The Outlaws Are Saddling Up


In less than two weeks our fifth anthology GIVE ME A TEXAS OUTLAW will hit bookstores. This again features me with Jodi Thomas, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace. The reviewer for Romantic Times called us a gang of writers and I just laughed, but I suppose that’s what we are. I hear we’ve robbed readers of precious sleep and stolen their desire for TV watching and housework. And so I guess a gang we are.

Sometimes a story comes along that simply begs to be written. My story called TROUBLE IN PETTICOATS falls in that category. These characters wouldn’t be denied. They kept at me until I wrote their adventurous tale.

Larissa Patrick’s father, a cattle baron, summons outlaw Johnny Bravo to the Four Spades Ranch after Larissa’s baby sister has been kidnapped. While Larissa questions her father’s tactics she knows Johnny is the best man for the job. The gunfighter is tough in a fight and won’t hesitate to get his hands dirty. He agrees to find the girl and bring her back, and dispense with the men who took her along the way. But, he insists on doing it alone.

Larissa sees red. It’s her baby sister and she’s going one way or the other. Paying no heed to her father or Johnny’s threats, she saddles up and rides out behind him. And so the story starts.

Together they brave a fierce Texas sandstorm, rattlesnakes, deadly heat, scarce water, and a hail of bullets.

Johnny Bravo is a man to reckon with-but getting the girl and Larissa safely home without losing his heart will take the discipline of a saint. And Johnny’s no saint….

Love so fierce it should be illegal… Fearless and irresistible, outlaws are the original bad boys. Now New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, and DeWanna Pace offer up four sexy and romantic stories for women who love men who know how to pack heat…


Light from the full moon struck her face. He jerked in surprise.


His heart stilled. What on God’s green earth was she doing here?

When she raised her hand to knock, the spit dried in his mouth.  He had to stop her.  She could ruin everything on top of getting herself killed.

He sprang from his hiding place. Sprinting across the space between them, he grabbed her hand a second before it struck the weather-beaten door. A smothered scream left her throat as he quickly covered her mouth with his.

It was all he could think of to do. Not that he hadn’t wanted to kiss her. Tasting her had been on his mind from the second he’d met her in her daddy’s study.

Larissa Patrick was warm and pliable in his arms, her heartbeat next to his. He could feel it beating wildly through the layers of clothing. Her lavender scent ignited his senses, driving all sane thought from his brain.

What was meant only as a way to effectively silence her became something deeper, some fiery passion that threatened to burn him alive.

Johnny settled his lips firmly on hers and poured his heart and soul into the kiss. His tongue found her parted lips and swept inside to explore the wild honey sweetness of her.

He knew how a wild steer on locoweed felt like.

He knew that one taste of her would never be enough.

And he knew how deeply this woman was in his blood.

The book goes on sale July 1st. To read more about it visit our websites:

Click HERE to order from Amazon. Available in paperback or Kindle format.


Enjoy the Book Trailer! 



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Here in the Texas Panhandle, we do love our cowboys. There's just something about a man in a Stetson and jeans that makes my heart beat faster. I'm not much of a cook but I love to do genealogy and I'm a bit of a rock hound. I'm also a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of historical western romance. You can contact me through my website and I'd love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. HAPPY READING!

61 thoughts on “The Outlaws Are Saddling Up”

  1. Johnny certainly has his hands full dealing with Larissa and eventually her sister! I loved the first kiss excerpt CHEMISTRY!! I’d enjoy reading his story!

  2. Love those outlaws! The excerpt certainly hooked me, and what a great trailer. I’ll be looking for this to keep the fireworks going over the Fourth of July weekend.

  3. Whoo Hoo! Wild West Romance from four writers at the top of their game! Y’all set this Prairie Woman’s heart aflame ; )

  4. Elizabeth…….glad you liked the excerpt. Yep, these outlaws will definitely keep women up at night. Something you know how to do with your readers, ladybug.

  5. Hi Laurie G……..glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I had so much fun writing this story. And Johnny was such a gentleman outlaw when it came to Larissa. But he could quite formidable when he had to. Hope you keep it on your list.

  6. Hi Kirsten…….yep, there’s plenty of fireworks to keep a girl panting for more. Who needs the kind that shoot off into the sky? Glad the excerpt was to your liking. And I thought Jodi’s son, Matt, did an excellent job again with the trailer.

  7. Virginia C……..Wild West is right. I think all four of these outlaws will satisfy a readers’ craving. We’re thrilled and happy to bring these stories to you.

  8. Hi Goldie H………The book will soon hit shelves everywhere, but it’s also online and in several book clubs. The book club books are hardbacks which are nice. And A TEXAS CHRISTMAS is following closely behind. I’m thrilled these books caught your fancy.

  9. Hi, Linda. I can’t wait for this latest compilation. I’ve loved all the others. In fact, I already pre-ordered it on Amazon, so no need to enter me in the drawing.

    What is it about bad boys that draws us in so completely? I’ve never really been attracted to them in real life, but boy do they make great romance heroes. It has to be the fantasy of being the one woman who can pull him out of his old way of life, to heal the scars that led him down that path in the first place. There’s something irresistible about reforming a rake.

    Looking forward to seeing how you and the other ladies reform yours!

  10. Now Miss Linda won’t toot her own horn or pat herself on the back, so guess I will have to … “Give Me a Texas Outlaw” and Linda’s hero Johnny Bravo is Rhapsody Book Club’s “Hunk of the Month”!!!! We’re so excited! Three of our four anthology covers made “Hunk” for Rhapsody, so I’m thrilled for Linda’s hero! He is deserving of the hunk status! We only have one more cover with a cowboy on it and it’s “A Texas Christmas” and Kensington developed something new and different for “Give Me a Texas Valentine”. Congrats, fellow filly and friend, Linda. Love, P

  11. Oh I just love outlaws and if they come from Texas all the better… I just love the title of this book and can’t wait to read it..
    I have the other books on my tbr list too…
    Good luck with this. I know it will be flying off the shelf. And a Christmas book about Texas Cowboys. What a way to end the year…

  12. Hi Karen W………I’ve overjoyed that you’ve preordered TEXAS OUTLAW! On behalf of all of Jodi, Phyliss, DeWannna and myself thank you very much. Yes, bad boys really make great heroes in romance novels. I think they’re just very special. You may be right about us wanting to reform them. I think we see something redeemable in all bad boys. And they sure do make our hearts beat faster.

    You might like to know that I’m currently reading your latest, TO WIN HER HEART. Love the unusual hero in it. He’s a perfect match for Eden Spencer.

    Best wishes for a RITA win at the end of the month.

  13. Hi Liz V, CrystalGB, and Anon1001……..glad the anthology has captured your fancy. CrystalGB, I agree about the cover guy. I think he’s the sexiest one we’ve had and he’s not even bare-chested. LOL

  14. Thank you, Phyliss, for mentioning the Hunk of the Month. Hope you get your brochure soon. Don’t know why it’s taking so long. Can’t wait for you to hold that in your hand. I guess Johnny Bravo is a wonderful name for him. My hat’s off to Peter for keeping it instead of changing to Johnny Diamond. I hate that we only have one more chance to get Hunk of the Month.

    Looking forward to seeing you Sunday! We’ll have fun at the Writing Academy.

  15. Oh yeah Give Me A Texas Outlaw! I can’t wait to read this book sounds awesome. I do love me some cowboy weather they are outlaws of just plain down to earth cowboys. I will be looking for this book. It sound like a great read.

  16. Hi Kathleen……..I’m glad our outlaws have ridden into your heart. I do think these four heroes are some of the best we’ve created. We really enjoyed writing these stories.

  17. Hi Quilt Lady……..thanks for stopping by. Hopefully the anthology will live up to your expectations. How best to spend a few days of the lazy days of summer. This makes a great poolside read. I’m with you though. Just give me any kind of cowboy and I’m perfectly content.

  18. Hi Natalie………we sure plan to keep bringing entertaining stories to you whether it’s more anthologies or not. It’s sure been a lot of fun.

    Stay cool up there in Canyon. I’ll see you soon.

  19. I am so glad to hear about this new “Give Me” book. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the previous books! I am also excited to see that there is a Christmas book coming up!

  20. You are my kind of ‘gang’. Please put me in for yur drawing.
    The trailer was good, too. Years ago I never would have thought about something like that.

  21. Hi Linda,

    I love that excerpt. I had all the anthologies you guys have written but when I moved to AZ lost all my books..I love the cover too. So you are a gang of writers I really like that.
    Please enter me into the drawing. It is now on my must read list

    Walk in harmony,

  22. Hi Cheryl C………Thank your for buying our previous anthologies. I speak on behalf of the others in saying we appreciate that. We never tire of hearing from satisfied customers. And thank you for visiting here today.

    The Christmas one will be a lot of fun. I just love stories that take place in a blizzard. Makes me feel all warm and cozy.

  23. Awesome excerpt and cover, Linda. Be stlil my heart. Johnny Bravo (terrific name BTW) can kidnap me any time. Soon as this one’s Kindle-ized, I’m on it. I’ve loved all the other anthos and giving up sleep and housework have my name all over it. oxoxox

  24. Hi Mary J………We’re tickled that we’re your kind of gang. I call it Jodi and the Sundance Girls. We’ve really loved collaborating and writing these anthologies. Glad you liked the trailer. I thought it really portrayed our books well. There’s no doubt that they’re westerns. That cowboy walking across in his long duster, boots and spurs hooked me right off.

  25. Hi Melinda E……….thank you for stopping by and adding your thoughts. Sorry you lost all your books. I’d sure be lost without mine because each one is like a member of the family. Stay out of the way of those wildfires in AZ. And try to keep cool. It’s an ongoing task here in West Texas.

  26. Hi Tanya………Thank you for the compliments about the excerpt and the cover. Johnny Bravo was supposed to be Johnny Diamond (it’s a long story) but I’m glad for what I ended up with. The Kindle version should release soon, Filly Sister. I’m sure you don’t mind giving up housework but sleep? That’s horrible.

  27. Linda,

    Yes the wildfires are real bad here in AZ. The Wallow Fire has reached the San Carlos Reservation. I am currently working on a romantic suspense that is on the Apache and so when I went on the reservation yesterday the smoke is overwhelming. They are holding prayers to help the firefighters. Its really sad that people are losing everything they have. The fire is about 50 miles from where I live which is just off the Apache Reservation. Please keep everybody in your prayers. The wind is suppose to pick up on Thursday which mean the firefighters will have a more difficult time trying to keep in contained.

    Yes, losing my books made me sick. I am replacing them one at a time but some I lost I probably can never replace.

    Congrats on the new release

    Walk in harmony,

  28. Congrats on your upcoming release of your 5th anthology! Sounds like another great read… enjoyed the excerpt!

  29. Oh, love those cowboy anthologies. I get to read authors I know and love and also find new ones! And for those busy times, these shorter stories are just perfect!

  30. Melinda, I mailed “Give Me a Texan” to you yesterday as my last blog’s winner, so watch for it. “The Gang” or “Jodi and the Sundance Girls” is better than our previous … “The Give Me Girls ….” LOL My youngest grandson was helping me tote in some books that had been donated to the local writer’s association and he told me that he knew they weren’t my books. I asked how and he replied “Because they’re not a Give Me Somebody book.”

  31. Hi Linda, I love the excerpt. I have read the other Outlaw Anthologies and loved them. I can’t wait to read this one. I loved the book trailer. I will have to keep an eye out for A Texas Christmas. That looks like another promising anthology.

  32. Hi Joye…….thanks for leaving a comment. It’s always a joy to see your name come up on the site. We’re so glad you liked the previous anthologies and hope this one doesn’t disappoint.

  33. Catslady…….thanks for stopping by. We do all love our cowboys no doubt about that. And yes, the anthology stories make them easy to read in a busy life. Often we don’t have hours or a day to sit down with something. I’m finding anthologies are perfect. Stay cool. Don’t know how hot it is where you are but we’re sweltering here in Texas.

  34. How could you miss..three great writers in one book…would love to win it…I like Texans…some of the friendliest people in the US.

  35. Hi Victoria……..thank you for the kind words. Let us know how you like our Outlaws.

    Hi Karen Kay…….glad you liked the trailer and my excerpt. You’ve certainly written some wonderful stories yourself. Take care and stay cool.

  36. Hi Jackie W……..bless your for mentioning how friendly Texans are. We sure like to think so. Hope you get a chance to read Texas Outlaw. I’ve entered your name in the drawing.

  37. Hi Linda,
    Well, y’all have outdone yourselves this time. That cover is just to die for, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED THAT EXCERPT! In fact, I love everything about this anthology already–you picked some great character names, and you’ve got some great ladies to pitch in with you on this anthology. I’d say it has WINNER written all over it. Congratulations, my filly sis!
    Cheryl P.

  38. Hi Cheryl P………thank you for the congrats. Glad the excerpt and cover appealed to you. I always hold my breath a little with each release because I’m not sure what the reactions will be. I do think we’ll get a lot of mileage out of this cover though.

  39. Hi, Sorry to leave this here. But I just noticed Pat Cochran’s message was left under my name and profile. What happened?


  40. Hi Kirsten, left a note sometime about the end
    of the week that there appeared to be a problem.
    Didn’t even check last evening to see if it had
    been cleared!

    Pat C.

  41. No problem, Pat. I just wanted you to get credit for your comment. Linda is looking into it.

  42. Hi everybody. I just had to join in and say how much all of us in the gang appreciate your comments and are excited about the release of GIVE ME A TEXAS OUTLAW. Trying to make outlaws heroic was challenging but, in the end, proved one of the funnest anthologies we’ve done. Congrats to you, Linda, on representing our hunks so well.


  43. Thanks, DeWanna. Promoting our anthologies is a pleasant task. It’s certainly not work. These stories are near and dear to my heart. Hope you’re staying cool up there in Amarillo.

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