Sanctuary….come home to Hearts Crossing Ranch ~Tanya Hanson

Sanctuary, third in my Hearts Crossing Ranch series, has just been released from White Rose Publishing (and Amazon) and I’ll be giving away a pdf. copy of this e-book today. I’ll draw a name from all who comment, so please, leave one!

It’s a true book of the heart. I got the itch to write inspirational romance during my husband’s brutal (but successful) battle with cancer three years ago. Hanging on to my faith really got me through some terrible times. I entered a contest at White Rose Publishing and ended up with an eight-book contact, one for each of the siblings on a fictional ranch in Colorado. In the first book, Hearts Crossing Ranch, the couple falls in love on a city slicker wagon train, kind of like the one we took last summer around the Tetons. In book two, Redeeming Daisy, some of the conflict centers around a black Labrador Retriever that is based on my own late, sweet dogs. Seems in these contemporaries, parts of my own life add patina.




Therefore…in Sanctuary, Hooper Martin, ranch foreman and single dad, has survived the same malady as my hubby, and the heroine Mallie Cameron is loosely based on a close family friend who is fighting a brain tumor. While this all might sound harsh, it truly is a story of hope and healing, and terribly romantic. Not a dark theme at all. As my hubby still says, “each day is a gift. That’s why they call it ‘the present.’ ” Good lesson for us all.

I’ve seen so much bravery, courage, honor and stamina from the survivors in my life, and from those I’ve met in online support groups and blogs, that I know for sure they are truly worthy of starring in romance novels.

Anyway, the Hearts Crossing Ranch books are sweet, short reads (about 100 pages) with a faith element, and I hope you give them a chance. If you take a close look at your smartphone, you just might find a Kindle app!

Here are the blurb, excerpt, and my first-ever book trailer! I hope you enjoy them! And please, scroll down and watch my first-ever book trailer! Thanks.


A beautiful plus-one at a wedding, a hunky cowboy..autumn leaves and rugged horse trails. The perfect setting to unite two healing souls…

Ranch foreman and single dad Hooper Martin is ready to put his health and life back on track after battling cancer…including re-entering ing the dating scene. His little girl sure could use a mother. Falling hard for wedding guest Malia Cameron makes perfect sense to him: she’s a survivor, too.

Mallie has put her heart on hold, knowing she will never recover from her brain tumor struggle. She can’t promise a future to anybody and vows never to fall in love. Letting Hooper Martin into her life would be a big mistake. But his good looks take her breath away, and his living faith starts to gentle her confusion about Who’s really in charge.


Hooper parked in front of Mountain Cove Elementary School, a two-story brick building that bore the patina of time. Indeed, the date 1938 showed from a carved stone above the big front door. Mallie had seen picture-perfect buildings like this in movies.

“It killed me when Ella started school,” Hooper muttered. “Not that I want her home forever, but it’s just the start.”

“The start of what?” Mallie asked

“Of all the goodbyes.”

She heard the longing and above all, the type of goodbye he actually meant. The same goodbye that lingered just this side of her subconscious. Clearing her throat in lieu of replying, she rubbed a brisk mist from her eyes. They had today. Thinking beyond it was, well, unthinkable.

A troupe of miniature humans lined up at a gate led by a woman in a sweater appliquéd with felt cut-outs of books, apples, and pencils. Mallie recognized Hooper’s munchkin from the snapshot he’d showed her, and in a flash, the pretty little girl ran into his outstretched arms, a tiny backpack falling to the ground. Mallie’s heart couldn’t help but tingle. A daddy’s girl herself, she’d never have made it without her father’s love and care.

“Daddy! Daddy!” After a hefty hug and several smooches, Hoop set Ella down, and she looked straight at Mallie.

“Daddy, is this your new girlfriend?”

Mallie heard her own intake of breath.

“No, honey girl,” Hooper raid quickly. “It’s Miss Mallie.”

“But you want a new mommy for me. Since my old one went away.”

Mallie’s heart panged.

“Yeah, honey girl. But it doesn’t quite work like that.”

“Then who is she?”

Mallie bent down a little. “I’m here for your uncle Kenn’s wedding. I’m Mallie.

“Hi Mallie. I’m Ella,” the little girl said with dead-on seriousness. Then she peered closely at Mallie as if looking for lint. “My real mamma is gone, but someday I’d like to have another one all my own. It would be fun if she was you.” She announced. “You’re awfully pretty.”

“Oh mercy, Ella. What are you saying?” Hoop’s cheekbones colored attractively like sundown over shadows. “Miss Mallie is our friend. Now, come on. If you’re a real good girl, we can go to the Butterbean Café. You can have ice cream while we big people have coffee.”

“You can call me Mallie, Ella.”

“OK. So let’s go get ice cream from Auntie Chelsea, Daddy.” She peeked again at Mallie. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a mighty fine idea,” Hoop said in a dry tone.

Mallie nodded with what she hoped was enthusiasm because her heart pounded with a terrible ache. How could any mom go and leave this angel behind?

But if that was Hoop’s main goal, finding a new mom for his daughter, she was off the hook. Such a goal was way off limits for her. He above all people would understand she couldn’t promise a future to anybody. Therefore, she could enjoy her weekend with them without regret. It might break her heart, but she was a survivor, after all.


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40 thoughts on “Sanctuary….come home to Hearts Crossing Ranch ~Tanya Hanson”

  1. Thank God for your husband’s successful battle with cancer.

    Your books sound absolutely wonderful and I shall look forward to reading them all. I love a series of books about families and I love your choice of colorado for a setting. It is such a beautiful state and I love visiting there!

  2. I am so glad that your husband survived his battle…
    This sounds like a wonderful books and one I am sure we will need a few tissues on hand to read. I think I fell in love wtih Ella from the first when she ran into her daddy’s arms and those first precousious words out of her mouth.
    I love that children are so free with their thoughts and feelings.. Good luck with this book.

  3. Thanks, Connie, for your good wishes and kind words. I hope you like the folks at Hearts Crossing Ranch. I’m starting book seven, Hoop’s sister Rachel, almost as I write this LOL>

    God bless you and yours!

  4. Hi Kathleen, good to see you here. Ella’s a little sweetheart, that’s for sure. Thanks for liking her and for your kind words. Oh, kids are great. We have a second grandson coming in the fall; the first is four. I’m over the moon, thankful every day for all my blessings.

  5. Loved Hearts Crossing Ranch; haven’t had the pleasure of reading Redeeming Daisy yet but it’s on my list and I’m sure I would absolutely love this one so please enter me in the drawing.

    Good luck & God’s blessings Tanya!

  6. Hi Tanya, Love your husband’s quote about each day being the present. What a remarkable journey you’ve had! Just about everyone in this world has somehow been affected by cancer, either personally or through a loved one. The books sound awesome and the trailer is beautiful.

  7. Thank you for sharing the excerpt and book trailer with us… both are wonderful! I am so glad everything turned out well for your husband. 😀

  8. Hi Tanya…Our family has had many brushes with cancer…some are stories of survival and others are stories of someone well loved who has gone home to our Father. I’m glad your husband is a survivor!!

    Your books sound amazing and I am adding them to my ever growing wishlist!!!

  9. Hi Vicki, he’s sure got the right attitude! Nothing much gets him down, and when I start to whine about something silly, well, he sure reminds me quick what’s important.

    I was so happy with the trailer. I got the same designer at Cheryl St. John, who had recommended them.

    I so appreciate your good wishes! oxoxox

  10. Hi Nancy, thanks for visiting Wildflower Junction today. As I write this, I’m taking a break from Book Seven. I think I will be sad to leave the Martins, though. Even with the angst they cause me LOL. Just kidding.

  11. Colleen, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post and the trailer. watching it sure puts me in the mood. the pictures they found are just what it was like in my head, the hottie cowboys, too. Whew.

    Yes, I knew he was getting well when he started getting ornery LOL. He got laid so, so low. But we praise God for each day. Thanks for stopping by today! Always good to see you here.

  12. Hi Winnie, filly sister. I can only hope LOL. Cancer in lots of ways seemed a dark subject to tackle, but with so many beautiful survivors in my life, mind, and experience, it seemed the right thing to do and the right time to do it. oxoxo

  13. Hi Margie, same with us. We’ve got other survivors hanging on but have lost some loved ones to this dreadful disease. And even though he’s in remission now, it all never really leaves our head now that it’s come to live with us. But each day is a gift! I’m sure enjoying my present. Thanks for posting today.

  14. Love your trailer, Tanya; and love the story behind your reason for writing inspirationals. Eager to read your book and will add it to my BN wish list. Thanks for a great inspiring post.

  15. So moving, Tanya. I love your husband’s wisdom about treasuring every moment as a gift. So true. Such a story of triumph for your personal family, and I know your fictional characters will exhibit those beautiful qualities as well.

  16. Hey Tanya. What a fabulous excerpt for SANCTUARY, and I love your new trailer! Congrats.

    What an awesome outlook on life your husband has! Each day is a “present” from God. Love that! We take so many things for granted, don’t we? Thanks for sharing this, Tanya.

  17. Tanya, the series souds awesome and the trailer is beautiful. My father had serious cancer surgery last fall, and it was a huge wake-up call for the whole family. Thank heaven, he’s recovered well. Your husband is so right – each day is a gift.

  18. Hi Phyliss and Karen, thanks kindly, my filly sisters. I reckoned there had to be some good to come out of such a horrific experience. It was hard to do edits, though. Lots of memories there.

  19. Hi Dora, my White Rose sister, so good to see you here. Thanks for the kind words. We sure don’t put things off any longer, that’s for sure.

    To honor her daddy, our daughter had a “Livestrong” theme for her wedding a year later. I still get misty thinking about it all.

    You’re very welcome, Dora.

  20. Hi Jennie! As always, wonderful to see you at Wildflower Junction. His diagnosis came so out of nowhere…we thought it was a hernia. You just never now how life can change on a time. He had great doctors as well who wasted no time. Whew. Getting chills looking back…so I’ll look forward!

    God bless your dad and hold him close, Jennie, for a complete and lasting recovery.

  21. Tanya, congratulations on the book release! How exciting. It sounds like a great book. Loved the excerpt. Very touching. And that trailer is exceptional. You should do very well with this series.

  22. I’ve been putting together a list of books w/ cancer themes for a book club being formed by a wellness house I joined after breast cancer. So many books! Shall be adding the Sanctuary.

    Glad for your husband’s success against cancer.

  23. HI Mary, I get you. Kids are always heart-tuggers. Now as a gramma, I totally see why. Not that my own kids weren’t great. It’s just…my grandson can’t do any wrong. LOL. Thanks for the post, Mary. oxoox

  24. Estella, one can only hope LOL. Thanks for posting today.

    Liz, life sure changes after cancer comes in it, for the family, too. What a lovely idea for a book club. I’d love to hear more about it. Thanks for the visit today at Wildflower Junction.

  25. Friends stopped by w/ food, flowers, books, etc., while I was confined to home. It was then, in fact, that I discovered blogs and authors’ websites where they offered to participate in book club sessions electronically. It seemed a blessing for someone confined.

    The book club idea is still being refined. The wellness house offers many services, all free, to patients and their families and caregivers. The most poignant are those for the children.

    I can email the list (but it’s in Word Perfect). A computer virus kept me from editing.

  26. Tanya;

    What a great post and I just love the trailer. The photos and the music are so perfect with the introduction of each of the stories.

    Being that we have two black labs (and one yellow), I know I’ll be needing the tissue box for Redeeming Daisy.

  27. Hi Tanya, your book looks great and it really does sound like a book of your heart. My husband is also a cancer survivor and I can hardly wait to read it.

    Hope you sell lots and lots of copies!


  28. Tanya,
    Congratulations on so many wonderful successes with this series! I admire anyone who can write a series–I don’t think I could do it. Here’s to many many sales for you with these books, and more than that, what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment you must have! I love your trailer. I need to get one done, too–“one of these days.” Really loved the perfect music that went with your pictures.
    Hugs, sister!
    Cheryl P.

  29. Liz…I would love to hear more. The folks who came by with food, flowers, hugs and help will live forever in my heart as angels on earth. Thanks for posting.

  30. Hi Kathy! Oh Paperbackflyers was just a wonderful experience. It’s like they found just the exact music and pictures that floated in my mind waiting to be grabbed. I’m so glad you watched it and liked it and came by today.

    Oh, I know you have the doggies. I love them and miss my own. Yeah, the black Lab Elway will need ya a tissue.

    Kathy congrats on your first book A Dozen Deadly Roses. I’ve got it saved up on the Kindle for my vacation. oxoxox

  31. Hi Cheryl, yep I do have to keep things straight with so many siblings. I’m not a spread-sheet person, so it does get hard LOL. Thankfully I have a pal who reads through and keeps track of hair and eye color, horses’ breeds and names et al. Whew. I’m enjoying it all though. Exciting, and I know I’ll bawl my eyes out when the series ends. The good thing: my editor wants a historical on the ancestors/original homesteaders, so that will be great fun to write! oxoxox

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