Cheryl St.John: Guilty Pleasures

cheryl_stjohn_logo.jpgYou know if you can’t find something defined on Wikipedia, it doesn’t exist. Guilty pleasures are real, however, and here’s the definition: “A guilty pleasure is known as something someone considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.

Fashion and food can be examples of guilty pleasures.”


A while back, at my local RWA chapter meeting, our icebreaker was to confess our guilty pleasures. The confessions were hilarious, and got me to thinking. Dee Ann said, “Music is my guilty pleasure. It’s more of an obsession. I’ll hear a new song and I have to have it. Not necessarily the artists’ entire CD but that one song. Dee Ann has a passion for any song sung by American Idol winner, David Cook. She downloads all songs sung by the sexy Idol. “My realization from writing this,” said Dee Ann, “is that music is not my guilty pleasure. David Cook is my guilty pleasure.” I have David Cook CS too, but I never thought of him as my guilty pleasure.


shoes4One of my friends confessed to playing Fashion Solitaire online. I admit I checked it out, but I resisted the free hour. I don’t need any more addictions. I already play Mafia Wars on both My Space and Facebook. Hmmm, another one I share.


Tina Gayle responded: “When I was younger one of my guilty pleasures was wearing my sister’s clothes. I had to be real careful though, and make sure I put it back in the exact same place in the exact same way it was hung. Luckily, I left for school after she went to work and got home before she did. Oh, to have a sister who is the same size as me again.” Whew! I don’t have a sister, so I never picked up this habit.


A writer friend who will remain anonymous (unless she reveals herself here) admitted she keeps a can of chocolate frosting hidden in the back of her refrigerator and eats a scoop while watching Cops. Watching Cops is part of that guilty pleasure, because she can feel superior in that her husband wears a shirt.


The rule: This frosting may only be eaten with an index finger. In case of discovery, the offending finger can then be poked into her mouth.

“What are you doing?”



You know who you are.


Okay, I share that chocolate obsession and almost always have a can of frosting handy. I once ate a jar of hot fudge. But thankfully, I don’t watch Cops.


Gee, I do a lot of the same things other people do, but I just don’t feel guilty about it. In order for it to be a guilty pleasure, one must actually keep it a secret from someone and have remorse about the compulsion.


new-itemsMost of you already know I’m a collector of the highest caliber. I stop at all garage sales and flea markets and antique malls I can find, and I can’t pass a Goodwill without stopping to browse. Do I actually need anything? Heavens no. Do I buy things? Undeniably yes. My family and my husband cringe over these purchases. My family cringes because they’ve all helped us move a couple of times. My husband cringes because he’s always building new storage and display areas. So a real guilty pleasure is that I buy things and then leave them in the trunk until no one is home, then wash them up or whatever they need, and put them away so it looks as though they’ve always been there. And no one’s the wiser. Well, until now. Remorse yet? No.


And here’s another one: Even when we both have to get up the next morning, my daughter Kristin and I often stay up until midnight or later engaged in Boom Blox competitions. When we play several nights in a row, our arms and shoulders get so sore we can hardly move them.

Boom Blox is a Wii game created by Stephen Spielberg. The fiend. Our favorites are the towers you have to slide blocks from and try not to topple them, and also the blocks of towers you do try to knock down systematically. You can play alone or as partners, but most often we compete against each other. And this from me, the person who won’t have games on her computer.


tim_mcgrawHere’s what Charlene Sands said about her guilty pleasure: “Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge Tim McGraw fan. I’ve never belonged to a fan club, ever, not even for Elvis, but I belong to his. I’ll pay outrageous prices on ebay for Very Good Seats to his concert. Thankfully, my good friend, Tanya is my enabler. She loves Tim too and we go together and have a blast! I see every movie he’s in, buy his records, visit his website, know the names of his band members and his children. I’m a die-hard fan.”


Tanya Hansen didn’t confess to the Tim addiction, but she did tell me that in winter she sits in front of the fire with a book instead of doing the things she should be doing, and in summer ditto with walks along the beach. Who can blame her there, eh?


I polled readers to see what their passions were.

Connie in Nebraska says: “I love old movies, especially musicals, and especially Elvis, and if I can watch them while playing with my beads, I am in heaven.”


Cindy said this: “Nancy Drew PC Games are my guilty pleasure. These things are sooooo addictive. Me and my girls sit at the computer for hours playing these things until we finally (usually days/months later LOL) solve the mystery.”


Robyn told me: “My guilty pleasures are my ‘afternoon naps’. I am not napping as much as I did, but when my 2nd one was born, I was under doctor’s orders to nap every afternoon to help keep my blood pressure down. I never gave it up. We trained family and friends not to call or bother me in the 2-4pm range. Even if I didn’t nap, I’d sit quietly and read or watch TV. Just some ‘me’ down time. I still sneak in naps, but my afternoons are still my downtime.

stjohn.jpgSo my questions for you today:
Do you have chocolate remorse? Do you have a favorite Wii game? Do you sneak books home? How about a fascination with a celebrity?

What is your guilty pleasure?

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26 thoughts on “Cheryl St.John: Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Oh yes I do sneak things home! I use to bring fabric home and tell my husband that my sister gave it to me. I have a little fabric stashed everywhere! I also sneak books home and tell him I won them on a blog. Should I feel guilty over this, I don’t think so because he has his toys also, mostly computer stuff. Yes I love my chocolate too and he will eat it if he gets his hands on it, so I have to hide that. I guess we all have our guilty pleasures.

  2. Hmmm… Like you, Cheryl, I do most of the same self-indulgent things everyone does, but I don’t feel guilty. This time of year, I’d say my number one indulgence is baking. There’s just my husband and I at our place and neither of us needs the calories, but I still find myself whipping up apple pies. Fun post!

  3. Seriously, the REAL guilty pleasures…you don’t expect us to admit to them on a blog that lives for all eternity and is available all over the world. That is just NONSENSE. 🙂

    I was re-reading one of my own books the other night late and my husband stirred in the bedroom, obviously getting up for a drink or whatever and I HID THE BOOK AND GRABBED A DIFFERENT ONE. Because he’s caught me reading my own books before and thinks it’s highly weird.

    But there are some scenes in some of my books that I really love. I’m a chronic re-reading of books anyway.

  4. I agree completely with loving David Cook and his music – although I usually don’t feel guilty because my husband completely supports my “hobby” and has bought tickets for an upcoming show. He sees it as being kinda like a sports fan and I’m supporting & rooting for my team. I agree. This is the first time I’ve been so dedicated to promoting and supporting an artist because I believe in his music. That he is a great human being and completely adorable are just added benefits.

  5. Quilt lady, I read your comment in the wee hours of the morning, and you made me laugh! I saw a bumper sticker years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it: The one who dies with the most fabric wins.


  6. Kate, what are your favorite songs? I repeatedly listen to You’ll Always be My Baby and The Phantom of the Opera from the Idol recordings. I liked Jason Castro, too, and have a few of his–also enjoy Clay Aiken’s voice.

    My favorite Kelly Clarkson song is A Moment Like This.

  7. Hmmm Reese’s cups, pieces, & crunch bars, along with peanut M&Ms are my chocolate guilty pleasure…
    Books and cartoons are also my guilty pleasures! 😀

  8. Cher- you gave me away, again! Oh boy! Hmmm, I have since added to my guilty pleasures, being a Two and a Half Men addict. The show is very funny, though for personal reasons, I’m not a fan of Charlie Sheen, but the entire show is written with wit and realiam and maybe because it’s set in Malibu and I recognize all the places and lifestyle that I find it so good. I tape reruns and watch them late at night. I need something funny to help me relax and fall asleep.

    “Nough Said”.

  9. Hi Cher, I have found a new guilty pleasure: Mcdonald’s iced coffee, regular flavor. Oh yum.

    Thanks for the fun post. Ole Tim McGraw hasn’t had a concert nearby for quite a while. Charlene and I are going into withdrawals, I think. 🙂


  10. This fall, after moving yet again, I told my sister to slap my hands if I bought any more notebooks or office supplies. She did once. Then I started shopping with my brother. 😉 And swearing him to secrecy.

    And of course there’s always chocolate of some kind hidden somewhere near me. However, this obsession falls into the Unguilty, shameless category.

    Love David Cook. Love Love Adam Lambert.

    I’ve gotta stop before I realize too much of my life is a guilty pleasure! 😉

  11. My “guilty” pleasure–because I truly don’t see why I should feel guilty–is watching MASH reruns. I love them. Even the ones I can recite the dialogue right along with the actors. I’m also a re-reader. Hmmm, it’s been months since I’ve gone back to my favorite K Woodiwiss book. And it’s going to be a rainy evening. Perfect!

  12. Books are my guiltiest pleasure by far. Reading when I should be doing other things but most the sneaking of new or used books into the house. I’ve never done it with anything else. And it’s because I have more books than I could possibly read in two lifetimes and nowhere to put them but I just can’t help myself lol.

  13. Cheryl I am sure you know mine all my Mickey stuff and I have never felt that guilty about it until 2 years ago when I was told I couldn’t wear anything with Mickey on it or bring anything to work with Mickey. You would think that I tried to dress them all in Mickey or something not like that at all. I usually only wore a Mickey shirt on Friday because it was dress down day. See now when I wear Mickey even on weekends I feel guilty.
    And craft projects I have a million of them Cross Stitch, needle point, scrap booking, sewing, crocheting and Reading and cooking I have way to many things. I have tons of blogs to that is another guilty pleasure… Oh how we love your blogs.

  14. Yep, me and my frosting! Now I like to watch AFV and feel superior because I’ve learned never to buy a pinata or a trompoline!

    PS, I love to her that you guys read your own books!

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