. It is pretty mind boggling when you think of everything that has to be coordinated for them to succeed as they have!

  15. Cheryl, I have HELL ON THE PRAIRIE, but haven’t read each of the stories yet. We’re moving and all I’ve been doing is packing and taking care of other moving details that seem endless. Love your writing and will get to all of your stories when we’re settled in the new-to-us house.

  16. I am curious about this series. It is an interesting concept and with the “bible” in place should run relatively smoothly (right). Will be checking them out.

  17. Oh, Caroline! How exciting for you! I know it’s a pain to move, but it’s always so exciting, too. Well, maybe you’ll be able to read while you’re resting up from the move! I hope you enjoy the stories. There’ll be another anthology out later on in the year for Christmas, but meanwhile, there are two more of the series books scheduled before then.

  18. Patricia, even with the bible in place, everyone was coming up with their own character and what they had done in the past and how they’d ended up in Wolf Creek, and Troy had to weave the plotline together. He did a great job. I’ve only mentioned the ones that I had a hand in but the others in the series are just as good, and different in their own ways. I hope you will give them a try!

  19. I just received my email to read the blog. I’m so thankful I got it. Book 6 “HELL ON THE PRAIRIE”sounds so interesting and I think it would be a great book. Thank you for sharing and please enter me in the giveaway.

  20. Hi Barbara,

    I’m so glad you came by! I think you might really enjoy the Wolf Creek books, and I really would recommend Hell on the Prairie as an in-depth look at some of the characters, for sure. And darn it, I’d already done the giveaway by the time you came by, but you know the first book, Wolf Creek 1: Bloody Trail, is still on sale at Amazon for just .99!

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