Cover Love – Part 2 See Anything You Like?

I hunted down the covers you mentioned and added a couple more of my own. The Jane Goodger book I bought purely for the cover, and it was the first book of hers I ever read. Now I enjoy her stories and might not have discovered her if not for the white cover. I had never seen a snow scene so striking, and because it was different it caught my eye.

And I located a couple with Nathan Kamp.


when a stranger loves me

touched by lightthe anonymous bride

anything for love1009-9780373310609-bigw

holding out for a hero

jenna's cowboy

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5 thoughts on “Cover Love – Part 2 See Anything You Like?”

  1. Ditto, Cheryl. Julianne always has wonderful covers, and you’re right, that snow scene is beautiful. It’s nice to be treated to some eye candy so early in the morning!

  2. I very much like all the covers offered. I would
    definitely be drawn to a purchase of any and all of these books. BTW a fan from the RWA conference of
    a couple of years ago, bearing the photograph of
    Nathan Kamp, sits on my monitor as we speak!

    Pat Cochran

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