The Civil War in Atlanta

Mary Connealy in Atlanta

Hi from Atlanta (Never mind about the word TEXAS on that steam engine!)

I am attending Romance Writer’s of America National Conference.

Because I’m ME I always want to learn about the history of any area I’m in so we went to a place called Cyclorama.

It was about the Battle of Atlanta.

There was a cool show about the battle and also some


Exhibits. Because we couldn’t take a picture of the show.

We also asked permission to climb on the train and stage shots like we were stoking the engine and firing off the whistle. NOPE!

We had to behave.




Union Soldier

Union Soldier



Because my current series is full of heroes who fought in the Civil War I feel like now I have a better idea of what they looked like. I hope in a later post to write more, but things are crazy at the conference. So that’s all for today.


Confederale Soldier




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11 thoughts on “The Civil War in Atlanta”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mary! So glad you behaved yourself, I know how hard that is for some of us!

  2. Sounds like you are having a blast! Civil War history is hugely interesting to me for many reasons, but there is a Civil War Museum in Fort Worth that is totally awesome if you’ve never visited it.

  3. Hi ladies. Limited chances to check email today. Sorry the blog post is so short.
    The cyclorama is hard to describe, a huge civil war battle of Atlanta painting hung around a circular room and we sat in the middle and our seats turned. And it’s a diorama, too, so really intricate stuff between us and thepicture. Posed statues of soldiers, alive, fighting, dying, horses, grass and stone and such. One dead body has Clark Gable’s face on it, at his suggestion.

  4. Margaret….Debra Clopton and Robin Lee Hatcher are getting together with me this afternoon. (Margaret and my co-authors in A Bride for All Seasons) I’ve seen them both a couple of times but it will be fun to sit down and just talk.
    I’ve seen a bunch of my Fellow Fillies (Sister Fillies?) I’m still hoping we can all get together somehow.
    Tanya, Winnie, Tracy, Renee

  5. Oh Mary, I wish I was there with you! I’m missing out on that excitement and fun. And I’m also missing out it appears on you getting arrested for trying to climb on that old steam engine. Ha! Just let us know if you need to be bailed out of jail.

    Seriously, that Civil War exhibit looks amazing. Wish I could see it sometime. Don’t know when I’ll ever be in Atlanta though.

  6. Hi Mary, was fun catching up to you and Winnie today. You both did wonderful workshops. Right now, my head’s spinning with all the cool info. Hugs to everybody else…xo

  7. We have visited my husband’s mother’s family in the Atlanta for years, but never really “done” Atlanta. It looks like we really need to make the trip. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

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