Travelin’ Dreams!

Since I’m on a mission to complete a manuscript this month, before I head out on an actual vacation, my writing time is stretched a little thin. So I’m going to open my blog up to you today.

If you could go anywhere on a research vacation–or on any vacation–where would you go? No limits, no budget. Anywhere.

I have a bucket list of sorts, place I really want to go, and, while Australia, New Zealand and Fiji are all on there, it isn’t a list of exotic locales. I’ve been to Russia, back when it was still the Soviet Union; and to England, France, Austria, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Grand Cayman, St. Thomas, The British Virgin Islands… Can you tell my dh and I love to travel?

The places on my list right now are mostly research trips I’d like to take in order to give life to some of the story ideas that are floating around in the gray matter of my mind. For instance:

> The Buffalo Bill Historical Center & Cody Firearms Museum, Cody, Wyoming

> The National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum, Fairfax, Virginia

> The eastern-most spot in Newfoundland, Canada [that’s it, in the picture on the left]

> Maine – the whole state

> Bainbridge Island, Washington – or maybe Neah Bay, since it’s the westernmost point in Washington State

> Alaska

> Idaho

I could keep going, but you get the idea. How about you?

I’ll give away one copy each of Touch of Texas and Touched by Love–all you have to do is leave a comment.

Happy Dreaming!


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37 thoughts on “Travelin’ Dreams!”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. If I couldn’t go there I’d want to go to Ireland. I’ve always been fascinated by these countries.

  2. My bucket list of places to visit includes: Egypt, Israel, South Africa, Scotland and Ireland for foreign locals. As for travel in the States, I’ve pretty much covered them all, but I’d love to go back to Alaska and always up for a trip back home to Wyoming.

  3. Good morning, Linda & Kirsten! You’ve both hit on another spot on my list: Ireland. Actually, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. I’ve been to London, but didn’t get to spend any time exploring the rest of the country or the surrounding countries. Someday…

  4. There’s no place like home–especially when you live in a state as beautiful as Virginia! I’d love to travel through VA from corner to corner, historic spots and little out-of-the way finds, and then back home to my majestic mountains. I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, Ireland, and Wales–I might just find some kinfolk there! Ahhh…Paris, France and Tuscany, Italy call out to me, tempting me with food, wine, art, and cultural history! Then there’s Australia, a country for which I have developed a great fondness thanks to the many web buddies I have in Oz : )

    Have a grand old time!

  5. I think there is one place in every state that I would love to visit. Of course, there are the places that are outside the US too, but I think I would first start with the US. I couldn’t even pick a first place, but I guess Washington DC is up there since it’s our capital. How about my dream trip being to travel to every state in a year? That would be fun.

  6. I have always wanted to see Maine and I would love to someday go to scotland. But right now I would just settle on going anywhere new. I haven’t had a vacation in years.

  7. On my list of places to see is Australia. It seems unique and very interesting to me.
    Have you considered setting a book in the Grand Canyon area and Navaho lands? It is an awesome place to visit here in Arizona

  8. Hi Tracy, we’re off to the East Coast (Washington DC, Williamsburg, SHenandoan Valley, Gettysburg, Philadelphia) in October and hope to see some fall colors. We do like to see the good ole’ USA but a Mediterranean cruise is up soon after DC.

    I would like to explore New England more, and also Prince Edward Island. Oh and hubby would like to golf St. Andrews in Scotland. So I think we have some piggy-bank filling to do LOL.

    Thanks for the great post. oxoxxo

  9. My DH and I also love to travel. I had a fantastic trip planned when I finished my 3 years in the Peace Corps. My passport was good for 3 months and I had a 3 month trip planned, all on about $500. Admittedly it was 40 years ago, but when you stay in places that cost $3 to $5 a night, and eat on the local economy, it was doable.

    I went from the Philippines to Singapore for 2 days, Indonesia/Bali (which was wonderful) for 10 days, and back to Singapore. That is as far as I got. I received word my mother was dying and went straight home. The rest of my trip as planned was: through Malaysia by train, Thailand, India, Damascus, Beirut, Marrakesh, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, London, and home. I would probably have run out of money, but would have done as much as possible. I would still like to do that trip, but things would have to change. I could now go to Cambodia, it was closed due to the Vietnam war back then. The Middle East is a bit tricky now, but there are still places I would like to see. Needless to say, the places I would have stayed in that were $5 a night are more now, plus I doubt my husband would even consider them. Youth is a wonderful thing, but it is long gone.

    I am now interested in visiting Europe and the British Isles. We are working on the US and have enjoyed it. There are still so many wonderful places to visit. Then, of course, we could work on the Southern Hemisphere. Now all I need to do is win the lottery ; )

    All the places you mentioned are on our list, too. We lived in Northern Maine and go back all over the state when we can. We love it. It is beautiful in so many different ways. Don’t miss the Carrabassett Valley in central Maine and the northern part of the coast, away from the touristy areas. Just our preference. A drive up Route 1, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park aren’t to be missed.

    If you want a wonderful trip, cross into New Brunswick, Canada, cross the bridge to Prince Edward Island, explore (Green Gables to mention one stop), take the ferry to Nova Scotia and drive around Cape Breton Island. We went in September, so the big tourist season was over and things were so relaxed and enjoyable. There is a Celtic school about where Cape Breton Island joins with the main part of Nova Scotia. An interesting stop. They have a museum and offer some great classes. Except for the fact that Sept. 11, 2001 happened in the middle of this trip, it was the best trip we ever took. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to Halifax, etc. because planes had been diverted there and there were no places to stay.

    I hope you get to take all the trips on your wish list.

  10. I have NOT done a lot of traveling in my life. We picked a ‘resort’…I put the quote marks on it because that’s a pretty fancy sounding name for the little strip of cabins….on a Minnesota Lake where we’ve gone nearly every year for the last thirty years for a summer vacation.
    that was pretty much my only vacation all those years. now the kids are grown adn we’ve got a little spare time.
    Places I’d like to go.
    Well, since I’ve traveled very little I really want to see American first.
    I’d love to go down into the Grand Canyon
    Carlsbad Cavern
    Mesa Verde
    Key West
    Hilton Head
    I’d like to see that temperate zone rain forest in Washington State.
    I’d like to spend time in Amish country, I’ve done that a bit but I didn’t go into any of the homes, really meet the people, very interesting.
    The Ozarks–Eureka Springs.
    Washington DC, spend time in the Smithsonian.
    Independence Hall in Philadelphia.
    I’d like to go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras
    See Lake Tahoe
    I’d like to stay at the Del Coronado in San Diego
    Ride the California Zepher through the Rockies from Denver to San Francisco

  11. I’ve always had a hankering to go to Alaska and Hawaii. I hear both places are breathtaking. I really don’t care to travel outside the U.S. though. Seems way too dangerous these days. But if I did, I think I’d want to see the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

    Good luck with finishing your manuscript! I know it’ll be great. You’re a wonderful storyteller.

  12. Good Morning. I would love to visit New Zealand. I have friends who live there. Of course they keep asking me to visit, but I can’t afford it. We have talked about meeting in Hawaii….But that is not going to NZ. Also going to Nantucket Island. I have ancestors from there and would like to see where they lived. I would also like to visit Massachusettes (did I spell that right?),and Georgia. Scotland, too. Actually, I love to travel.

  13. Wonderful pics. There are very few new places I wouldn’t want to visit. I like the idea of visiting all the States but I have at least 30 more to go lol. My husband was an airforce brat and lived in dozen of places such as Japan, the Congo, Greece, France and many more. All my ancestors are from Sicily and I’d love to make that trip. Ideally I’d love to get on a cruise ship and travel the world!

  14. There are so many places I’d love visit, Australia, Italy, Martha’s Vineyard, Monte Carlo, among many others.

  15. So many places I would love to see… Ireland, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, etc… enjoy nature, the sites, the colors, the atmosphere… 😀

  16. Great Post Tracy,

    Of course the places I would like to visit is all the Native American Places. The land of Crazy Horse, all the Reservations and meet all the different tribes. I want to go to Wounded Knee.
    My dream is to visit all the sacred sites!!!!!
    I have been to several sacred places on the Apache Reservation. The Old San Carlos Monument on the San Carlos Apache Reservation is a very sacred site. Geronimo was there and you can still feel his presence.

    Anyway thanks Tracy for a great post

    Walk in harmony,

  17. I have always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland, maybe I will get there one day you never no.

  18. Okay the one place I will get to someday is Australia.. I have wanted to go there since I was a young girl in school and I chose that as a project in school. I would like to spend at least 3-6 months there… Hopefully that dream will come ture.

  19. Sorry I’m so late checking back in. No internet and interminable meetings.

    Virginia C., you can show me around your great state. I’ve only been through Virginia. Been to Paris, though. 🙂

  20. Rebekah, anyone who knows me knows I’m a proponent for taking time off. We need it, our brains need it–our souls need it.

    JOYE, I’ve only seen the Grand Canyon from the air. Someday I will explore it, though.

  21. Tanya, we did the Washington DC, Williamsburg, Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Parkway one October. It was gorgeous. One of my favorite driving trips. Don’t miss Ashville, NC! Or Jamestown.

  22. Wow Patricia. Thanks! I’m copying your recommendations for future reference.

    Mary, you and I could have fun traveling together. 🙂 I’ve been to Lake Tahoe — lovely, at least in winter.

  23. Aww, Linda, you made my (very long) day. 🙂 Hawaii is worth the time in the airplane. Did you know there’s a huge cattle ranch on the Big Island? So cool to see cowboys in the tropics.

  24. Ooh, Summer, Monte Carlo. Except I’d have to diet until i can be one of those svelte jet set types. *ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime* lol

    Colleen, do you have itchy feet like me, now? I’m ready to go somewhere!

  25. Melinda, there are many of the sacred places I would like to spend time experiencing.

    Estella, we didn’t make it to Maui on our trip last November. I might have to go back.

  26. I’m going to Orlando in 2 wks for work, but for an award ceremony, so kind of a vacation from work. 🙂

  27. I think it would be fun to drive US 20 from Albany, Oregon to Albany, New York. There are so many historical sites along that route and there is just something about traveling from Albany to Albany that appeals to me.

  28. Have fun, Dina!

    Hilltop Farmwife, that sounds like a really cool trip. I’ll have to add that one to my list, too. At this rate I’ll be traveling until I’m 200. lol

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