The Lawman Claims His Bride

Thanks to the fillies for inviting me back to guest blog with some of my favorite authors.  It’s always a pleasure.  When I was last here in May my daughter was on the verge of graduating high school.  Now, she’s nearly finished with her freshman year at the University of Kentucky.  I’ve had the joy of moving her into the dorm, agonizing over her first sorority rush, flying her home for the holidays and sending her back for yet another round of school and fun.  By the way, I’ve decided to call her college, Camp UK.  If she wasn’t pulling a solid 4.0 (Yay!) I might think she was having too much fun.  Instead, I miss her dearly.

But I’m not here to whine about my empty nest.  I’m here to talk about my latest release, Book Four in the Charity House series, THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE. 

For those of you who have read any of the other books in this series you already know that Charity House is no ordinary orphanage, but rather a unique home for the by-blows/mistakes of prostitutes and gunslingers.  By its very nature, Charity House lends itself to unique stories.

THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE is no exception.  The book reintroduces two familiar characters, Logan and Megan.  Both have been along for the ride since Book One, THE MARSHAL TAKES A BRIDE.

Because my hero and heroine have been around from the beginning of the series I found myself faced with a large problem.  Logan and Megan met and fell in love back in Book Two, HANNAH’S BEAU.  But Megan was too young and Logan wasn’t ready to be a family man.  Well, that’s what everyone said anyway.  But no matter what they’re told, they can’t help loving one another.

The reader finds out in Book 3, LOVING BELLA, that Logan has taken a job in San Francisco to make a living worthy of his beloved.  He plans to marry Megan as soon as he returns home.  There is no doubt these two will end up together. 

But therein lays the heart of the problem.

What fun is a romance novel where the hero and heroine are already in love before the book even begins?  More importantly, how was I supposed to accomplish the daunting task of writing a full-length novel with zero romantic conflict?  Can you say: Boring?

Under the circumstances, I did what any self-respecting writer would do.  I started playing the “what if” game. 

What if one or both of them is only in love with the idea of being in love?  What if they’ve each built up the other in their minds to impossible proportions?  What if a newly appointed US Marshal comes home to marry his one true love, only to find her in jail for murder? 

Now I had the makings of a story.

But wait.  There’s more.  Another issue I wanted to tackle was the touchy subject of intimacy between newly married Christians.  We in the church tell our youth that a strong physical attraction will translate into a strong sexual connection once vows are spoken, but not before.  Never before.  Christians, especially Christian women, are taught from a very early age that intimacy is bad, bad, bad.  Unless, of course, inside the sanctity of marriage.    

But isn’t that sending our girls a confusing, dare-I-say mixed message?  For a bride’s entire life she’s taught that intimacy with a man is something to be avoided at all costs.  “Don’t even think about it, much less do it,” she’s told.  But then, on the night of her wedding, she’s supposed to flip some invisible switch and suddenly intimacy is a good thing.   

Want to know how I, as a believing Christian and a mother of a teenage girl, addressed this very touchy issue in THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE?  You’ll have to read the book to find out.  J

Leave a comment today or tomorrow and you’ll be eligible to win a copy of THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE, book 4 in my CHARITY HOUSE series.  I’ll be giving away three copies today.  An additional grand prize winner will receive a copy of all four of the CHARITY HOUSE books. 

Renee Ryan writes for Love Inspired Historical and Love Inspired.  Her fabulous editor is Melissa Endlich.  For more information, you can visit Renee at



The Lawman Claims His Bride (Love Inspired Historical) 


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33 thoughts on “The Lawman Claims His Bride”

  1. Hello, Renee! How lovely for your daughter to have such a supportive mother. I think that the older we get, the more we need our families. Life becomes more complicated as the years pass, and having a strong family connection is very important. All of my immediate family has been gone for some time, and I count a few close friends and my pets as my “family”.

    I have yet to read your “Charity House” series, and I find the story line to be very compelling. Everyone needs to feel worthy, and we all need to feel wanted and accepted. I also applaud you for addressing the subject of intimacy and the conflicting images of a pious woman and a woman of passion. Most women are a blend of faith and feeling, and sexuality is a very personal subject.

    I will always believe in true love and second chances. Once someone is in your heart, really in your heart, they are there to stay. Years and yearnings may come between you, but there is always a chance for true happiness when the heart is willing.

  2. Welcome Renee,,love those pictures you posted,an the post was wonderful,,sounds like a great book to curl up with,,,thanks for coming ,,Vickie

  3. Would love to read the next book in the series. I read Loving Bella and it was great! It will be interesting how the next book goes. Love your writing Renee.

  4. Hey Renee, ooh, this book is reaching out to me on so many levels. I love the whole concept of your series and that you don’t tippy-toe around gritty details. Congrats on another great book! (No, I haven’t read it yet, but I have no doubt.) Anita Mae.

  5. Good morning, everyone! As always, it’s a pleasure to be here.

    Virginia, thank you for your kind words. Of all the jobs I’ve had through the years (and there have been many) being a mother is my favorite!!! I loved what you said that most women are a blend of faith and feeling. That is so right on!

    Hi Vickie, thanks for stopping by! I really love writing books set in Colorado. That part of the country is breathtaking!

    Patsy, so glad you enjoyed Loving Bella. Bella and Shane show up in this new book, too. And, of course, one of my favorite on-going characters, Mattie. 🙂

    Waving to Anita Mae!!! Thanks for the early congrats! hehe. Will I see you in New York this summer?


  6. Enjoyed reading the excerpt. Your book sounds really good and I have added it to my TBR list.
    Pretty neat photos. Helps me get a sense of where the story takes place.

  7. Hi!
    I read the blurb and am curious as to how the truth will play out when Megan remembers the killer’s identity. Great hook!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Joye, thanks for adding book to your TBR pile. If you’re anything like me that pile keeps growing. 🙂

    Hi Laney, don’t you love a great hook! I wish I could claim that one. The publisher came up with that one. They definitely scored with that one!


  9. Renee, welcome back to P&P! It’s always so much fun having you come visit and letting us catch up on how things are in your world. Congrats on the new release. It looks wonderful. Such a beautiful cover. I wish you much success with it and with the other three in your Charity House series. Where do you go from here? Are you starting a new series? Curious minds want to know.

  10. This book sounds like an excellent read, I can’t wait to get my hands on it! And thank you for the beautiful pictures…I enjoyed them very much. 🙂

  11. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the congrats. I’ve really enjoyed writing the Charity House books. I’m also adding a book to my WWII series. That one, COURTING THE ENEMY, will be out in September of next year. Then…who knows. 😉

    Hi anon and Tammy!!! I actually sent these pictures into the art department for them to use as a reference when they were designing the cover. I think they did a fabulous job of incorporating the overall feel I wanted.


  12. I haven’t read any of this series yet, but I’d love to read this one. Lovely cover by the way.

  13. Hello!

    I enjoyed the earlier books in the series and look forward to this one! Thanks for the preview!

  14. Great blog entry. And what a good question, one I am grappling with in the stories I am writing. I would love to read your book, actually all of them would be wonderful. Thanks so much.

  15. I haven’t read any of this series. It looks interesting. Love the pictures you included.

  16. Hi Renee, I haven’t had the opportunity to read any of your Charity House series but you have lured me in with this post. 😉

    I love the teaser you left us with. Now I have to read The Lawman Claims His Bride to see how you handled intimacy from NO, NO, NO, to YES, YES YES on the wedding night. 😀

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  17. I haven’t tried this series yet, but Charity House sounds like a such a good, unique premise. I very much like the idea of this particular book as you laid it out in your post, this couple with a history and those what-if’s and the intimacy question. It makes me what to know how they get to happily ever after.

  18. Hi Renee, I have the same empty next thing as you do. My son is in his Junior Year at EKU. He has about one year left I hope but I do miss him when he is away. They do seem to enjoy the dorm life though. The differents with us is my son college is only an hour away and I may go to visit him tomorrow if weather is nice. Today its raining like crazy. He doesn’t drive so if he comes home I have to go get him, hopefully he will get his licenses this summer. I can’t say he has a 4.0 but he does stay above a 3.5 most of the time, he is a boy and they don’t put as much effort into it like they should. They perfer to spend there extra time gameing. I can’t complain though.

    I haven’t read any of this series but it sounds really good so I will be looking for it. Love the cover of your book. You just can’t beat the wester covers. Thanks for sharing your books with us today.

  19. Congratulations on the release of THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE. Sounds like you found a good way to get these two together without making it too easy for them.
    Thanks for the pictures. We spent 3 wonderful years in Colorado Springs and miss the area dearly. Would have retired there if it had been possible. We still try to travel out West every few years. It is a special place.

    Being an empty nester isn’t easy. Parents and children need to learn to grow up and apart. I was excited for our daughter when we took her to college. The first year was rougher on her than we had hoped, but that was due to her father’s unexpected illness, eventual forced early retirement, and our having to move. We all survived it and are the stronger for it. She learned a lot about people and herself that year.

    I love the sound of this story. I remember your visit last year. The books are still on my wish list and will be ones I share with my other daughter. You have a very good point about the confusing message women are given. I grew up at a time when the reins were pretty tight on girls behavior and there weren’t as many mixed signals in society. It is hard to consider feelings and urges “wrong” for such a long time and then be expected to have the words “I do” and a ring change everything. I have seen too many girls react badly when they come of age and get some freedom. Either they go a little wild and sample some of the “forbidden fruit” or run and hide, afraid to even be around the male of the species. Back then, people would watch to see who would be unmarried and pregnant or in a convent within that first year of graduation. Sadly there were too many of both. We need to find a better way to assure them the feelings are OK, but very good judgement is required to handle them and act on them when the time is right. I guess parenting was never supposed to be easy.

    Best of luck with the release of THE LAWMAN CLAIMS HIS BRIDE. I look forward to reading the whole series.

  20. Hi again!

    I’m loving all these comments about the Cherity House series (THANK YOU!), the pictures (I agree, they really are lovely and, no, I didn’t take them), the empty commiserations (we mammas gotta stick together), and the discussion on the “good” girl delimma.

    I’m working on my next contracted book today. Interestingly enough, it’s a three-book publisher-generated series set in 1850 Massachusetts about three Irish sisters. I’m collaborating with two other fillies–Cheryl St. John and Winnie Griggs. (waving to my girlfriends). It’s been a blast so far.

    Okay, back at it. I’ll stop by again later this afternoon.


  21. Whoops. I meant the empty NEST commiserations. Egads!!!

    I’m a little lightheaded after my P90X workout.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  22. Thanks for sharing, Renee. I would love to read your newest book. It sounds great!
    I really liked how you came up with your story. Fun stuff :o)


  23. I’m afraid I haven’t read any of your books but they all sound wonderful and thanks for such beautiful pics! My youngest is getting ready to graduate college this year and soon the job hunting will begin lol.

  24. Hi Renee. Congrats on your new release. Sounds amazing. Congrats to your daughter on her 4.0 at UK. I live in KY and love UK.

  25. Haven’t read any of your Charity House series
    but you’ve got me now! My book run list just
    increased by adding on the series!

    Didn’t encounter empty nest with my bunch, they
    all went to school here in town. It really got
    to me when eldest granddaughter Ashley started
    college in Indiana some two years ago. Oh, my

    Pat Cochran

  26. Wow am I looking forward to finding out how you handle that sensitive subject! I’m the mother of a 16yo girl and it’s a constant worry in today’s society even though I totally trust my baby to make the right choices 🙂

    I’ve read the first three books in the Charity House series and so am looking forward to getting my hands on Logan & Megan’s story. It sometimes takes me a little longer to get hold of them as I’m in England but I get there in the end!!

  27. Sounds like a good book. My time is coming I will be taking my daughter to college this fall. She’s been two years at the community college here now she’s moving on to 4 year college and dorm life.

  28. Renee,

    I’m so glad I stopped in today, because this series sounds wonderful. The whole Charity House concept captured my attention right away. And I like that it sounds like you tackle some tough issues.

    How did I miss it? But I’m going to Amazon to start rectifying this lapse. :o)

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