Resolutions…cowboy style ~Tanya Hanson

 The tradition of the New Year’s Resolution goes all the way back to 153 B.C. when Janus, a mythical king of early Rome, was placed at the head of the 365-day solar calendar. With his two faces –one on the front of his head and one on the back, he could look back at the past and forward into the future at the same time. He became the symbol for forgiveness of past wrongs as well as a call for tomorrow’s better behavior.



As for me, I start with the same ole’ resolutions every year. Eat less, pray more. Trust God even when it’s hard, smile even when my face hurts, grit my teeth when I want to scream. Write ten thousand words a day…dust off the exerbike, and this year, a new one for 2012:  Don’t let my recently broken big toe impede my christening of my Christmas gift Wii Zumba.

(When all’s said and done, though, by Chocolate Bunny Time, I’ve usually failed miserably at each and every one.)

But that didn’t stop me from being inspired. I scoped around for a few revolves from famous folks I admire:

Ben Franklin:  Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.

Mark Twain: New Year’s Day–now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.

Abraham Lincoln: Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.


Then I thought, what might our beloved cowboy resolve? Not to squat with his spurs on? Not to spit into the wind? Always treat ladies and horses as right as he can?

In my search, I came across the Cowboy Poetry at the Bar-D Ranch site  and received permission from Mr. Don Gregory to use the adorable poem below.  I suppose adorable isn’t quite the adjective for a cowpoke, but it truly works. (The pic isn’t Mr. Gregory. I just liked it and thought it fit the occasion.)

Enjoy it as this New Year scrambles off to a good start, and don’t forget to leave your own resolutions in the comment page!



Here I sits, in the bunkhouse,

Outside, the snow is stirrup deep.

Thinkin’ on the comin’ year,
And resolutions, I might can keep.

Well, the way my britches fit,
I might lose twenty pounds.
I tried that one year, and gained ’bout ten,
How’d THAT git turned around.

Mayhaps I’ll try an easier life,
Than pushin’ contrary hides.
Move to town, and git a job,
Like saddlin’ liv’ry snides.

 I recall the year I tried that,
Got me a job, at the dry goods store.
I drug that job, and come back here,
‘Bout January twenty-four.

I gave up drinkin’, in ’82,
Said there’d be no more headaches.
That lasted till St. Paddy’s day,
Guess we all make those mistakes.

Gave up cussin’, one New Years,
Didn’t last, it’s safe to say.
Smacked my thumb, with fencin pliers,
The air turned blue, that day.

Of all the resolutions,
I’ve made in years gone by.
I can’t think of one I’ve kept
On this you can rely.

So this year I got a good one,
Yup, this grizzled old galoot.
Is gonna resolve hisself,
Not to be so resolute.

© 2001, Don Gregory

(Two of my 2011 releases are nominees for the CAPA Award at the Romance Studio, so I’m starting off 2012 feeling fine.)

Happy New Year to you and yours, and God bless you all, everyone!


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32 thoughts on “Resolutions…cowboy style ~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Tanya, I love this. The poem made me smile. I think “not to be resolute” is one resolution we can all keep.

    Happy New Year and congratulations. You’re starting out the year with a bang!


  2. Tanya,

    Loved the poem! And love the picture of the shirtless cowboy. Thanks!

    I usually don’t make resolutions, but this year I am resolved to make my first book sell and move back to Wyoming. We’ll see how all that goes. :o)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I sure hope your toe heals quickly Tanya! That poem made me smile too.

    Congratulations on your two nominees!

    Happy New Year!

  4. HI Margaret, I loved the poem too. Was so worried chasing down Don I wouldn’t find him in time LOL. Thanks as always, filly sister, for your kind words and support. Here’s hoping 2012 continues with goodness! ooxoxox

  5. hi Kirsten, here’s wishing you much success with your book! Is it a Western? Where in Wyoming? We had a blast there a year ago on our wagon train trip around the Tetons. Gorgeous country! Good luck and happy new year!

  6. Thanks, Lori. The competition is fierce, so the nominations mean the world no matter what the end result. The toe is progressing nicely. The ironic thing: it’s a foot that already needs a second surgery due to a bone spur. Oh well, could be worse. So good to see you here. Blessings in 2012.

  7. Hi Tanya,

    My stories are Westerns. The West is in my blood. :o) I grew up in Riverton, which is just south of the Tetons. We used to (and still do when I visit) drive up to the Tetons all the time. It is gorgeous country!

    But I’m looking to move to Sheridan if everything works out.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  8. Hi Karen, oh, me too. The first time I read it I said, gotta have it. So glad it worked out. The cowboy poetry site is a lot of fun, many clever works there. Check it out! oxox

  9. Great poem and photos, Tanya. My favorite of the quotes is Mark Twain’s. And Mary’s comment is pretty good, too.
    I actually make and try to keep one or two resolutions. This year I’ve vowed to cut way back on on-line bargain shopping. Eats up time and money like you wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would).
    Hugs on the toe. I’ve discovered Zumba at our local fitness center. What a blast.

  10. Lovely poem, and the pictures made me smile as well! I don’t make resolutions, I just tell myself what I plan to do, and this year, it’s dance more, celebrate each day as it arrives and ends, and love life. Congrats on the CAPA awards! And ‘ouch’ on the toe. 😉

  11. Tanya, Thank you for a delightful post. Mr. Gregory’s poem brought a smile and is pretty typical of most of our resolution histories.
    Ben Franklin and Abraham Lincoln brought truth and an important point to their statements.
    However, Mark Twain with his wit and ability to cut to the truth of any situation said it best.

    I resolve to try to do better. I figure that covers a lot of territory and I should be able to succeed somewhere.

    Have a wonderful 2012.

  12. TANYA–I love cowboy poetry. I’ve heard some read by the actual cowboy poet, and they were hysterically funny.
    I can see why you thought you’d just add the photo of the cowboy–why not?…I always say.
    I congratulate you on the CAPA nomination.I got one last year for one of my Western Historicals..didn’t win, but it was very nice to be recognized. And isn’t this the one in which the reviewers choose the nominees? I think that’s a great way to choose top stories!Good luck.

  13. Hi Clare, thanks for the good wishes, and good luck with your new Christmas release! My toe feels well enough for me to try our neighborhood Zumba class tonight…the teacher says she promises to go easy LOL. So glad to see you here today.

  14. Hi Elizabeth, I too am going to cut back on shopping. I need nothing and am overhauling my closets right now. I love Mark Twain, and sometimes, I actually miss teaching American lit. Those three quoted were among my favorite authors to teach. The Gettysburg address is a stunner. Thanks for the good wishes, filly sister! oxox

  15. Hi Lauri, congrats on your new Harl. Undone release!
    I too need to celebrate more and love life. My family has had some sour lemons thrown wildly the last couple of months, and it’s been hard to make that lemonade LOL. But my daughter’s new little baby boy sure brightens up everything. So glad you could stop by today. oxox

  16. Marianne, ever my rock. I thank God for you every day. Always so good to have you stop by here at Wildflower Junction. God bless…I am indeed hoping and praying for a good 2012.

    I’m in the closing stretch of edits for the fifth book in the Hearts Crossing Ranch series, Soul Food, so that’s always fun to get close to production.

  17. Hi Patricia, thanks as always for spending time with me in Wildflower Junction. It’s always great to see you here. I love Franklin, too. Just visited his grave site in Philadelphia, and the place where his first home was (it no longer stands, but there are diagrams.) So witty, smart. such a Renaissance man. And Twain just about trumps everybody in the wit department. Happy new year backatcha!

  18. Hi Celia, thanks so much for stopping by, my “Sweetheart of the West” blog friend. You’re Westerns are lovely and I can see why one was nommed last year. Yes, the noms are done in house. I was especially tickled about both of these. Faithful Danger is my first-ever suspense tale, and Sanctuary has cancer survivors for Hero and Heroine. So both stories are deeply special.

    As you say, the competition is fierce. Just the nomination thrills me and was a great Christmas present. Best wishes to you and your writing.

  19. I’m with Mr. Don Gregory in that I might as well
    end the making of all resolutions. I just never ever keep them for long! On top of that I always end up with a terrible headache. The pain in my head is from all the thinking I have to endure in trying to find new resolutions for each year. I
    guess my thought behind “new” resolutions is that
    I might hit upon one that I would actually keep
    this time! LOL!

  20. Hi Kathy, agree here on both counts 🙂

    Nancy, yes indeedy, a pretty yummy specimen.

    Pat…Don Gregory’s poem speaks for us all, I think LOL. So glad you all could join me here today.

    I had a good day with resolutions today. thanks, everybody, for stopping by. Here’s to a rollickin’ 2012!

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