Texas Hot Tamale Stew

The stew I want to share today is absolutely the easiest recipe ever created.   Whether you’re cooking for just you and your DH or the church choir, hopefully, it’ll become one you’ll add to your recipe box.  How many of you still have recipe boxes anyway? 

Texas Tamale Stew

Serves 2 to 200 … depending on the size of the cans used.

Put the following, with juices, in a heavy stew pot:

1 can               Chili

1 can               Tomato (crushed or diced)

1 can               Pinto Beans

1 can               Corn, whole kernel

1 can               Hominy (optional)

Heat until it’s hot, then add:

1 can               Tamales, cut into bite size

 Heat only until tamales are hot or they will break down.

Serve with cornbread.

Can Size Number                 Volume of Food         Weight of Food

No. 1 picnic                             1 1/4 cups                   10 1/2 to 12 ounces

No. 300                                    1 3/4 cups                   14 to 16 ounces

No. 303                                    2 cups                                     16 to 17 ounces

No. 2                                        2 1/2 cups                   20 ounces

No. 2 1/2                                  3 1/2 cups                   27 to 29 ounces

No. 3                                        5 3/4 cups                   51 ounces

No. 10                                      3 quarts                       6 1/2 pounds to 7 pounds and 5 ounces

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A native Texan, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Phyliss Miranda still believes in the Code of the Old West and loves to share her love for antiques, the lost art of quilting, and the Wild West.

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13 thoughts on “Texas Hot Tamale Stew”

  1. Phyllis, I inherited my mom’s recipe box. I really need to get it put into a book via lulu.com but there is a part of me that just wants to finally copy all the recipes down and give them to my sisters in their own box!

    Thanks for being REALLY specific with the recipe. It helps. 🙂

    Peace, Julie

  2. Hi Julie, I know what you mean on this. Both of my grandmothers were professional cooks (one owned a cafe, and the other made the cakes and cream pies for one of the old time cafeterias here in Amarillo), so I have tons of their original recipes, all handwritten. I’ve used some of them in our local newspaper for various events, but there’s just something about having the recipe in my hands in their own writing that makes a difference. I love the idea of putting them in a recipe box for your sisters. I have two sisters left and both would love it.

  3. Oh, Phyliss, this sounds so good. And it’s easy enough that I can fix it, me who has no desire to stand over a stove for hours. The tamales make it really different. I’ll bet it does go wonderfully well with a big wedge of cornbread. I can taste it now. I’m so glad you put this recipe up here.

    And about your question…my recipe box went by the wayside. I just use my recipe books or search online when I want a recipe.

  4. Elizabeth, glad to share the can size. I thought it just be good to know, since the whole recipe calls for “a can”. Linda and Tanya, yep gotta love tamales, and the nice thing with this recipe, you can use canned … saving the homemade (real) ones to unshuck and eat by themselves!

  5. Teri, a big welcome to Wildflower Junction! Glad you are enjoying the recipe week. We’re glad to have you and hope to see your name frequently. So, a hug from all the Fillies at Petticoats and Pistols.

  6. Mary, yep, just like spaghettos but stocked with the potted meat, vienna sausages and sardines at the grocery store. All the good for you meats!!! Or maybe with the chili. In some areas might be in the speciality item shelves, although being borned and raised eating them, I have a hard time calling a staple of the southwest a speciality item. LOL Thanks, Tracy. Hope you don’t have to ever feed 200, but in case you do, you’ll be ready!

  7. Phyliss,
    I think this recipe sounds wonderful. I am a tamale FREAK! I always order tamales when we go eat Mexican. This just sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing this one. I know I’m going to be making it!

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