When You Need a Hero . . . Day 2

Ladies, I hope you’re ready to saddle up for some more fun!

Charlene’s Entries

Charlene Sands discovered Timothy Olyphant (Hero #5) from the hit FX series Justified, where he plays US Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens. Some of you might also recognize him from his role in Deadwood. As far as “Hero with an Edge” goes, Timothy’s got it all and he’s a source of inspiration for Charlene’s upcoming Harlequin western!

Charlene says this about Hero #6: “I fashioned my hero in The Cowboy’s Pride coming in December from Harlequin Desire (who is an ex-country western star) after Chris Young. I truly love his music and his look. All this inspiration!”

Hero No. 5
Hero No. 6











Cheryl’s Entries

Cheryl St. John used a different criteria while selecting her heroes.

Cheryl writes, “I didn’t choose my heroes based on their pretty faces or sex appeal. When push comes to shove, I want a hero who would take a bullet for me, rescue me from outlaws or perhaps pay for a china tea set before he goes out to face certain death in the name of justice.”

“Robert Duvall plays one of of my favorite cowboy heroes in Lonesome Dove, Broken Trail and Open Range.

Kevin Costner would make a fine upstandin’ husband for any pretty spinster.”

Hero No. 7
Hero No. 8
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45 thoughts on “When You Need a Hero . . . Day 2”

  1. Of course I’m not in the drawing, but I wanted to say Charlene has fab taste. Tim Olyphant was the hero inspiration for THE LAST REAL COWBOY which is coming out next May. πŸ™‚ Love him in Deadwood and Justified!

  2. Oooh another set of good choices, but I have to go with Tim Olyphant #5. I LOVED him in DEADWOOD.


  3. Today my vote has to go with Hero #5. I truly fell for him in I Am Number Four. And he did a fine job as the Spirit of the West in Rango. #7 is a close second.

  4. Yep, yep, yep. I have to say in Cheryl’s defense that Robert Duvall has this quality of “something” I have always admired. I think she has it right about what we want in a hero.

    I tell you. Facial hair can make all the difference in the world. Give me a guy who is scruffy and I am there. For example, Tim Daly in 2002’s The Outsider.

    Peace, Julie

  5. I have always been a Kevin Costner fan…his role as Wyatt Earp was awesome. I have to vote for #8 today….but all of these guys are winners in my book. πŸ™‚

  6. Nice selection, Fillies. I am partial to #6, but don’t want to be cahrged with cradle robbing, so my choice would be Robert Duvall at #7.

    Glad I was able to get here early enough today.

  7. Cheryl, you put my two favorites up against each other! I have been agonizing over this like my future happiness depends on it! Okay, #8, Kevin Costner, final answer.

  8. I have to go with hero #8 because I love this man’s movies! I think I could even marry Kevin if I wasn’t married already.

  9. Oh, I just love you guys and your responses to the heroes! I laughed through most of them – after I finally got my computer to stay running. It’s going to the shop for a power source and a good scrubbing this afternoon. πŸ™

    I know! How can you vote. Judy, I will laugh all day about you agonizing over which one to vote for. LOL

  10. Oh, #5. Be still my heart. I can’t wait til Justified starts again. Hot hot HOT.

    #8. Not a real Costner fan in real life, but he made this role come alive, and I LOVE the love story with “Sue.” An age-appropriate relationship and a beautiful real-looking woman who wore no makeup. Love it. Annette Bening rocks.

  11. For me there is no contest it is the hot #5 Timothy Olyphant! I have loved him since Gone in 60 seconds as much as a 14 year old could, and now as Raylan I love him as much as a 24 year old can :)Can’t wait to see what he does next! I also have to say though #6 Chris Young can sing to me anytime he wants πŸ™‚

  12. HERO #5!!!


    Timothy Olyphant is awesome! It’s such a long, long wait for the start of Season 3 of JUSTIFIED!

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