When You Need a Hero . . . Day 3

When You Need a Hero . . . just look around you. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t limited to skin color. A hero is as close as your own backyard or as far as your imagination takes you.


From Linda—–

My hero must have a broad chest and love animals. *sigh* I also like my hero to be gentle yet strong.


Hero # 9
Hero #10











From Phyliss————

When you need a real man . . . look no farther than #11. His name is Nathan and he was the cover model for two of our anthologies. Number 12 is a bit different and much, much harder. I had to look VERY carefully at each of them for a full day to decide which one I liked best. Well, that didn’t work, because there was no way to tell which was the hunkiest, so you get four for the price of one. Enjoy!

Hero # 12
Hero # 11














Here are today’s prize giveaways. Leave a comment and vote to get your name in the hat. Remember, you can vote more than once.

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40 thoughts on “When You Need a Hero . . . Day 3”

  1. I am not a fan of bare-chested guys. There, I said it. But I am a fan of bad boys and #11 looks like one for me. So I will go with him.

    Love the long hair look though. That made the decision harder.

    Peace, Julie

  2. CLUTCH MY PEARLS!!! I need to stick my head in the ice box after looking over these hotties. I’ll go with #12 for reasons that should be obvious. :o)

    And thanks Fillies this is a fun week!


  3. OOH! OOH! I just noticed we could vote more than once! So, I’ll put in a vote for #11. Not only is he nice to look at, but Nathan is the hero’s name in my current ms.


  4. More excellent choices, Fillies! Each day gets a bit harder. (any meaning you want there IS intended ๐Ÿ™‚ )As my friends know, I can have a somewhat different view of heroes and today #10 is my hero.

  5. I like 10 – maybe because as we ‘mature’ (read: I’m an old broad) you realize that you have to be able to actually TALK to them every once in awhile! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. No question here, #10. I am so boring, have never been a fan of beefcake. He looks like the kind of dependable man who would be by your side when you needed him and someone to spend years watching sunsets with.
    Great selection of books today. All but one are on my wish list, and that one I already have.

    Great fun this week.

  7. I also like Hero # 10. He looks more sensitive yet masculine. I love the long hair and his relaxed manner. Beautiful cheek bones!

  8. I have to vote for #11 Nathan. He has been the face (and BODY) of so many romance heroes in the books I have read. He has been on a whole bunch of book covers!

  9. #10… wasn’t done gawking at him when my electricity flashed off. Is that a warning not to fall in lust with a hunk? LOL

  10. I am sorry but I just have to go with 12 the more the better to choose from. Just look at all of them. Although 11 looks good also and I have admired him on several books. Maybe I just want them all.

  11. A tough decision but I am going to go with hero #9. i trust the other heroes won’t be lonely for long, it looks like plenty of ladies have different picks. I also want my hero to be strong, yet have a tender side. These two traits along makes him pretty irresistible.

  12. Okay, you are not playing fair with picture #12 lol. But I am going to pick #10. I’ve always loved long hair on men (at least the ones that can carry it off and he definitely can) and I can just imagine he looks just as good with his shirt off lol.

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