When You Need a Hero — FINALS!





Congratulations to all our daily WHEN YOU NEED A HERO winners.  We hope you’ve had as much fun this week as all the Fillies have!

After four days of pouring over heroes–tough duty, I know–here are your four favorites:


#1 – Monday’s Hero – We call him “hunk with rope and horse”

From Karen: he must also be warm, tender, and a man who laughs.








#2 – Tuesday’s Hero – Chris Young

Charlene says this about Hero #6: “I fashioned my hero in The Cowboy’s Pride coming in December from Harlequin Desire (who is an ex-country western star) after Chris Young. I truly love his music and his look. All this inspiration!”







#3 – Wednesday’s Hero – Eric

From Linda: My hero must have a broad chest and love animals. *sigh* I also like my hero to be gentle yet strong.








#4 – Thursday’s Hero


Tanya’s  picks:  I got to spend some righteous time with a whole corral-full of real-life cowboys on our wagon train trip around the Tetons a summer ago. Meeting Garrett Snow, I was so enthralled with his hero/book cover potential that hubby advised me to tell him WHY I was taking his picture so often, to assure him I wasn’t a stalker. He was downright flattered. Indeedy, I can see him some day starring in a book of mine entitled Snow in Summer…sigh.






All right, readers. Time to vote again–and often.  Our GRAND PRIZE:  $25 Amazon Gift Card, compliments of Mary Connealy, and a Studs & Spurs 2012 Cowboy Calendar for some serious cowboy eye candy.

Voting will close at 10pm on Friday and Miss Felicia will choose one winner. Good luck!

Tracy Garrett
History, Texas, cowboys, horses—these are a few of Tracy’s favorite things. Check out her westerns at www.TracyGarrett.com.
Updated: September 30, 2011 — 9:44 am


  1. I’m going with Chris #2

  2. Boy howdy, today it’s a tough choice. I’m back and forth between #1 and #4. Oh, the pressure!

    I’m going with Garrett Snow, #4.

    Thanks for all the fun this week!


  3. number 3 for me!

    I certainly have enjoyed this week. Thanks Fillies.

  4. Very difficult choices here. Can’t pick them all. Have narrowed it down to 2, 3, or 4. I’ll go with #3, but it was really a close thing.

    Thanks for a fun week.

  5. I’m voting for #1. He has a great smile!

  6. I vote for #4, the real cowboy.

  7. Number one is still the one! Cowboy charm–oh, yeah : )

  8. #4 Real Cowboy Garrett Snow. What a tough decision between Chris Young and Garrett Snow! I’ve been back and forth, but amd voting for Garrett.

  9. #1 is my pick. Love the photos. Cowboys rule.

  10. #4 is special. Love them all though. Great week.I cannot resist cowboys and their charm, work ethic and principles.

  11. #1. This was a VERY hard choice for me.

  12. I’m sticking with my guns with # 4. He just has hero written all over him.

  13. I will go with #4.

  14. #2 Chris Young!!! What girl wouldn’t lose her heart when he smiles and sings you a love song?

  15. Garrett Snow #4 – Love the book title, Snow in Summer 🙂

  16. #1 all the way!

  17. tough choice! # 1 love his smile

  18. I like the looks of all of them… my choice is Garrett Snow…he looks like a good hero to me.

  19. I would have to go with #3 but #1 is trailing right behind. This was a fun week thanks fillies


  20. #1 I love the smile and the warm and tender part really gets me. Love that part of this hero.

  21. They are all great looking guys…but I think I’ll choose #4 Garrett Snow.

  22. Tough choice between #2 or #3….I’ll go with #2, sexy and rugged-looking.

  23. Oh such a hard decision – 1 has great looks, 2 has the voice, 3 has the hair, and 4 just has the look. Okay if I must pick I’m going with #3 – he looks like he has a story to tell!

  24. This has been an incredibly ENTERTAINING week.

    (fanning myself)

  25. #1 gets my votes. It has been a fun week. 🙂

  26. Brings back awesome memories…sigh.

  27. #1 has my vote.

  28. This has been a really fun week.
    I will go with #1. What a hunk! 🙂

  29. Hubba, hubba. #2.

  30. Had so much fun this week waking up to some wonderful eye candy 🙂 It is very close between 3 and 4 but I have to go with 3, I feel like you could just look at him all day not say a would and be happy, and for someone who LOVES to talk that is a big compliment!

  31. Hard to choose but #4 it is. Love his smile!

  32. My vote is for hunky dory hero #1! Goodt thing he has a rope because he can feel free to rop me in =) I love his smile.

  33. Oh this is hard… I guess I will give my vote to #1! Thanks for all of the great pics! 😀

  34. My vote is #1 “hunk with horse and rope”

  35. #1 is the best!

  36. Have to go with #4.

  37. I am going with #2

  38. Still going with # 3.

  39. It’s been a fun week watching the voting and reading the comments. There were sure a good selection of hunky men to choose from. Thanks for stopping in and voting, Estella and Goldie, I’ll get your books shipped off to you next week. Hugs to all, Phyliss

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