NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE and Midnight, my cat

Good Morning or afternoon or good evening!

It’s been a rather daunting two weeks, I must admit — one because I’m out of town and two because we had lost one of our cats, Midnight, last time I blogged.

As I sit here writing this (on Sunday), I plan to leave to come home tomorrow.  I made a detour on my way home — to stop at my daughter’s and visit with my daughter, my granddaughter and step-granddaughter and my son-in-law.  When I left Florida, we still had not found Midnight.  No sign of him.

My husband meanwhile was traversing about a 6 mile radius of our home, posting signs, talking to people, calling.  But no sign of Midnight.  I had friends come to the house special while I was gone and call for him.

Now, in my last post, I had mentioned how Midnight came to us as I was touring with the book, NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE.  Midnight was found by my brother-in-law around midnight and it seemed fitting to name him Midnight Thunder or Midnight.  He’s been a wonderful cat — he’d had a tough life prior to coming to us and we found that he had two bullets in him.  One of those bullets the vet was able to remove, the other was too hard to get out and so to this day that bullet still resides inside Midnight.  But Midnight has been a wonderful friend.  And he went missing about 1 day before my last post.

To the right is a picture of Midnight as we found him as a kitten.  Anyway, when I’m away from home, my husband and I talk every day and every night — and it was almost becoming painful to keep asking day after day if there had been any word on Midnight.

Then two days ago (Friday) my husband had the bright idea of calling the shelters in the area again, just on the off chance.  So he called the shelter closest to us.  They did have a black cat and it sounded similar to Midnight and so early on Friday morning my husband went off to the shelter — leaving me on pins and needles here on the East coast.  It was Midnight.  It was.  It was.  It was. I think I must’ve laughed for a solid five minutes.

So, we have our cat back unharmed and of course the first thing he wanted to do as soon as we got him home was that he wanted to go outside.  Not for a while, we said.  Not until we can make it so that he roams in our yard only (which is fairly good sized).  So I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer for Midnight’s safe return.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Prayer is so powerful!

The thing is, we had just lost two other of our cats — Puffin — a beautiful white/gold eyed kitty and Squeeky, another black cat.  But Puffin was 20 years old or older when she passed away and Squeeky was 17 — so theyboth had lived good, happy, and long lives.  And we had already recognized that we would be soon losing them.  But losing them and then having Midnight go missing was a bit much.  At the shelter, however, my husband saw another cat that was adorable — and so of course we have a new family member, yet to be named.  Picture is here to the right and below.

I don’t know but it looks like this little guy might have some siaese in him.  So it has turned out well, even though the last two weeks have been a bit gruesome and  intense.  On a good note, however, most of the neighborhood (we are new to this neighborhood) now know my husband and that we love our pets.  🙂

Again, I wish to thank you all for your prayers.  It has turned out well.

I will be on my way home on Tuesday and completely away from a computer and so will not be able to check on your posts.  But I would so love if you all could leave a post.

And so I will close this blog today with the cover of NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE and two of my newest books to be soon released (which are on sale for a song right now). 

Don’t you just love these covers?  Again, WAR CLOUD’S PASSION and LONE ARROW’S PRIDE are on sale for a song.  Here’s the link.

So do come in and leave a comment.  As soon as I’m home, I’ll be answering them.  🙂

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15 thoughts on “NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE and Midnight, my cat”

  1. I am so happy that you recovered Midnight! That is so awesome!!! We too have ‘shelter’ cats that we have brought into our home, and they definitely have become a big part of our family. I know how disheartening it is when one comes up missing…our oldest Mya came up missing a few years ago, and we ended up finding her 40 ft. up in a tree two days later. I do believe that cats have 9 lives…they have to…they get into so much trouble! LOL!!! I love reading your books Karen and I look forward to hearing about your new kitty in future blogs. 🙂 God Bless.

  2. What beautiful covers, Kay! And so glad you found Midnight. He’s beautiful. I rescued my big Tabby guy Walter from a shelter seven years ago. He’d already been neutered and was so friendly and loving. You had to know he was someone else’s beloved pet who’d just wandered off. Someone must have been sick to lose him but he’d been there unclaimed for a couple of months. Now he and his little girlfriend Sadie, from the same shelter, are indoor pets. I don’t want him wandering again.

  3. Kay,

    First I must say that I am so thankful Midnight is home and now you saved another cat from the shelter. The nameless cat is so pretty and reminds me of a feather. My cat is named Feather so of course I love that name. But you must admit he reminds me of a feather.
    Anyway I love the covers of your book. I think the world of you Kay….Thanks for everything you do my friend…


  4. Karen, I am so glad that your cat Midnight was found safe and sound.. Good thinking on your husbands part…And to have a new kitty to the mix, what a nice homecoming that will be for you…So happy for you all..

    The covers are wonderful.. But then yours always are as are the stories inside..

  5. Gorgeous covers, Kay, and SO glad you found your kitty cat! We lost our Butch for good a while back and can only hope he got into somebody’s motorhome and they took care of him when they returned to their homestead. Oh, the visits to the shelter were heartrending…

    Best of luck with the new releases! xoxox

  6. Oh, so happy for you. I’ve been wondering ever since your last post and can’t be more thrilled that he is home. I too have had missing cats so I knew how worried you must have been. And happy day – a new cat. I’m still have two cats that were my daughters getting acclimated to our household of 3 other cats. It’s a slow process but with tlc and lots of patience it will happen. Great covers too!!

  7. Oh that is wonderful news… I am so so happy that your Midnight was found and in good health! 😀 Congrats also on your newest family member!

  8. I love your covers!! Especially NIGHT THUNDER’S BRIDE! I’m happy that your cat was found and is in good help! Let us know what you name the new cat.

  9. Hi Kay, Haven’t talked to you for a long time. I’m so glad you got your cat back. I have two fat, adult cats, 11 years old. They are my babies. They have moved with us all over and have been inside and outside cats. On one move they got away from us and we found them 2 days later in the City shelter. Boy, were they glad to see us. That was 3 years ago and they have been really good ever since.
    Love the book covers. They are, as usual, GREAT!
    Mary J

  10. OH KAY, THAT IS WONDERFUL!!!! I’m so so sooooo glad you got Midnight back! And I know MIDNIGHT is glad, too! And it’s great that you got another shelter cat, too. Hey, your cover for Lone Arrow’s Pride is really similar to mine for Every Girl’s Dream! I love that!

    Again, I’m thrilled for you and Midnight and your new baby, too!
    Cheryl P.

  11. Karen,
    I am so glad you have Midnight back safe and sound. He was probably lonely after loosing his two friends. They become such a part of the family. You don’t want to see them lost or suffering. The new friend should be a nice addition for all of you.
    Have a safe trip home.

    We just had to put our lab to rest a few months ago after 16 wonderful years. One of our cats literally pawed at our door to get in the week we got the lab as a puppy. He is showing his age and doesn’t look like he is doing too well. He has been to the vet, but it is just old age. This heat wave we are having isn’t good for him.

    Cheryl, I checked the cover of EVERY GIRL’S DREAM and yup, the same stock photo. Amazing what a difference a little photo shopping can make.

  12. Oh Kay, I am so happy Midnight is home. I have been praying he would come home, and knowing what torture it is not to be home where you can be out doing the looking yourself. What a blessing to have a husband who has such a soft heart and was willing to save another kitty. We have had several rescue cats. The one we have now is marked with a black mask, so her name is Bandit.

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