I’m traveling today so I may not get to check in and really talk to anyone today, at least not much. Airlines are so fussy about internet usage just because they claim it might crash their little old airplane.

So, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY today. And posting the opening scene, somewhat abbreviated, of Wrangler in Petticoats, releasing October 1st.

Leave a comment about ANYTHING to get your name in the drawing.

A quick summary of Wrangler in Petticoats, Book #2 in the Sophie’s Daughters series.

Sally McCellen finds herself injured and in the care of the biggest wimp she’s ever met. Logan McKenzie paints pictures of the wild west—and claims he makes a living doing it. When the two of them see an elk she reaches for her rifle, he reaches for a sketch pad. The word DRAW means completely different things to them. When Sally falls off a cliff practically into his arms, he decides he’s keeping her. So far her broken leg is keeping her close, but she’s a quick healer and she needs to get some tougher help, because outlaws are hunting hard for the one witness to their crime.

And now Wrangler in Petticoats

Wrangler in Petticoats by Mary ConnealySally McClellen fought to control her temper and her horse.

And her horse wasn’t the problem. It was her temper upsetting the horse.

He wouldn’t have been acting fidgety if not for her testy grip on the reins. So any trouble Sally had was all her own doing.

“None of this gets me one step closer to Mandy. She needs me.” Sally was so anxious to get on down the trail she thought she might explode.

They rode round the curve of a steep mountain trail and in the distance caught their first glimpse of a river lined with high banks of stunning red rock.

“Sure it’s a pretty sight, but—

“It’s more than pretty. It’s beautiful.” Paula McGarrett, Sally’s traveling companion, looked at her and smiled as. “Admit it. It was worth riding out here.”

Mrs. Garrett knew full well how impatient Sally was, but Mrs. Garrett, sweet and friendly as she was, didn’t let anyone push her around. The Colonel’s wife sat her horse side-saddle in a proper riding dress. She had made her opinion known early and often about Sally’s manly riding clothes and her Doctor in Petticoats by Mary Connealyhabit of riding astride.

“It is beautiful.” Sally stifled an irritated sigh. They were here now, staring at the rocks. As if none of this group had ever seen a rock before. They all lived in west Texas or New Mexico. Their whole world was pretty much made of rocks.

Paula, below Sally on the trail, gained nearly level ground. The cliff no longer yawned at her side. She turned in her saddle, smiling. “You can thank me later, girl.”

Thank her? Not likely and well Mrs. McGarrett knew it. The two of them exchanged a warm smile. Mrs. McGarrett really was a sweetheart, for a tough old bird.

Her smile ended with the sharp crack of gunfire.

Paula Garrett slammed backward off her horse.

Sally’s world slowed down and focused sharply as it always did in times of danger. Her hand went to her rifle before she’d spun to face the shooting.

Another bullet sounded, from above. Someone shooting from cover.

Smelling the burning gunpowder, hearing the direction of the bullets, Sally’s gun was firing without her making a decision to aim or pull the trigger.

Mrs. McGarrett landed with a dull thud, flat on her back, behind her horse’s heels, a bloom of red spreading in the center of her chest. She bounced once, kicking up a puff of dust, then lay still, her open eyes staring sightlessly at the sun.

Sally raged at that fine lady’s death and focused on an outcropping of rocks hiding one of the outlaws. Her rifle fired almost as if it had a will of it’s own. A barrage of gunfire kept coming at her.

Her horse staggered toward the cliff. Sally dived to the ground, throwing herself to the cliff side of the narrow trail, with only inches to spare between her and the edge. Her horse went down under the withering fire and fell toward her, screaming in pain.

Gunfire poured down like deadly rain.

Sharpshooter in Petticoats by Mary ConnealyRolling even closer to the drop-off, Sally avoided the collapsing horse. Raging at the senseless killing, she used her mount’s thrashing body for meager shelter.

Fighting her terrified, dying horse, Sally rolled to her left just enough to twirl her rifle in her right hand, cock it, aim, fire. She’d yet to see any of the coyotes who were attacking them but her aim was instinctive and she trusted it.

The men around her, the ones that hadn’t died in the first hail of bullets, battled with her. Sally saw Colonel McGarrett take one agonized look at his wife, lying dead and turn back to the assault from overhead. He had a rifle in his right hand and a colt six-shooter in the left. A constant roll of fire came from him as if his rage and grief were blazing lead.

Sally’s trigger clicked on an empty chamber and she shifted to reload her Winchester. A bullet struck hard low on her belly. The shot knocked her back and she felt the ground go out from under her. She pitched over the edge of the cliff and screamed.


Leave a comment to get your name in the drawing. Talk about traveling, the joys and sorrows. Talk about books. Talk about the changing of the seasons or your favorite food, whatever. 

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  1. I think I’ll probably be traveling today for the same reasons! (Woo hoo!) I’m driving, but an angel is meeting me half way to drive the rest of the distance. I’m a HORRIBLE traveler – really nothing more than a 4 yr. old in a 32 yr. old body 🙂 I need lots of distractions.

    I’d love to win a copy – thanks!

  2. I wish I were traveling today. Well, I guess I will travel a short distance just to go to work…but that’s not what I consider travel. 🙂

    I am getting really excited as my favorite time of year is quickly approaching! I love the Fall. As a native Californian transplanted to Indiana, I have fallen in love with Fall. I love watching the leaves change on the trees. I love the crispness in the air as the season ‘falls’ upon us. I love the autumn colors in the stores…I could go on and on. I just simply love watching God’s handiwork.

    I would love to win a copy too! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  3. I’m traveling to get a colonoscopy in about an hour. That sure won’t be as much fun as being in the air or even driving to work. I’d love to win a copy of this. Enjoy your flight.

  4. oh mary looks like another fantastic book!
    love the excerpt…i want more! 🙂
    had to laugh about the rocks part
    my good friend lives in arizona and takes 400 pictures of rocks…the first 2 are pretty–the rest are just rocks

    hope your travels are safe

    i’m enjoying this beautiful weather here in the midwest
    i love the transition as summer hands off to fall

    we had two huge trees in front of our house that provided the only shade
    they are huge, old and hollow
    one fell barely missing the house and car this summer in a storm and today the other will be cut down–it will be a very sad day
    i hate having trees cut
    and then–no shade 🙁
    tomorrow the amish are coming to put on our new metal roof and next week my husband starts pulling off our old slate siding to prepare for our new

    i like chocolate

    i’m reading tammy barley’s Hope’s Promise right now after finishing her first, Love’s Rescue–fabulous-both of them–every page!
    i learn about such great authors here 🙂

    thanks for offering a give away mary–if i don’t win i’ll have to buy it

  5. Mary I hope you have good travels today, I would love to take a trip away just to clear the head. It is much needed seems like to many bad things have been going on lately… Need some good things on the horizon..
    I love fall if we really have one, but as for winter it can just go and stay gone. It only needs to snow one night and then go away. LOL

    Book looks like it is going to be a really good one.

  6. I am back from Maui…15 hours to Paradise and back was enough traveling for me for a while. Traveling mercies your way.

    I love the fact this guy is a painter like John James Audobon, Fredric Remington and others…sounds like a hoot! I loved Doctor but I am thinking I am going to love this one even more!

    Traveling mercies your way, Julie

  7. Oh, I’ve seen this book, but have not read it. Would love to win a copy to read. Thanks for giving away a copy. It is still sooo hot here in the south, looking forward to cooler weather. I love it when you can walk outside in cooler weather and actually breathe! I wish I were traveling, would be nice to get away and relax for a while.

  8. Hope you have a good trip, wherever you are going.
    My DH and I are heading to the NC coast Saturday. We have a place for a week, but will be coming back Tuesday so he and our son can head to Ohio for a blacksmithing conference Wed. through Sunday. Our daughter and her husband will be staying there for the week. (He has to go to Duke for medical treatment.) Thursday of the following week we will head for Williamsburg, VA for a Highland Games Festival. Home three weeks then to Florida for a week. All the trips are a 7 hour drive from home, except Florida which is a 12+ hour drive. I love traveling. It is a great time to listen to audio books and to read.

    What an opening. Your teaser excerpts are such great hooks. This definitely is a book I will be getting. I need to read the three of yours I already have and get the rest of them. My daughter will love your books. Unfortunately she is dyslexic and with a job, homeschooling, and remodeling (as in rip out the walls in over half the house, rewire, insulate, redo the plumbing, and put in a new kitchen and bathroom), she really doesn’t have much time for reading right now.

    Good luck with the release of WRANGLER IN PETTICOATS. I’ll be looking forward to book three.

  9. Cindy! You’re from Indiana? I’m doing a book signing in Indiana on Saturday. Indianapolis to be specific. Check out my blog for time and place.
    Today on my blog I’m talking about Petticoats and Pistols but TOMORROW the time and place — the downtown Hyatt. I think it’s mid afternoon Saturday. I’m in an airport and everything is sort of hard to double check.

  10. Great covers and story.
    I’m traveling, tomorrow, to house sit for a friend. Love to do that. She has chickens of many weird varieties. Also a huge garden. It is getting cold at night, here in the high desert. My tomatoes have had a few crispy leaves this week. Don’t know about her garden. I’m at 3700 feet and she must be at 4100 feet.
    Oh, well, Mary, you have a good trip. May the Goddess keep you safe.

  11. Mary, congratulations on your newest release! Wow! That excerpt is something. And what a great cover. You always get the best covers. They’re all fantastic. They just reach out and grab you. Hope you have a good time on your trip. And really hope it’s cooler where you’re going. This heat is a killer. I thought summer was supposed to be winding down.

  12. I just loved DOCTOR IN PETTICOATS, so I am anxious to read WRANGLER IN PETTICOATS. What an exciting beginning!

    Good luck traveling today. Flying is always an endurance test.

  13. Hey Mary, tons of congrats. We’re having the coolest summer ever. I think the tops has been 70 degrees. Feels like fall…but our fall is always the hottest time of the year, go figure.

    Have a great trip! We are having some Grrrrr moments right now. Our little municipal airport used to have 20-passenger plane service to LAX (which is the worst airport EVER) and they just cancelled it. So what to do? It was so awesome leaving from here. TSA check in took about, ten seconds. Grrrrrrrr. We are off to Hawaii for two weeks soon. oxoxo Safe travels to you.

  14. Yay! I can’t wait for Wrangler in Peticoats to come out! I buy everyone of your books as soon as I can. I usually finish reading them within 24 hours of buing them… 🙂 Please put my name in the drawing. Thanks!
    ~Tori Lynn

  15. Have a wonderful trip! 😀
    Looking forward to Fall… will be a little bit before it cools down here… can not wait for the cooler weather, the colors…

  16. Hey Mary, let’s talk about how your writing always gets me in trouble. You keep writing these page turners that I can’t put down, and then Husband and Dog get grouchy cause I can’t stop reading long enough to feed them or walk them or turn out the lights. Seems to me that’s all your fault. And it looks like the new book is going to be more of the same. I sure hope it continues Mandy’s story.
    Wishing you safe and enjoyable travel.

  17. I’d love to find out how Sally gets out of that ending excerpt!! It’s raining cats and dogs here (I have enough of my own so I hope none come tumbling through the roof lol). I just ended my bocce leage (good thing with this weather) and now move on to our dart league – everyone look out!!

  18. Well, I’m in Indiana now at a writer’s conference. I’ve already seen twenty writer aquaintances, none of whose names I can remember. Fortuneately they can’t remember mine either. So everyone’s a pretty good sport about it.

    It will all be better when we’re wearing nametags.

  19. Shame on the airlines for not letting you connect with us! For being so picky about internet usage!

    As to the scene from “Wrangler…,” that’s a awful
    lot of firepower exhibited there. With this blog,
    you have reminded me that I need to get book one
    of the series and now I’ll just add on book two!

    Pat Cochran

  20. I love fall! Apple picking, cider, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, sweatshirts, football…I don’t think there is anything bad about it!
    I would love to win a copy–Doctor in Petticoats was amazing, so I’m sure the next one is, too!

  21. The book sounds great.
    We can talk about anything, so I want to tell you about the latest book I read that was really good. It was INFAMOUS by Suzanne Brockmann. Talk about Alpha males! This one takes place in Arizona and has a good storyline. Suzanne sure can write a story with surprises and believable characters. I would like to meet A J in the desert near where I live since he is a very interesting guy.
    Happy traveling!

  22. Sounds great, just what I need on a rainy day like today. I hate rain but it’s better than snow I guess. Have a great time on your trip!!!

    XOXO~ Renee

  23. Fall would be my favorite season. I love the colors, the harvest, the pumpkins, ornamental gourds mums and the apples. I hate to see summer end, too, though. Because when its summer, that’s my favorite season. I love its warmth, the outdoor work and watching the garden grow and produce. I love the carefree days and spending more time with the grandkids. Spring is lovely,too, with its new life. The cows have calves, cats with their kittens, and hens with their baby chicks. The earth springs back to life also; greening grass, blooming flowers and leafing trees and bushes. Winter also has its wonders; the purity of new fallen snow, the crisp clean feel of the cold, the smell of wood smoke and the excitement in the eyes of a child at Christmas. I guess I like to look on the brightest sides of life and reading one of your books is absolutely a bright spot!

  24. Wow! That excerpt is a literal cliff hanger! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! My turn for Doctor in Petticoats is up at the library! I get to pick it up tomorrow! Wahoo!
    (My hubs said NO MORE BUYING BOOKS…I am overflowing the house… Thank goodness for the library!)

  25. Read the first book in this series and really enjoyed it! Please enter me for Wrangler in Petticoats! 🙂

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