To Be a Mother Coming in April

stjohn.jpgI had great fun plotting and writing my novella for the April Mother’s Day anthology. It’s always tricky coming up with a Mother’s Day idea. Especially for inspirational romance, because these are sweet romances, so secret babies don’t really work. So I toss out ideas about where children come from and how old they are and who they will belong to. Yes, most ideas have been taken–about 50,000 times–so the plan is to do something unique with what may be a tried and true plot idea.

I can get a whole lot of mileage out of an orphan. When I teach my class on emotions next month: I will be sharing emotional triggers with my class. Triggers are tried and true elements that will endear the characters and evoke emotion from the reader. Mothers and children are good at creating emotional moments–so are children without mothers.

I’d had a heroine in my head for a while–a young woman who’d grown up in an orphanage and didn’t know who her parents were, so Olivia Rose was developed. I got her name from one of my beautiful Anne Geddes coffee table books. Olivia Rose was a baby Anne photographed who drowned a few months after her picture was taken. Being the baby lover I am, I was stricken by that story, and the lovely name stuck with me.

Emily is a young girl with a story much like Olivia’s. She was abandoned and doesn’t know her family. When the school closes, no one comes for her, so Olivia makes it her mission to find this little girl a family.

It’s a fairly simple story really, with a small cast of characters and a plain Montana ranch setting, but I’ve been hearing from those who’ve already read the story that people are considering it one of their favorites of my books. When I think I’ve written a book with an uncomplicated plot and no villain, that kind of reception always surprises me . I guess it just goes to show that everyone does love an orphan.

I’m giving away three copies today. I’ll draw names this evening, so leave me a comment to be entered.

Let me know how you like the trailer!

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44 thoughts on “To Be a Mother Coming in April”

  1. It must be really scary being an orphan. No family to fall back on for support emotional or financial.

    My two cousins were adopted. However, I always got the feeling that they were always searching for their roots.

    What wonderful recommendations! FAVORITE book!!

  2. A school teacher from “Back East”. A Montana rancher. An orphaned girl in need of two loving parents. Could a romance be any sweeter? The trailer was great, and I’d love to read the book!

  3. oh my goodness–that just EXUDES sweetness!
    the video really moved me
    the picture with the little girl and the dog made me want to cry

    great/awful background for the name
    what a sad story behind the story

    will be adding it to my “wish list”
    so many awesome authors on this blog

  4. Ah, Cheryl. I was so not a novella person until I watched the trailer. Now I have to get your book. I have recently gotten into book trailers and they really do make a wonderful tool to promote books. I am living proof!

  5. Good morning! It’s always fun to bring my cup of tea to my desk and open P&P to read your comments in the AM.

    Lauris, I think the same thing. One of my favorite orphan stories is The Little Princess. Remember how she and her friend lived in the attic?

    Thanks, Virginia! The story does have many compelling factors going for it. Hope readers love it.

    Thanks for recommending the book, *lizzie! No, we don’t always need a villain. A story can be every bit as interesting without one.

    Thanks, Tabitha. I especially liked that picture, too. The person who designed the trailer found it to use. She’s good like that.

    Hi Julie. Novellas are really popular. Often people say they wished a story would have been longer, but sometimes a story just doesn’t call for so many pages as to fill a whole novel. I think people like them because they’re quick reads, and you get a mix of authors all together. It’s encouraging to know that the trailer compells you to get the book!

    Hi Tracy! Thanks for stopping in today.

    Elizabeth, I’m sure you’re Olivia is a beauty if she resembles her grandma. Think she’ll take up belly dancing?

    Good morning, Heidi! Your name is in the cowboy hat for the drawing.

  6. Cheryl,

    I must have this book. The trailer just made my heart cry. I love children and they are a very sacred part of our life.

    The photos you used in the trailer hit the book right on target. It moved the inner soul. I know the Great Spirit walks with you Cheryl. Your heart is good and you always walk in a good way.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Walk in harmony,

  7. Hey, Cheryl. Your story sounds wonderful, and the trailer was very well done. I was particularly intrigued that the teacher takes it upon herself to travel cross-country to reunite the neice with her uncle. I love heart-warming stories, and this one certainly appears to fit the bill. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  8. Cheryl,

    Wow! The book trailer is awesome! The photos in it are amazing and the description of the book fit the photos perfectly and sounded so intriguing! I especially liked the photo at 1:20 with the cowboy and the little girl! 🙂 Your book sounds really interesting! The hero being a cowboy is a bonus! 🙂


  9. I really enjoyed the trailer! I would really hate being an orphan with no one to turn to. I think i would really enjoy this book. It sound awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Cher – that trailer was beautiful! It really describes heartfelt emotion well and spurs the imagination about the story. Lovely!

    BTW – DID YOU KNOW RT gave your book 4 STARS!!!


  11. The book trailer was amazing! This is one of my first experiences with them, and I love them! The story sounds wonderful, too. I can’t wait to read it!

  12. Cheryl, what a great book trailer! Yes, I think this will sell and lot of books.

    Your story in the anthology is truly one of your best. I loved every word. The orphan theme really touched my heart. It evoked so much emotion. The characters were so real that I felt I knew them. I also loved how you took a round about way to get to the happily ever after. At times I wasn’t sure how the story would end up. I’m not going to say what they were, but the twists and turns kept me reading fast and furious.

    Excellent job!

  13. Loved the trailer! This sounds like another great story from you… Give me a story that touches my heartstrings anytime! 😀

  14. Me likee, Cher. The pictures are gorgeous and the story line warmed my heart. The pic of the little girl with the doggie got me sniffling.

    And the hottie hero in sunset. Wow.

    Can’t wait to read this one. I’m a bit behind but I just finished Colorado Wife. Loved it! oxoxoxo

  15. LOL, Mary. Yes, drawing emotion from a reader is a technique, but a necessary one. I’m cold-blooded like that. You know I would never exploit a real-life orphan.

    Dear Reader: Mary and I have a thing going, and we tease each other mercilessly, so don’t take us seriously, please.

  16. Thanks, Goldie!

    Charlene, I had no idea! Someone will have to send me the review so I can read it.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    Thank you, Kaitlin!

    Linda, thanks so much. I’m honored that you enjoyed the book so much.

    I always figure if I’m not exactly sure how the story will end, the reader is probably wondering, too. lol

  17. How touching, Cheryl! Both the trailer and the
    description of the story just took hold of my heart!
    The anthology is now on my TBR list and I don’t
    know if I can wait until April!!

    Pat Cochran

  18. I loved this trailer, Cheryl. Makes me want to read the story. We both have a book coming out in April. 🙂

    Beautifully put together, Cheryl.

  19. The book trailer was beautiful to watch. Sounds like another great story–I can hardly wait for it’s release!!

  20. Oh I just love stories like this.. You already have given me a little hitch in my throat just thinking about this little girl.. And that trailer is a clitcher with the little girl and the dog.. brought tears to my eyes..

  21. Cheryl, watched the trailer the other day on your blog. I LOVED it. Immediately put your book on my book shopping list to be watched for. Can hardly wait!

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